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Super Slacking

I’ve been super slacking at my daily writing. No kidding. 

Well, I’m sick at the moment with mancold. Once I’m over that, it’s back to your regularly scheduled rambles. Likely on Friday at the latest.


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A ramble about things and stuff

Wellity wellity wellity… what to write about today?

I ‘unno, I’m pretty tired and sore from the gym. So maybe just some random thoughts until 15 minutes have passed.

There’s a story in the paper today about a woman having a preventative mastectomy. Say what you like, but to sacrifice your boobs like that takes balls.

Although, after checking the survival rates, I’m not too sure such a thing is a great move. According to this link, survival rates for stage 0 and stage 1 breast cancer are 100%. And survival for stage 2 is 93%. I say just get your mastectomies regularly and roll the dice. 100% is pretty goddamn sure.

Aside: What’s stage 0 cancer? Does that mean… no cancer? I’ve got stage 0 lung cancer… which is, zero lung cancer.


“Just gonna get a little cancer, Stan.”

This is how it goes with rando-thoughts. My mind zip-zoop-zaps all over the place! Alternatively, it can be said that my mind “Cosby’s” all over the place. …. yaSEEEEeeee…

So I’ve been listening to Lateralus recently by Tool. Apparently there’s a hidden order to the album, and if you listen to the album in the following order:

6 – 7 – 4 – 8 – 5 – 9 – 13 – 1 – 12 – 2 – 11 – 3 -10

It paints a different picture than the original album order. I’ve done it many times now, and I’ve got to say I love this order much better than the original. I don’t know why – the original order seems a lot more mellow than this order. (Oh, this order is called the “Holy Gift” by insane Tool fans.)

Anyhoo, the Holy Gift order is the way I listen to this album now. It’s pretty goddamn amazing. And that’s all I have to say about that.

What else – ooh, on impulse I bought Rome 2 over the weekend. It’s pretty intimidating so far. I’m still working my way through the campaign – it’s tough to find free time to play this game, but I’m assuming that I’ll still be playing it 4 years from now when the next Total War game comes out.

I really hope they make a Total War: World War 2 version. That would be awesome. I’ve mentioned before about how my ultimate video game would be a combination of Axis and Allies and Total War – where I’d need to worry about my supply lines and various resources. Combined with espionage and Total War style fighting, it would be a pretty spectacular game.

What else – well, the Sens play tonight, so that’s good. But they’re on a Western road trip, so the game starts at 10:00pm. Doubt I can stay up and watch that one, but we’ll see.

Hoo – back at the gym this morning to do squats. It’s been like, 3 weeks since I’ve done anything strenuous, and I’m returning with back to back lifting workouts. My legs were pretty much cooked by the end of the workout… and still are. I imagine I’ll write tomorrow about how sore my legs are. There ya go, something to look forward to!

I’m a rambler, I’m a gambler and my 15 are up…

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The Comfy Bed Gravitational Anomaly

Well, it’s the return of the GET UP EARLY INITIATIVE (GEUI) again today. I set my alarm for 5:42 – so I can hit snooze twice and still get up at 6:00 – but I hit snooze 4 or 5 times and got up at 6:30. That’s not too bad for the first morning of the GEUI.

My thinking behind the GEUI is to get to the gym super early. Usually, my folks scurry off with the cars by about 9:00am, so if I can get to the gym for 7:00 every morning, not only am I up and being productive, but I’ve gone to the gym, which is usually the toughest non-math thing I have to do every day. Today is an exception, as it’s Thanksgiving, so the gym doesn’t open until 8:00am. I think I’ll get there for about 9:00, which isn’t totally terrible for my first day in about 3 weeks.

Now, first day back at the gym will be slightly torturous. Having done little to no activity in the past three weeks, and lots of indiscriminate snacking, I imagine my lung capacity will extinguish itself quickly. However, the real test will be tomorrow, as each and every muscle of mine will be aching from today’s upcoming workout. Regardless, it’s my own damn fault for not going to the gym these past few weeks, so I’ll accept whatever soreness my muscles feel necessary to dish out.

I tell ya, the problem with getting up early is the “Comfy Bed Gravitational Anomaly (CBGA)”, which all beds suffer from. If you’ve never heard of this physical marvel, then surely you’ve experienced it. The CBGA is the tendency for beds which have been slept in to display high concentrations of gravity in the wee morning hours. This means that people who sleep in comfy beds have a much harder time getting out of them when the CBGA is in effect. Lemme tell ya, the CBGA usually occurs on cold mornings, Mondays and days when you’re supposed to do something you don’t want to do. Experts estimate that over 10,000 hours of productivity are lost each year due to CBGA. These same experts have been working on finding a cure for CBGA, but we’ve had a bunch of cold mornings recently, so most experts in fact, have been suffering the affects of CBGA. Needless to say, my bed was so unbelievably comfy this morning that it’s a wonder I was able to get up at all.

Anyhoo, with a triumphant return to the gym immanent,  I’m wondering if I should do a tuneup workout, or just go right back to my regular workout. I’m going to strive to get to the gym tomorrow, so I figure I can just do my regular workout. No matter what, I’m determined to go to the gym today, regardless of how much I’ll hurt tomorrow.

