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No one likes Stana Katic

So I was checking out which search terms people used to access this site, and one recent visitor got here by searching, “I hate Stana Katic.” That makes me so happy. We all know she’s the worst part of Castle. Honestly, just have Nathan Fillion be a sherrif somewhere so he can beat up the badguys and teach us right from wrong. Ooh, even better, have him be a sheriff in space! Wouldn’t that be awesome! And you could have a wise-cracking pilot, a magic negro disguised as a preacher – auuuugh, I miss Firefly. I’ll just have to watch it all again… and break my heart when Wash dies in Serenity.

Anyhoo, at the moment I am watching this show called Psych. It’s a’ight, in a cheesy sort of way. What happens is our roguish hero, Sean Spencer, has an eidetic memory and uncommon powers of observation, like a Sherlock Holmes type. Except he’s a bit of a goof-off and hasn’t really got a steady job. But his dad’s a retired cop, so Sean can’t help constantly calling the police with tips about local crimes. (Based on his Sherlock Holmes powers.) Eventually, for some convoluted reasoning, Sean tells the cops he’s a psychic. But that backfires when the cops hire him for a case. Hijinks ensue.

So that’s the setup – Sherlock Holmes type goof gets hired by the cops to solve crimes. He’s joined by his black best friend Gus, who’s generally the straight man and the voice of reason, and by his cop buddies Juliet and Det. Lassiter. Lassiter is a hard-boiled, straight-edge kinda character and Juliet is the hot chick cop that Sean is always trying to ‘get with’. And Sean’s dad is always every present in each episode – he’s a crusty, no-nonsense cop type.

Anyhoo, it’s pretty good in a cheesy sort of way. It’s shown on the USA network (or US network) in the states, and we have no such affiliates up here in Canada, so it’s certainly not very popular up here. But apparently it’s popular enough in the states to have done 8 seasons so far.

The show generally follows the standard police produral script, with a bit of humour thrown in by Sean and Gus. Sean is a real wise-cracking type – and would’ve been a better choice for The Amazing Spider-Man than the guy that wasn’t Tobey Maguire. The reason I started watching it was because I’d seen enough of the jokes in imgur format on reddit to make me curious. I’ve just started Season 2 and we’ll see how long I last with this show.

As for other shows I’ve got to watch, there’s still the first season of Broadchurch that I haven’t seen. It stars David Tennant, but the first 4 minutes when I watched didn’t immediately feature David Tennant, so I stopped watching. I’ll probably pick it up again when I get sick of Psych.

And I’m pretty sure I’ll get sick of Psych before too long. There are some dramatic elements to it, so if Juliet gets kidnapped or something and Sean has to save her, and so then Sean saves her but just as they go to kiss, Juliet’s boyfriend shows up – and that’s the cliffhanger for the end of the season? Anything like that happens and I’m dropping the show like a bagful of spiders. (Unless magic happens and I get super invested in the characters and I’m all like, “Noo! Juliet you moron! Go for Sean already, he’s perfect for you!”

Somehow I don’t see that happening.


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  1. OMG! I thought I was the only one in the world to hate Stana Katic. Thanks for that. Oh, and I love Pysch!!!

    Comment by Cecilia | November 1, 2013 | Reply

    • You love Psych? That show is terrible. Oh Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart. You’re shaking my confidence… daily.

      Comment by sarcasticus | November 2, 2013 | Reply

      • Yes!!! I like Psych!!! Hahaha

        Comment by Cecília | February 9, 2014

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