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Rape is a crime. This does not absolve prior actions.

Feminists lose their mind when it comes to rape.

The idea that a drunk girl can’t give consent to sex is asinine. She consented to go home with the guy. She consented with the bar to buy all those drinks. She consented to spend that much on late night food. She’s doing a lot of consenting here, but suddenly when it comes to sex she’s no longer allowed to give consent?

If this drunk girl gets behind the wheel of a car, she could be charged with drunk driving. Clearly, the law is saying that regardless of whether you’re drunk or not, you are responsible for your actions. But because the drunk girl decided to have sex, suddenly she’s no longer responsible for her actions?

Ridiculous. First of all, adult women are adults. They have agency and therefore should be expected to deal with the consequences of their actions. Just because there’s sex involved doesn’t absolve them from any responsibility. The idea that a drunk woman can’t consent to sex is insulting to women.

And this isn’t blaming the victim either – I’m not advocating rape, what a horrible thing. But I’m also not advocating anyone get mugged – but if someone is walking alone, in a known dangerous part of town, and he’s constantly showing he’s got lots of money, then he’s more likely to get mugged than if he didn’t do any of that. If he gets mugged, that’s unfortunate, but people need to recognize the situation they’re in.

Worse still is the feminist idea that “false rape accusations are rare.” First of all, no they aren’t. Second of all, the idea that false rape accusations don’t happen is very harmful to women! It’s the story of the boy who cried wolf, basically! Feminists should be vehemently trying to lock away anyone who makes a false rape report, because it ruins mens lives, and reduces the likelihood that people will take actual rape reports seriously in the future.

Look, rape is a crime. But if we’re going to tackle the causes of rape, it doesn’t help the case to deny women agency and absolve them of their actions ahead of time. 

My advice, video tape all your sexual encounters. (It makes for spicy viewing afterwards.) Don’t rape anyone* and enjoy the decline.

*Oh, and the feminist idea to treat the causes of rape? Teach men not to rape. Fucking retards – while we’re at it, let’s teach murders not to murder! Christ almighty.


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