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The Nazi A-Bomb.

Welp, it’s Sunday so it’s time to get back to goals.

I’ve been slacking on goals as of late – taking the previous two days off. This probably results from that awfully long Thursday I had last Thursday… Welp, back to work today.

Any successful goals day starts with a trip to the gym. So that’s what I did this morning – and man was it ever packed! Surprisingly so for a Sunday morning. But as it happens, the majority of people were there to attend a spinning class or a body pump class. So luckily there was no wait time for the bench.

Anyhoo, it’s Sunday so that also means football! However, since I’m big on goals today, I’ve got to follow the rule that there’s no internet/tv/games until all my goals are done. I’ve got about an hour left to go – 15 minutes of writing, 15 minutes of music practice and then 30 minutes of reading (15 minutes fiction, 15 minutes non-fiction) and then I’m done-zo!

Hmm…. Now then, what to write about?

Ooh, I stumbled upon a great new conspiracy theory about how the Nazis developed a nuclear bomb in 1944. The story goes something like this:

It’s well known that the Germans were the first to realize the awesome potential of the atom. (See Einstein, Lise Meitner and the guy she worked with who hogged all the credit… what’s his name? Otto Hahn, I think.) Further, the Nazis were pretty well the tech leaders of WWII.

So it goes that the top Nazi scientists came up with the idea for an A-bomb in 1943, and that their plan for the bomb called for much less fissile material than the US. (Which was a good thing too, since the US sabotaged the heavy water plant of the Germans in early 1943… I remember reading a story about how the Germans had a heavy water plant near some waterfall in an occupied, Nordic country, and these American commandos came in and blew the place up. (In fact, I’m surprised Hollywood hasn’t turned that into a movie yet.))

Anyhoo, the rest of the story has it that through decrypted ULTRA cables (which were declassified in the 70’s or 80’s or so), there was a distinct detection of a violent nuclear event picked up by Allied scout planes. And so apparently, the Germans tested a nuke on an island somewhere in 1944.

Of course, the Germans had poor plans for their A-Bomb. They sent one (ONE!) plane loaded up with an A-bomb towards New York. Of course, this plane was shot down and then the incident was covered up by the OSS.

Why Hitler decided that nuking New York would be more effective than nuking, oh, I ‘unno: London… Moscow… All the landed Allied forces in France… All the landed Allied forces in the South of Italy… etc…

There were a lot more viable and closer targets than Nueva York… But then again, by the end of it, Hitler was pretty wacked out on meth… so that may have clouded his judgment somewhat.

There’s another story about how Japan ALSO developed a nuclear bomb before (or right around the same time as) the Americans. But that’ll have to wait until another day.

What’s interesting is that there’s still tons of secret documents which haven’t been declassified since WWII. So for anyone who thinks they know the whole story about WWII, you’ve been had.


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