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The legitimacy of going your own way

I see plenty of people in the manosphere label men going their own way (MGTOW) as “losers” or “permavirgins” or worse. I think those people who do so need to consider a few things.

One, some men have undergone severe trauma at the hands of women. Some men have lost all access to their children through the fraudulent family courts. Others have been served ruthless alimony settlements and are forced to give up 75% of their paycheque. Still others have raised children for 18 years only to find out that the child is not biologically theirs. Many have been falsely accused of rape and had their lives ruined. (Some have even been murdered because of false accusations.)

Make no mistake, incidents like these can leave serious psychological scars. It’s asinine for some jagoff to tell these men to just, “Shake it off, pussy!” If I had my children stolen from me, or found out that I wasn’t the father, or was thrown in jail on the mere say-so of some woman… Well, I don’t know how I’d react. If my life was ever ruined in such a manner, I think I would probably devote the rest of my days to murdering those responsible.

You heard me. I would straight up murder those responsible if they ruined my life.

Some brave men choose to continue in a society that has spurned them, despite these traumas. And these men who choose to go their own way typically do so by never entering into another relationship with a woman ever again. I think this is, in fact, a sound, rational response.

Those of the manosphere who label others negatively because others don’t follow their lifestyle are engaging in shaming tactics. We all know who else uses shaming tactics to silence discussion and dissent.

There’s a difference between tough love – encouraging men to better themselves every day with no nonsense language – and tearing men down because they’re not following the lifestyle that you follow. Not everyone finds it fulfilling to go drinking every weekend, or even have one night stands.

While I would advocate the principles of game (really, the principle of having high social value) to absolutely everyone. I would say it’s every man’s choice as to how he chooses to use those principles. And if any man chooses to shun the whole system, and concentrate on improving on those things that matter to him, without involving women in his life, then I say go for it.

However, on the other hand, every camp seems to have this “Us vs Them” mentality. There’s plenty of posts on MGTOW boards called men who practice game, “Pussy beggars” and the like. The same sort of rationale applies. Don’t denigrate other men who aren’t following your lifestyle.

Each camp, MGTOW or PUA, has its merits and drawbacks. I think the manosphere needs to realize that no one lifestyle is the best for every man out there. Educate men about game, and self-improvement and goals. But if they choose a different path then yours, wish them good luck.

Every man who’s either a MGTOW or a PUA has taken the red pill. That’s what we need to remember. There’s no point squabbling among ourselves over who’s got it best, or which path is “right.” There’s enough societal forces actively working against men. We don’t need to add to them.

Enjoy the decline! Viva!


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