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A mighty ramble at the end of a stupid long day

What a bitch-ass-hornswoggle-crap-spackle-gut-bust-fish-fuck of a day. That’s right, fish fuck.

Man – my hectic academic schedule of one work day a week may have one big drawback. I am just ca-RAAA-zay busy all day. 

I was at school today for about 9:15ish, then the day went as follows: meeting with prof, meeting with other prof, get a coffee, give a lecture, meeting with student, meeting with earlier prof, meeting with yet a different prof, prep for class, TA class, meeting with another student. That took until about 3:45. Brutal – no time to eat or nothing. Just go go go!

Lemme tell ya, I sympathize with absolutely every schmoe that has to work in an office. You’re there at 9:00 in the morning, then either your day is busy – in which case it goes fast, the boring level is low but the stress level is high! – or your day is boring, in which case the day goes by slooooow, so the stress level is low, but the boring meter is HIGH!

Both my brothers have the luxury of working at union jobs – so they (while not technically allowed by the strictest definition of the law) are allowed to smoke weed on the job. Although that must be glorious, it must making being at work a drag. If I smoke a doober, the last thing I want to have to do is serious work that people depend on. I’d rather burn one down and play some video games. (Or do high-level theoretical mathematics.)

Anyhoo – had a date last night. This date was arranged online. And the chick turned out to be a lot fatter than her profile pictures. Bummerama. (Although I didn’t exactly play the male gender role of a strong, masculine leader, so I guess we were both disappointments to one another.)

Christ – there’s these yahoo kids outside lighting off firecrackers and yelling and generally being cunts. ‘Course, they’re the diplomats kids, so there’s very little discipline in their future for being such cunts. If they ever wind up impaled on some sort of gardening utensil, then the cops will trace this post back to me… which would be wise of them, ’cause I swear to ever-loving-Allah-on-crutches that I will murder each and everyone of those snot-nosed punks.

Well, maybe not… maybe I should just puff a dooberooni and mellow out.

Today is a ramble with no rhyme or reason. When it comes to winter, it’s my favorite season. If there’s one thing I like on crackers, it’s lots of cheezin. Someone shut the door, this room is freezin!

I don’t see why people say rap is so hard. Rap is easy, good rap is hard.

I tell ya who else I like is that Leo Sayer. (If you know which Simpsons episode that is from instinctively, then maybe you can possibly best me at a game of Simpsons trivia. But you can’t, ’cause that was an easy one…)

Welp, the mighty Patriots play the horrible New York Jets tonight in what promises to be a real crotch-punching for that rookie QB Geno Smith. (Psst, hey, lemme ask you a question. If someone were called Geno, wouldn’t you instinctively think they were some swarthy Italian? Me too… But apparently he ain’t.)

PS: It was the one where Barney became sober and learned how to fly a helicopter


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