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A ramble about cold and sports journalism and stuff

Oooh baby is it ever cold out there today! Glorious! It’s a brisk 12 degrees Celcius outside, which is hovering right around an ideal day for me. What’s funny is that although it appears cold out now, come sMarch [sic] or April and any 12 degree day then is going to feel downright balmy. It’s all about context here in the 2nd coldest capital in the world. 

You know what I hate but can’t get enough of? Sports journalism. Generally, there’s very little to talk of in the world of sports outside of the actual game results. Case in point, the headline on the NFL.COM page right now, which reads: The Redskins are 0-2 and RGIII has struggled. Is it time to make a change in the nation’s capitol?

Oh man, talk about a made up media story. There’s been two weeks in the NFL, and so far the Skins have played the Eagles (where they lost by 6 pts) and the Packers (who kicked the shit outta them because the Packers lost week 1 to the 49ers.) That’s not a lot of data one can extrapolate from.

But the NFL is a cutthroat league – and if you’re not winning at the moment, there’s going to be a TREMENDOUS amount of pressure put on you to start winning. Especially if you’re in a football crazy town like Washington. 

Aside: That’s Washington DC we’re talking about. Is it a crazy football town? I know they’ve got the Hoggies Superfans… but do they have anything else? I thought that town was politics crazy. Maybe there’s a politics/football connection I don’t know about.

Anyhoo, yesterday also featured the 3rd and final Manning Bowl, which is where Peyton Manning’s team plays Eli Manning’s team. I thought the Giants might win, but Peyton and the Broncos kicked the everloving shit out of the Giants. So that Peyton is 3-0 in all the Manning Bowls. (Now the only way there could be a Manning bowl is if the two teams meet in the playoffs.)

How’s this for a scenario: Peyton takes the Broncos to the Superbowl this year and wins. So then both Eli & Peyton would have 2 Superbowl rings. Then next year, both the Giants and Broncos make it to the finals for an all-Manning-Superbowl to determine FOR REALS which brother is the better quarterback once and for all. I tell you, any network sponsor looking at that scenario would absolutely plotz. PLOTZ, I say!

Sadly, the mighty Minnesota Vikings lost the game with less than 20 seconds to go, when the stupid Bears who were trailing by 6 scored a late, last-minute touchdown. AP only had a measly 100 rushing yards – never gonna break 2500yds like that, AP.

Honestly though, AP is the greatest RB in the game today. Bar none. If the Vikes didn’t have AP they wouldn’t have anyone! (Quick, name another good player on the Vikings… See? It’s impossible.) It’s the AP show over there and we need to get some talent over there if we’re going to get him his deserved ring.


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