Welp, that’s my 15 for the day!

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Getting back up to speed. A ramble about David Tennant and stuff.

Well, lemme tell ya. After a three week break, it’s sorta hard to get back into the swing of things. Before the break, I was up as soon as my alarm went off and got straight to work, easily able to resist the lure of the internet. But to get back to that level of productivity and zeal seems to be challenging so far. I’ll get up in the morning, then get my coffee… then just take a peek at reddit, just to see what’s up. Aaaaaaand then I decide it’s time to take the day off. Yikes. I’m hoping a nice weekend of doing nothing will recharge my batteries.

Anyhoo, I’ve sorta got no shows to watch at the moment. I’m two episodes into Broadchurch, and I might pick that up again. It’s pretty good – murder mystery type show with a season long story arc. David Tennant plays a world weary detective inspector (DI) who was mysteriously banished from his previous position, and is now heading up the investigation of the murder. Some British lady plays Tennant’s sidekick – but is emotionally involved in the investigation, because she knows the family of the victim. So far, it seems a bit like House of Cards, in that everyone’s got their own secrets and angles. There’s also a bit of intrigue with the press and how they’re going to spin things.

So why aren’t I watching it now? Well, for starters, everyone speaks with a thick, English accent (except for Tennant who speaks with a thick, Scottish accent) and I really have to pay attention if I’m to understand exactly what’s going on. And generally, I’ve got the TV on in the background while I’m playing video games or doing other stuff. Needless to say, this isn’t one of those shows that can be absorbed half-heartedly. You’ve gotta pay damn close attention to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Anyhoo, after checking Tennant’s IMDB page, I see he was in Harry Potter. Whaaaa? Really? I don’t remember that…

Apparently he played “Barty” Crouch Junior. No idea who that is. It’s been so long since I’ve seen all the Harry Potters. Is that the one with the tri-city magic tournament and Harry kills the Twilight vampire? I don’t remember a dour, Scottish fellow glooming all over the place. Then again… all the Harry Potters are a bit of a mish mash. Is that the same one with the time-traveling? And where he fights a dragon or something? I’m sure I could find my answer with a minute of Googling… but whatevs.

I’m installing Empire: Total War at the moment, although I think I’ll probably just end up playing Rome: Total War. I wouldn’t mind downloading some mods for that one, though. I lose track of all my generals and such fairly quickly… meh, yeah. That’s what I’ll do, Rome: Total War for the rest of the day.

After all, today IS a day off, since I said so. I think my best strategy for getting back on the horse is to take little steps. Just get back to doing little things every day and then increase the amount of little things I do. Inch by inch, anything’s a cinch.


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I’m back with Breaking Bad spoilers.

I’m back, baby.

It’s been a harrowing three weeks or so, but I passed my special comprehensive exam, and now I’m back to having lots and lots of free time.

Anyhoo, during my time off, I managed to watch some shows.

First, I dropped Psych almost immediately. I got pretty goddamn sick of the main characters sassy black friend being not sassy and too wet-blanket-y. 

Second, I managed to watch all the remaining episodes of Breaking Bad. Way I figured it, I had to. There was too much internet hoopla about Breaking Bad and the finale on the internet, and I figured that I was bound to stumble across a major spoiler before I watched the finale, which would ruin it. So I watched Seasons 3, 4 and 5 over the course of a week or so.

Lemme tell you, that is one emotionally draining experience. Each and every goddamn episode is stressful to watch. TO WATCH! It’s a stressful experience to passively sit back and watch Walt and the gang stay one step ahead of everything. And it’s even more stressful those last 10 or so episodes of Season 5 where Walt is an out and out badguy and shit is hitting the fan all over the place.

In fact, it was so stressful that I skipped forward during a couple scenes. Basically, just about every scene with Marie and Skylar – ugh, I don’t really need to listen to those two hens cackle – and every scene with Walt and Walt Jr. I just couldn’t stand the naivete of the kid paired with the Machiavellianness of Walt. 

The fact that Walt had a family was sort of a bummer throughout the series. If instead, Walt was a single guy – bit of a loser type – but then found out he had cancer (but not serious cancer) and then turned to cooking meth to pay his hospital bills – but then found out he liked being a meth kingpin and so then just tried to build and expand his empire, I would’ve loved that. You could still have the overall story of Walt’s turn from schlub to monster, only without the whole heartbreaking family aspect of it. Of course, the family aspect is what kept Walt going in the first place, so who knows.

But I do love a tale about a genius using his wits to further himself. So does everyone else. This is why we all love Sherlock Holmes, and to a (much) lesser extent, MacGyver. Walt was awesome because he could always use the magical power of chemistry to jury-rig a solution out of every calamity.

Oh, and how awesome was hit man Mike? If they make that “Better Call Saul” prequel spinoff, then I hope to see more of Mike. He was awesome.

Anyhoo, as we all know by now, Heisenberg kills Dumbledore. Spoiler

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