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A rant about students today – then a bit about weed

Here’s a tip for all you students: GO TO FUCKING CLASS!

I recently had the final exam in the class I taught over the summer. (The class was introduction to functions and graphs – basic, high school level mathematics.) I only had 11 students, so marking went fast. (Thank flaming Christ.) 1 student just plain ol’ missed the final exam, so I only had 10 exams to mark. Most of the students got about 80 or higher – one got a 67, and one got a 38.5 (out of 100.)

Now, most of the students were basically good students. Showed up to class, asked questions, took advantage of office hours, did their homeworks, etc… However, the guy that flunked the final didn’t show up to class, didn’t do the homeworks, never came to office hours or tutorials, etc… Basically, he didn’t show any initiative throughout the 3 months of class.

Now, the kid that got a 38.5 put the following note on the final page of his exam, “Please! A pass in this course is all I need!”

That infuriated me! What, you’re not gonna put in any goddamn effort and you expect me to pass you ’cause you asked nicely!?! What kind of self-entitled cunt does something like that?

Christ – you need a pass in this class? Well then I need you to actually show up to class and pay attention! 

Jesus tap-dancing Christ – you don’t show up for 3 months, don’t put in any effort, clearly don’t understand any of the material, and you want a pass just because!?

I’ll tell ya this – if I had rounded up the term marks (4 tests worth 12.5% of your final grade) and rounded up the exam (50% of the final mark) and then rounded up the final, this slacker would have gotten and even 50/100 – which would have been good enough to pass the course. In fact, that would have been the lowest acceptable mark to pass the class.

But I sure as hell didn’t do that. 

Hey man – maybe you didn’t notice, what with all the not going to class and everything – but everyone else got A’s in the class. And the kid that got a C – he visited office hours many times, asked a bunch of questions, and put in a great deal of effort throughout the term. That guy I rounded up the marks for.

But you, with your lackadaisical self-entitled attitude? Fuck you – you fail the course and you deserve to fail.

Whew – glad I got that outta my system. I know I’m getting older when I’m complaining about the attitudes of kids today. (And stuff costs more than it used to! Bleah! Everything’s changing!)

Anyhoo, I’m done teaching and so I get a little mini-break for the next 3 to 4 weeks until school “kicks in” again and I’m back to regular TA duties. That’s great for me, because I plan on doing lots of work on my thesis.

As an aside, I tell ya – there’s nothing I like more than smoking a big doober and doing math. Ohmigod, I can get lost in math like nobody’s business when I’m high.

People think that being high makes you lazy or stupid – not true. (Well, it may make you… not lazy, but inertially challenged.) When you’re high, your thoughts tend to “tumble” – which isn’t a scientific term – but you do make different associations with things when you’re high. Hey! You know what that might help with? High level theoretical mathematics, where breakthroughs depend on making previously unseen, far-out connections between mathematical ideas.

Cannabis. It’s time has come. Legalize it and enjoy the massive tax revenues and potentially thousands of new income streams.


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