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Sunday Ramble

Ah, another Sunday is upon us. In two short weeks we will begin the Sunday ritual of turning on the TV at 1:00pm and watching football for 7 straight hours. As I’m a fantasy football player, I usually just watch NFL Red Zone. Red Zone is great – even if you’re not a fantasy football fan – for one reason: NO COMMERCIALS!

If there’s one thing I can do without, it’s fucking commercials. I tend to watch all my tv through downloads, so it’s rare that I do watch commercials anymore. Though companies are plastering them all over the place – youtube, especially. But, ads promote capitalism and who am I to argue against someone trying to make a buck. Ads have their place in the world – but 90% of all ads are insulting and annoying.

Anyhoo… uh, sorta writer’s blocked at the moment. Might as well talk about myself! There’s one subject I never get sick of.

So what’s going on with me? Well, I’m currently on a mini-vacation, as I’m done teaching my class and school doesn’t start for another 2 weeks. I plan on using this time to either finish my main result for my thesis, or generalize the current result I have now. In any case, I’ve got lots of good results for my thesis so you can call me doctor at this time next year. 

What else – this weekend was my fantasy football draft weekend. I talked briefly (or at length, depending on who’s asking) about this last week. The cutthroat league draft took 2 hours – and I was roundly criticized for my order of picks. The 6 person league draft happened today and took just under half an hour. I showed up late to my buddy’s house and was forced to use autodraft for my first 3 picks. But it’s a 6 person league, so there’s plenty of talent available in free agency.

What else is goin on? I’m currently reading Midnight’s Children at the moment. It’s a dense, read but it clips along at a good pace. The way Rushdie has structured the narrative is interesting; there’s many hints of what’s to come in the story, but you’ve got to pay close attention because the hints are often buried away in throwaway lines. I really like the book so far – I think it’s probably his most famous work. But I’d be interesting in reading what else he’s done. I do love sweeping, Indian epics.

What else? Today is Sunday, so it’s one of my “online dating” days. (I send 3 new messages every Sunday and Wednesday.) The only problem is that if I see a girl online that I like, and send her a message, I’m almost constantly checking my e-mail to see if she’s written back yet. I suppose this displays neediness on my part, but she doesn’t know how often I’m checking. Regardless, there’s pretty slim pickings online so I’ll supplement my online routine with regular approaches at school.

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve regularly approached women. (I learned game back when I was about 22, then got a gf and forgot to practice, then lost my game and dumped the gf.) Luckily, I work on a University campus, so there’s a never-ending supply of hot 20 year olds to approach. Best of all, every year brings a new bumper crop of coeds.

I get older, they stay the same age…. legal.


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