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It’s conspiracy day!

Happy Conspiracy Day!

That’s right, I’m calling 9/11 as the official holiday for conspiracy theorists. Why? Well, September 11 was the defining moments of the 21st century, and no one really wants to talk about all the anomalies that happened that day.

First anomaly: How did two 110 story buildings collapse in about 15 seconds? There’s not enough energy contained in the top 3rd of a building to crush the bottom 2/3rds of a building in 15 seconds. Even if the steel was “weakened” by the fires, that doesn’t mean the structural integrity of the whole building has been compromised.

Here’s an experiment. Take 3 bricks. Stack the 3 bricks on top of each other. Now take the 1st brick and raise it up by a meter or so and drop it on the bottom 2 bricks. Does the brick crash through and demolish the bottom two bricks? Of course not, because the energy contained in the first brick will not be NEARLY sufficient to break the bottom two bricks.

So it is with WTC 1 and 2. The energy contained in the top 1/3rd of the building is not NEARLY sufficient to crush the remaining 2/3rds of the building in 15 seconds. (Here‘s a good link about the basic physics involved and why the collapse was physically impossible without the addition of a MASSIVE amount of secondary energy.)

2nd anomaly: The only 3 steel-framed buildings to EVER collapse due to fire all occured on 9/11. That should send up warning flags for anyone who understands the concept of mathematical probability. Two 110 story buildings with fires burning for less than an hour collapsed due to flame – and one 47 story building with small fires also collapsed.

How did such small fires collapse these buildings when larger fires in other steel-framed buildings didn’t result in collapse? That’s anomalous behaviour.

3rd anomaly: The hijacked flights were not intercepted by fighter jets, despite the fact that fighters intercepting planes is a routine occurrence. So we’re led to believe that these flights remained in their hijacked state for over an hour while the world’s largest air defense system did nothing?

4th anomaly: There were training exercises taking place on the morning of 9/11 involving hijacked aircraft which crashed into the Pentagon. The odds of a training exercise taking place on the very same day that the exact training exercise takes place in real life is unbelievably low. Again, another anomaly.

5th anomaly: The steel from the WTC’s was carted off to China within a month, despite the fact that all that steel was evidence in the greatest attack to ever occur on the mainland US. Actually, this is more than a federal crime than an anomaly.

6th anomaly: There was no investigation into the greatest homeland attack on US soil for over 2 years, before Bush finally succumbed to allowing an investigation. This investigation had a budget of about 5 million dollars. (For comparison, the budget for the Ken Starr investigation into Clinton’s chubby intern finger-banging was about 50 million.) 

I could go on and on, but my 15 minutes are up. Enjoy the rest of conspiracy day and remember, you’ve been lied to by your government about 9/11 and just about every major event of the 20th century


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