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Sleepy ramble and kinect boxing

Well, it’s going to be a hell of a ramble today.

I tried to go to bed on time last night, but I got lost in some math and stayed up late. The problem with staying up late is that I rarely sleep in, so I spend the day being all tired. I was tempted to nap today, but I figured I’d just suck it up and go to bed early. That way I wont be tired tomorrow.

When you’re tired, you realize that sleep is like… important, and stuff. But when it’s late at night, it’s tough to shut off the internet. Especially if I’m on reddit. (Oh, just one more page!) The internet – man, it’s the greatest medium of information distribution in the history of mankind and the main thing I use it for is wasting time. 

I do have legit uses for the interent, of course, as does everyone. My bank is primarily accessed online – my University library has online journal access – not to mention wikipedia comes in handy whenever I need to know anything about anything.

But the lure of reddit and time wasting is too great! I can almost easily piss away 4 or 5 hours surfing reddit, clicking on memes and pictures of cats doing stupid things. 

I have, for the past two weeks, been strictly sticking to the idea of, “No internet until all my goals are done.” This has made me fantastically productive – and kept me working steadily throughout the day. However, on days where I have to work 12-13 hours straight, at the end of the day I feel “cheated” out of my internet time, and don’t go to bed on time, instead choosing to spend the time on the internet.

It’s such a waste! But I’m not thinking that at the time. At the time, I’m thinking – “Well, if I go to bed in 30 minutes and fall asleep immediately, I’ll get 7 solid hours of sleep!” Of course, I don’t fall asleep immediately (as I suffer from onset insomnia) – and it can take up to 2 to 3 hours to fall asleep. Ridiculous!

Hopefully, I’ll learn from last nights mistake and go to bed early tonight. 

Meanwhile, I spent last night at a BBQ with some friends. At the end of the night, we all played some interactive games on the Kinect – which is the Xbox motion sensor dealie. We played a dancing game and a boxing game.

Now, having boxed before, I must say that I’m pretty outraged at the boxing game. The first round I played against my opponent, I came out in a boxing stance, trying to work methodically. Y’know, work the jab, throw a right when he drops his hands, go to the body if he’s protecting his face too much. But when it comes to Kinect boxing, that is the absolute wrong strategy to employ.

I played against the host once and was TKO’ed in 19 seconds. 19 seconds! I don’t think even Mike Tyson ever finished off an opponent in 19 seconds. Now, the boxing method used by the host was, “Throw as many punches as humanly possible. In fact, they don’t even have to be punches. Just make fists and flail them back and forth like you were working a speed bag.”

So the host threw about 300 punches in 19 seconds. As a former practitioner of the sweet science, I was outraged! Where’s the fatigue to the boxer? Why isn’t he wheezing? Why am I seeing these stars above my head?

Anyhoo, the boxing game ended up being a furious workout. When I played someone else, we both employed the hosts strategy of “frantic punching”. It was intense, and someone videotaped it for youtube. I’m sure that will come back to haunt me sometime soon…


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