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Fuh-Football, Goals For Men, Getting Up Early Initiative

Well it’s the start of football season tonight, when the Baltimore Ravens visit the Denver Broncos.

Of course, the start of the regular football season means it’s time for the start of FANTASY FOOTBALL!!

Booya! Lemme expound upon my team at length. I should mention that I’m in two fantasy leagues, one schlub league with 6 players and a super-cutthroat-memorize-ever-depth-chart league. It’s the latter’s team I’ll be talking about.

My starting QB will be Matt Ryan; and riding the pines tonight is Mr. Superbowl QB winner himself Joe Flacco. I’m hoping Joe throws for 400 yards tonight, get me some value so I can trade for something…

I got Ray Rice as my 1st round RB. I’m hoping he comes up big tonight. Backing him up in the number 2 RB spot is Frank Gore.

For WR’s, I got Julio Jones, Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin. Where Jones and Smith are obvious all-stars, Boldin is starting anew with the 49ers. With Crabtree out, then Boldin is currently the number 1 WR on the depth chart. I’m hoping he and Caepernick have some chemistry. (Technically Boldin is in the Flex spot, so…. yeah.)

I’ve got Kyle Rudolph for a TE, Blair Walsh as kicker and Seattle Seahawks D. 

Oooh, are you ready for some football!!

Anyhoo, I feel like I recently did a post about Fantasy Football.. but whatevs, it starts tonight! Whuuuaaazaaa!!

Of course, I wont get to watch the whole thing tonight because I’ve begun the “Get Up Early Initiative.” This morning my alarm went off at 6:00am and … after hitting snooze a couple times, I got up at 6:30. Got to work straightaway and was at the gym by 9:30. 

I think that there’s something about getting up early, that causes me to be super productive. I unno what you like to do in the morning, but I like to do math in the morning. When the clock has just hit 7:00 and you’ve got fresh coffee and an old textbook and everything’s nice and quiet… (especially in my neighborhood, there’s no wiener kids running around.) It’s a great time to learn math and be productive. Plus, the gym at 9:30am? Deeeee serted. No waiting for the squat racks, no dealing with endless gym bros doing curls…It’s great. (Although, there are certainly less gym bunnies running around.)

Finally, I let my other blog Goals For Men go live. Already I’ve got a couple follows so we’re looking good. Ultimately, I want the GFM blog to be profitable, selling goals-related ebooks I’ll have written.

But that comes later. Right now it’s time for FOOOTBALLL!!!!


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