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The Comfy Bed Gravitational Anomaly

Well, it’s the return of the GET UP EARLY INITIATIVE (GEUI) again today. I set my alarm for 5:42 – so I can hit snooze twice and still get up at 6:00 – but I hit snooze 4 or 5 times and got up at 6:30. That’s not too bad for the first morning of the GEUI.

My thinking behind the GEUI is to get to the gym super early. Usually, my folks scurry off with the cars by about 9:00am, so if I can get to the gym for 7:00 every morning, not only am I up and being productive, but I’ve gone to the gym, which is usually the toughest non-math thing I have to do every day. Today is an exception, as it’s Thanksgiving, so the gym doesn’t open until 8:00am. I think I’ll get there for about 9:00, which isn’t totally terrible for my first day in about 3 weeks.

Now, first day back at the gym will be slightly torturous. Having done little to no activity in the past three weeks, and lots of indiscriminate snacking, I imagine my lung capacity will extinguish itself quickly. However, the real test will be tomorrow, as each and every muscle of mine will be aching from today’s upcoming workout. Regardless, it’s my own damn fault for not going to the gym these past few weeks, so I’ll accept whatever soreness my muscles feel necessary to dish out.

I tell ya, the problem with getting up early is the “Comfy Bed Gravitational Anomaly (CBGA)”, which all beds suffer from. If you’ve never heard of this physical marvel, then surely you’ve experienced it. The CBGA is the tendency for beds which have been slept in to display high concentrations of gravity in the wee morning hours. This means that people who sleep in comfy beds have a much harder time getting out of them when the CBGA is in effect. Lemme tell ya, the CBGA usually occurs on cold mornings, Mondays and days when you’re supposed to do something you don’t want to do. Experts estimate that over 10,000 hours of productivity are lost each year due to CBGA. These same experts have been working on finding a cure for CBGA, but we’ve had a bunch of cold mornings recently, so most experts in fact, have been suffering the affects of CBGA. Needless to say, my bed was so unbelievably comfy this morning that it’s a wonder I was able to get up at all.

Anyhoo, with a triumphant return to the gym immanent,  I’m wondering if I should do a tuneup workout, or just go right back to my regular workout. I’m going to strive to get to the gym tomorrow, so I figure I can just do my regular workout. No matter what, I’m determined to go to the gym today, regardless of how much I’ll hurt tomorrow.

Welp, that’s my 15 for the day!


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