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The Nazi Flying Saucers

Well well well…. I have in my greedy little hands a brand new copy of NHL14. Wazzah! I can now retire NHL13 to my Xbox games shelf where it will now sit forever and never get played again.

Welp, I did some digging and came up with a couple links about the Japanese A-Bomb tests during WWII. Now, their A-Bomb test came (allegedly) 3 days before the end of the war. So they’d already been nuked, and it wasn’t likely to turn the tide of the war. But then gain, maybe that’s just the cover story.

If you get deep enough into the WWII conspiracy theories, you’ll inevitably read about the secret Nazi flying saucer program. Now, on the face of it, this sounds fucking ludicrous. But as you dig deeper and deeper, things start to get more and more plausible. (Especially considering how many Nazis were brought into the fold of American intelligence after the war.)

So the secret Nazi flying saucer story has some credible ideas. The first idea is that the scientist Viktor Schauberger came up with a new means of locomotion by the rapid rotation of a superconductor. (Naturally, details are a bit sketchy.) But the idea is that a rapidly rotating superconductor will create a certain electrogravitic effect which, when properly harnessed, can create local gravity wells. What this means is that if a craft had such a means of locomotion, then it would be essentially “falling forward” due to its own local gravity – and the craft would move by extending this gravity well.

The next idea is that towards the end of the war, both allied and axis pilots reported seeing Foo Fighters. (No, not the band.) Foo fighters were, essentially, flying saucers or UFO’s as we think of them now. They were excitable balls of light which possessed unheard of flying characteristics compared to jet engine aircraft. They could go way faster than any production fighter of the time, they could turn on a dime, etc… 

As it happens, most of the Foo Figher sightings happened right around the time Germany had allegedly developed their gravity-well flying discs. Google Hanebu discs if you want more info.

Of course, with any good conspiracy theory, there’s a lot of unscientific rubbish surrounding it. If you do some research, you’ll eventually find reference to the Vril society and their nefarious connections to the Nazi Flying discs. As far as I can tell, the Vril society was just an offshoot of the Thule society (an actual Nazi occult secret society.) But there’s lots of stuff about how the Vril developed energy from a black sun and made contact with aliens and all sorts of other whosafudge.

Regardless, if both Germany and Japan can keep their (alleged) nuclear tests under wraps for almost 70 years, then think how easy it would be to keep the secret flying saucers under wraps when the Nazis managed to infiltrate every aspect of American government.

The truth is out there. And until next time, keep watching the skiiiis. [sic]


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