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Fatteningly Delicious

I’m hungry at the moment… Hungry for delicious breakfast food.

I tell ya what’s a friggin delicious breakfast. Get yourself an English Muffin, an egg, a slice of your favorite cheese and a sausage patty. Toast that English Muffin, cook that egg over easy, fry up that sausage patty (actually, fry up that sausage patty first and then cook the egg in the sausage grease – oh good lord that’s fatteningly delicious). Blot the sausage patty with a paper towel to get rid of most of the surface grease – (grease is only good for cooking, not eating – it’s hot and burns my tongue) – put that sausage patty on the english muffin, smear on a little dab of maple syrup, put the slice of cheese on top of that patty (that patty should be good and hot so the cheese will melt a little bit) – then top it off with the fried egg. Ohmigod you’ve just created the greatest breakfast sandwich known to man!

I call this sandwich the “Eggie McGreggie” and it’s fucking delicious. I could eat about two for breakfast every morning – and then head right back to bed for a nap.

Anyhoo, I’m a big fan of fried eggs in the morning for breakfast. Here’s another delicious breakfast – quicker to make than the E-Mc G too! Toast yourself a couple slices of bread and fry up a couple eggs. Once the toast is done, spread some peanut butter on them and then put an egg on top. Make sure the eggs are runny. The heat from the toast and eggs will melt the peanut butter – so you get a messy breakfast – but egg yellows and peanut butter is again, fatteningly delicious!

Oh man am I ever hungry.

Here’s another great breakfast involving eggs. So, fry yourself up a couple eggs. While the eggs are frying, get yourself some Naan bread and melt some cheese on top (either in the microwave or regular oven.) Then put those eggs on top of the melty cheesy Naan bread – top it with salt and peppers. SO GOOD! OH SO GOOD!!

What’s that, you say? There’s not enough bacon involved with breakfast yet? Here’s one for ya – fry up your eggs. Toast a bagel and cook a couple strips of bacon. (I say a couple strips – really, there should be 6-8 strips of bacon minimum. If you’re going to do bacon, then DO BACON!) Once the bagel’s toasted, slap on the bacon (butter the bagel if you feel your heart needs a workout) – and melt some cheese over that. Then add an egg to each half of the bagel – either eat it as a sandwich or with knife and fork (so it’ll take twice as long and therefore be twice as good!) I’ve seen a similar variant served in a restaurant, except instead of cheese, they had Hollandaise sauce. WOW!

Of course, if all those are too low-cal for ya – here’s a guaranteed put-you-to-sleep-er breakfast. Cook up 3 pancakes, lots of bacon and two fried eggs. Put bacon and eggs on top of pancakes. Add butter and maple syrup. Fattening! (You can make chocolate chip pancakes or blueberry pancakes too – I don’t recommend whipped cream ’cause that doesn’t really go with bacon.)

Man – eggs, is there anything they can’t do?



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