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The idiocy of feminist theory

The great thing about science is that it’s falsifiable. What this means is that any scientific theory can be rendered false given enough contradictory evidence. For example, if I say that gravity obeys the inverse square law (i.e., the gravitational attraction of two objects is proportional to the inverse square of their distance) – then this statement can be rendered false if we do enough tests to determine otherwise. As all our tests so far confirm the inverse square law, science is pretty confident in this statement. (Ignoring spooky action at a distance and other quantum mechanics witchcraft.)

This is my problem with feminist theory, none of their hypotheses are falsifiable. In fact, most feminists haven’t even considered alternate hypotheses. They just proclaim what they believe to be true and they’re off and running.

For example, one fundamental tenet of feminism is that the world is controlled by the patriarchy. That is, a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it. This is a central thesis to feminism, but I’ve never heard any feminist consider any alternatives.

First of all, this idea of the patriarchy is demonstrably false. Consider Great Britain, which is under Monarchic rule, currently headed by Queen Elizabeth II. This means that the number one government authority in Great Britain is a woman! Ergo, a woman has quite a lot of power in this governmental system and thus, Great Britain is not ruled by the patriarchy.

But the idea that an entire government is set up so that only men hold the power is ridiculous. Since civilization began, power has always been controlled by a handful of elites, with the majority of ALL people having little to no power. In ancient Egypt, this power was concentrated in the hands of the Pharaohs. In all feudal systems, it was the nobility and possibly the clergy who had all the power. Today, the majority of power is held by the banking elite, heads of major corporations and a few people at the heads of various governments.

Try asking any man in the street to change anything! It can’t be done. The idea that men have de facto power is so obviously false that it’s unbelievable that such nonsense as ‘the patriarchy’ is still being touted as a theory.

Another unfalsifiable statement I hear from feminists all the time is that ‘gender is a social construct.’ That is, the idea that boys play with trucks and girls play with dolls because that’s what society tells them to do. What scientific studies do they have to back this up? A quick Google search reveals a massive amount of research confirming that, in fact, it’s sex hormones which determine gender.

Again, we see another instance of feminists proclaiming something to be true, without considering any alternative hypotheses, and without checking to see if there’s any scientific validity backing them up.

It angers me greatly that public policies are made out of such obvious drivel. In fact, I would go so far to say that feminism is about the worst evil that’s been perpetrated on Western society. 

Myself, I plan on never getting married, banging loose women and enjoying the decline.


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