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Football Sundays are back!

Hey, 100th post! Arbitrary base-10 anniversary!

Welp, today is the first NFL Sunday for the next 20 or so weeks. Awesome sauce! 

I’m a Vikings fan, so I’m hoping that the mighty AP comes up big today! We’re playing the Lions today, so it could go either way. Hopefully no one gets shot on the way to or from the Detroit stadium.

Any other notable games? There’s the Pats @ The Bills, where the mighty Patriots should put a pretty big hurtin’ on the hapless Bills. Also, there’s Atlanta @ New Orleans – I’m looking for New Orleans to come out fighting. Sean Payton’s returned and he’ll be mad about the lost year. I betcha there’s a big bounty on Matt Ryan’s head! 

Green Bay plays San Fran in the afternoon game. Will Colin Caepernick return to his bicep-kissing ways? Or will Aaron Rodgers throw for 600 yds and stomp all over everyone. Tonight’s game is the Giants at Dallas – two teams I don’t really like, so my preferred outcome is that the giant Dallas scoreboard collapses and crushes both teams.

Tomorrow night is a double-header: Philly @ Washington and Houston @ San Diego. Does San D still have Norv ‘Freakin’ Turner as their coach? Man, something’s wrong with San D – either the weather is too nice or Philip Rivers just isn’t as good as everyone says he is, but they’ve been loaded with talent for a long time and never gotten anywhere. I’m gonna blame it on the weather – when everyday is 27 degrees and sunny, it’s tough to get riled up about anything.

Of course, NFL pre-game shows started at 9:00am this morning. 9:00am! That’s 4 hours before game time. Man, that’s a lotta forced laughter…

Now, I’m heading out to a pub to watch the Green Bay game with a buddy of mine. (A buddy of mine who’s in the schlub league with me, so we’ll be rooting for individual players on different teams to both succeed and fail – and likely paying little attention to the overall game.) But this morning I’ll be sticking to Red Zone. I’m sure I’ve mentioned how great NFL Red Zone is before – well, I’ll say it again.


Seriously, your average NFL game has too many fucking commercials. There’ll be a drive, then if there’s a score, it’ll be score – commercial – kickoff – commercial – drive. If it’s a punt, it’ll be punt – commercial – drive. Terrible. 

Plus, the commercials are geared towards your average NFl fan – which, as far as I can ascertain, is a fat, truck-driving, beer drinking, cialis-needing, pizza eater with an IQ of about 85. 

Well, I suppose if they had ads for classic literature and astronomy kits, they probably wouldn’t be aired during NFL prime time.


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