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A good Saturday morning ramble.

Wow! A post on a Saturday!

Let me explain. Doing 15 minutes of writing everyday is one of my goals. Last month, I had designated Saturday’s as “Goal-Free” days. That is, days where I don’t have to do any goals. Basically, a day off.

Problem was, during my days off, I felt antsy and unproductive. So I came to the conclusion that I shouldn’t be taking any days off – instead, I’ll just divide my days into “Heavy Goal Days” and “Light Goal Days.”

“Heavy Goal Days” are going to be weekdays – days where I work 12 to 14 hours straight. These heavy days are days when I go to the gym, do some intense math, etc…

But light days are days like today – where I can get all my goals done in about 4 hours and then have the rest of the day to myself. So today, continuing with the Get Up Early Initiative, I was working on my goals by 7:00Am. It’s just after 10:30, and after this post ends, I’ve got about 30 minutes of goals left today.

Which is awesome, because I’ve managed to download the Early Release copy of NHL 14 – so once I’m done all my goals for the day, it’s going to be nothing but hockey for the rest of the day. (Also, it’s rainy out today, so it’s a perfect day to stay inside and play videogames! Huzzah!)

Anyhoo… yeah, but what to write about now?

Hmm… Well, I don’t really know what’s going on in the world ’cause I haven’t read the paper, or looked at the internet today. One of the keys to getting all my goals done in a timely fashion is that I set an additional goal for myself of, “No internet/tv/games until all goals are done.”

I mean, when it comes to getting stuff done, the internet can be a huge distraction if you let it. I know in the past, when I had to do something unpleasant like study, then I’d often study for 2, maybe 3 minutes and then take a quick, 30 minute internet break. Either that, or I’d try and study with the TV on.

Now, I personally think that there’s no such thing as a successful multi-tasker. I think the brain can only really deal with one task at a time, and the people who claim they’re good at multi-tasking are really just saying they’re not good at focusing. Now, multi-tasking doesn’t mean things like rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time. No, it’s more like doing your TPS reports while talking on the phone. There’s no one who can focus on two disparate things at once – the brain doesn’t work that way! Why do you think texting while driving is such a hazard? It’s because when you’re texting, you’re not focused on driving – and if you’re not focused while you’re racing down a street in a 2000-lb death machine, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Anyhoo, I’d say that my recent increase in productivity is solely due to swearing off internet while I’m working. Further, when I go on the internet after a long work day, I find I get pretty fed up with the internet very quickly.

Well, when I say internet, I mean Reddit. Reddit is my “go to” site for news, entertainment, general web surfing, crazy pictures of cats. But ultimately, surfing Reddit is a HUYGE [sic] waste of time. Because mostly, reddit is just funny and interesting pictures. That’s what I estimate over 90% of people on reddit are doing – just aimlessly looking at pictures. Really, when you’ve got goals to accomplish and you’re focused on productivity, you quickly realize just how much you don’t care about how cute someone’s puppy is, or how much of an asshole this guy is for parking in a handicap space.

The absolute worst part about Reddit is the comments. First, if you don’t subscribe to the hive-mind’s particular brand of PC-liberalism, you’ll be branded all sorts of illogical things. Second, every man on reddit is as thirsty as a motherfucker, and the 5’s who post candids of themselves get 10 attitudes. Sickening.

Anyhoo, that’s my 15 minutes!


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