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Favorites and Tmesis

My favorite word has got to be “tmesis.” A tmesis is when you put a word in the middle of another word. Such as, “Abso-friggin-lutely!” and “Un-fucking-believable!” So, not only is it an awesome word, but it’s a word to describe how to stick a word inside another word! Glorious! And how many other words start with “TM.” No tmany, I think.

I guess as a mathematician and all around science nerd, I’m compelled to quantify everything I see, do, hear and/or experience in some way. Typically, this manifests itself by me figuring out what my favorite thing is, in regards to just about any thing.

For example, my favorite food is currently tied between either peanut butter or chocolate. I go back and forth on this. Some days I prefer peanut butter, other days I prefer chocolate. So these two foods are constantly battling it out for food supremacism. (Not literally, though that would make for some delicious results.)

My favorite show of all time is The Simpsons. Of this there can be no question. Even though my favorite show at the moment is Family Guy, Simpsons will always be number 1 overall.

My favorite book of all time is Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. I first read it in grade 11 and I’ve re-read it just about every year since then. It wasn’t the first book by Hesse that I read, but it’s certainly my favorite of his. And no book since has captivated me the way Siddhartha did. It’s the story of Gautama Buddha and his discovery of enlightenment. The story is told in such a simple and elegant way but is ultimately a very powerful book.

My favorite drink is water. I don’t get the people who say their favorite drink is beer or juice or whatever. We wouldn’t be alive without water! When we’re dehydrated, we are lacking in water. Often times when we feel hungry, we’re really just thirsty… for water! It’s cold and refreshing. Can’t beat water! (I suppose the fact that I had a kidney transplant and am consistently told by doctors to “drink more water” may be skewing my choice in this case.)

My favorite song is, at the moment, starless by King Crimson. The problem with having a favorite song is that eventually I will get all I can out of the current favorite and listen to something new which replaces it. So my favorite songs are constantly changing, but for now it’s starless. Some previous favorites include: Tetragrammaton by The Mars Volta, Doreen by Frank Zappa and Freedom Run by Kyuss.

Finally, my favorite Spice Girl was Ginger Spice.

ginger spice


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  2. I listened to what I could handle of all of your favorite songs. To me, and I’m not biased at all, in fact DynamoHumm by Frank Kappa has been an all-time favorite of mine, I must say, your list gave me an equal sensation as to that of which I would imagine would be forcibly having a 800lb circus lady, unshaven, unbathed, naked and sweaty, sitting,…straddling my face with meat flaps open, and extraordinarily farting with immense built up pressure, wet PUSSY poppers into my mouth, down my throat, into my belly, and finally out my ass, at which time it would be bottled, and at a later time, forced into my system for a second time.

    Could I possibly be more accurate?

    Comment by max cohen | January 27, 2015 | Reply

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