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XBone and PS4 release dates. Oh, and the NHL14 demo

Welp, I played the NHL demo a bunch yesterday. It’s pretty good – although it definitely feels like absolutely everything they’ve changed game-wise could have been patched into NHL 13.

What I’m really looking forward to is the new Live the Life mode (formerly called Be A Pro.) Be A Pro is the one mode I play consistently on NHL 13 – I’ve never played Be A GM or NHL Ultimate Team or whatever other things they’ve got there. I like the idea of Be A Pro – it’s a basic hockey RPG. But now, they’ve jazzed up Be A Pro so that the stuff you do off ice affects your game on ice.

Of course, all this new Live the Life stuff is old hat to the more moneyed franchises run by EA – NFL in particular. So it’s finally here in NHL! Huzzah! It’s just too bad that about half the dev team from NHL started working on NHL 15 the moment the new Xbone was released. Regardless, NHL 14 is sure to be the best iteration of the game on the current gen console.

Of course, we’re already looking ahead to when the new consoles are going to be released. The PS4 (the one I’ll probably get) will be released on November 15. Now, Nov. 15 just so happens to be a Friday – and since American thanksgiving is in November, I’m almost willing to bet that “Black Friday” will be November 15th this year. Clever timing, Sony.

(Aside: Nope – just googled it. Black Friday is Nov. 29th this year. Regardless, Sony getting the PS4 out in time for Black Friday should boost sales like nobody’s business.)

We’re still waiting for the Xbone release date. But given what I’ve just written, if they don’t get the bone out before Nov 29th, they’ve missed quite an opportunity. In any case, it’ll be released sometime around late November/early December. That means this December there should be at least one killer app for each console. We have, I’m sure, many awesome games to look forward too.

In fact, Google tells me that there’s already games ready and waiting in the pipe for the Xbone/PS4 release. Naturally, none of them will hold a candle graphics-wise to an expensive PC (all glory to the pc master race!) – but for mass consumption and ease of controls, you can’t beat the consoles.

As for me – I’ve currently got $2000 saved up and I’m looking for a major PC upgrade. If you’re thinking about buying a PC, first off, think about building your own. Second off, if you’re going to build your own, your first stop should be to the awesome website If you know anything about computers and computer parts, you’ll waste hours on this site building your ultimate PC.



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