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I’m back with Breaking Bad spoilers.

I’m back, baby.

It’s been a harrowing three weeks or so, but I passed my special comprehensive exam, and now I’m back to having lots and lots of free time.

Anyhoo, during my time off, I managed to watch some shows.

First, I dropped Psych almost immediately. I got pretty goddamn sick of the main characters sassy black friend being not sassy and too wet-blanket-y. 

Second, I managed to watch all the remaining episodes of Breaking Bad. Way I figured it, I had to. There was too much internet hoopla about Breaking Bad and the finale on the internet, and I figured that I was bound to stumble across a major spoiler before I watched the finale, which would ruin it. So I watched Seasons 3, 4 and 5 over the course of a week or so.

Lemme tell you, that is one emotionally draining experience. Each and every goddamn episode is stressful to watch. TO WATCH! It’s a stressful experience to passively sit back and watch Walt and the gang stay one step ahead of everything. And it’s even more stressful those last 10 or so episodes of Season 5 where Walt is an out and out badguy and shit is hitting the fan all over the place.

In fact, it was so stressful that I skipped forward during a couple scenes. Basically, just about every scene with Marie and Skylar – ugh, I don’t really need to listen to those two hens cackle – and every scene with Walt and Walt Jr. I just couldn’t stand the naivete of the kid paired with the Machiavellianness of Walt. 

The fact that Walt had a family was sort of a bummer throughout the series. If instead, Walt was a single guy – bit of a loser type – but then found out he had cancer (but not serious cancer) and then turned to cooking meth to pay his hospital bills – but then found out he liked being a meth kingpin and so then just tried to build and expand his empire, I would’ve loved that. You could still have the overall story of Walt’s turn from schlub to monster, only without the whole heartbreaking family aspect of it. Of course, the family aspect is what kept Walt going in the first place, so who knows.

But I do love a tale about a genius using his wits to further himself. So does everyone else. This is why we all love Sherlock Holmes, and to a (much) lesser extent, MacGyver. Walt was awesome because he could always use the magical power of chemistry to jury-rig a solution out of every calamity.

Oh, and how awesome was hit man Mike? If they make that “Better Call Saul” prequel spinoff, then I hope to see more of Mike. He was awesome.

Anyhoo, as we all know by now, Heisenberg kills Dumbledore. Spoiler


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