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A ramble about things and stuff

Wellity wellity wellity… what to write about today?

I ‘unno, I’m pretty tired and sore from the gym. So maybe just some random thoughts until 15 minutes have passed.

There’s a story in the paper today about a woman having a preventative mastectomy. Say what you like, but to sacrifice your boobs like that takes balls.

Although, after checking the survival rates, I’m not too sure such a thing is a great move. According to this link, survival rates for stage 0 and stage 1 breast cancer are 100%. And survival for stage 2 is 93%. I say just get your mastectomies regularly and roll the dice. 100% is pretty goddamn sure.

Aside: What’s stage 0 cancer? Does that mean… no cancer? I’ve got stage 0 lung cancer… which is, zero lung cancer.


“Just gonna get a little cancer, Stan.”

This is how it goes with rando-thoughts. My mind zip-zoop-zaps all over the place! Alternatively, it can be said that my mind “Cosby’s” all over the place. …. yaSEEEEeeee…

So I’ve been listening to Lateralus recently by Tool. Apparently there’s a hidden order to the album, and if you listen to the album in the following order:

6 – 7 – 4 – 8 – 5 – 9 – 13 – 1 – 12 – 2 – 11 – 3 -10

It paints a different picture than the original album order. I’ve done it many times now, and I’ve got to say I love this order much better than the original. I don’t know why – the original order seems a lot more mellow than this order. (Oh, this order is called the “Holy Gift” by insane Tool fans.)

Anyhoo, the Holy Gift order is the way I listen to this album now. It’s pretty goddamn amazing. And that’s all I have to say about that.

What else – ooh, on impulse I bought Rome 2 over the weekend. It’s pretty intimidating so far. I’m still working my way through the campaign – it’s tough to find free time to play this game, but I’m assuming that I’ll still be playing it 4 years from now when the next Total War game comes out.

I really hope they make a Total War: World War 2 version. That would be awesome. I’ve mentioned before about how my ultimate video game would be a combination of Axis and Allies and Total War – where I’d need to worry about my supply lines and various resources. Combined with espionage and Total War style fighting, it would be a pretty spectacular game.

What else – well, the Sens play tonight, so that’s good. But they’re on a Western road trip, so the game starts at 10:00pm. Doubt I can stay up and watch that one, but we’ll see.

Hoo – back at the gym this morning to do squats. It’s been like, 3 weeks since I’ve done anything strenuous, and I’m returning with back to back lifting workouts. My legs were pretty much cooked by the end of the workout… and still are. I imagine I’ll write tomorrow about how sore my legs are. There ya go, something to look forward to!

I’m a rambler, I’m a gambler and my 15 are up…


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