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The Chickenhawk American Government

So I was hanging out with my buddy last night watching football and drinking beer. And he’s a policy wonk and pretty damn smart and knows a lot about political machinations and the ways of the world.

So I asked him, “Why is it that the US still has credibility when it comes to foreign intelligence, in light of Iraq? I mean, they basically falsified intelligence and lied to the UN about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. So why on Earth should anyone believe them now?”

He admitted it was a good question. Although he did point out that, when it comes to capability, there’s no one on Earth that can touch the US. The US has enormous HUMINT resources, along with technological superiority and budgetary superiority. (Although I’d argue budgetary superiority doesn’t mean squat in a bureaucracy, but I digress.)

He’s right, in a sense. The US is untouchable when it comes to tech and the amount of intelligence they have. I mean, the US regularly sends up billion dollar spy satellites. It’s not every country in the world that can just launch stuff into space whenever they feel like it.

But in my view, the US definitely has a credibility problem when it comes to foreign conflict. If you had to name a successful middle-Eastern conflict where the US intervened successfully, you’d have a hard time doing so.

Afghanistan? Uh… no.

Iraq. That’s a hell no! (And this includes the first Gulf War – even though the first Gulf War was a “success” by operational terms (liberated Kuwait, flexed the military muscle of the US and kicked the shit out of the arms we sold to Iraq), it still left Saddamn Hussein in power. And as we had to go back into Iraq (for fraudulent reasons) to remove Saddamn Hussein, then in that sense, the first gulf war was unsuccessful.)

Egypt? Nope – that’s a civil war waiting to happen.

Sudan? No. Somalia? No. Rwanda? Uh, last I checked, genocide of a people was not a successful resolution.

Libya? It was better off under Gaddafi, most likely.

Iran? Well, the Shah of Iran worked well for 25 years… until it backfired horribly!

So basically, the US has had zero successful military interventions in the middle east. They’ve recently falsified intelligence in order to invade another country, and have previously falsified intelligence or events in order to invade another country. (Gulf of Tonkin event.) 

Yet people still listen to the US as if it had anything honest or constructive to say!

Realistically, when it comes to Syria, the US will do whatever it wants in order to achieve the desired outcomes. In this case, it appears the desired outcome is another invasion! 

Well, Syria’s got a bunch of oil… so I guess it goes to figure…


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