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Am I back for realz now? Only time will tell.

Well well well… it’s been quite the slacktacular past couple weeks. Here’s what’s goin’ on.

  • My computer blew up! For reals – the PSU exploded or surged or whatever caused it to stop working and smell like burnt plastic. So I’m now back in the saddle with a brand spanking new, top o’ the line PC. We’re talking Pentium i7-4770k chip, Gigabyte z87-ud4h motherboard, 16 gb of patriot ram, a 256 Samsung 840 Pro SSD drive and awesome new mechanical keyboard. I’m using some old stuff – my Nvidia Geforce 650 ti boost graphics card and 1TB HDD. All in all, my new computer is pretty dang sweet. I’m currently downloading some Stacraft 2 so I can get back up to date with the story. 

One drawback of the mech keyboard is, because I’m a touch typist, it sounds a hell of a lot like a machine gun when I’m typing. That’s both good and bad. If I’m ever in a position where I need to be stealthy and type up a manifesto, I will be unable to do so. Otherwise, I’m pretty happy with my keyboard.

Oh yeah, new case too to put all this stuff in. It’s a fractal design r2, for those so nerdily inclined. But it’s sleek and black and my new system has been dubbed the Black Beauty. I’m a fan.

What else? Well, I was sick this week with mancold. It was rough. When I’ve got mancold, all my energy is sapped and I do little but sit around on my ass all day, sniffling, coughing and drinking magic drinks.

A magic drink is the technical term for a drink made of hot water, honey and apple cider vinegar. If you’re white and sick, drink nothing but magic drinks for 2 days and you’ll be over the worst of it. That’s why they’re called magic drinks!

But it’s only a white person cure – something about vinegar and it’s effectiveness on white people as medicine. Dunno where I read that, it may be that vinegar is effective on all peoples as medicine. But I vaguely remember it being particularly effective for white people. 

Actually, now that I think of it, I doubt very highly the amount of melanin I have in my skin will have a bearing on how effective vinegar will be as a medicine. Oh well, that’s the internet for ya!

Anyhoo, what else has been going on? Hmm… 

I’ve been watching lots of Mock the Week recently – or had been, until my old computer blew up, now I’m furiously downloading a bunch of shows to watch. But the first 8 seasons of Mock the Week featured the incomparable Frankie Boyle.

If you’ve never heard of Frankie Boyle, go to youtube and search for, “Mock The Week” + “Frankie Boyle”. You’ll get a good idea of what he’s like very quickly.

For those of you too lazy to even do that, here’s a summary: take any sort of pessimistic misanthropic comedian and add a Scottish accent. There’s Frankie Boyle. There’s something about antagonistic humour combined with a Scottish accent that makes it a joy to listen to, no matter how awful the subject being discussed.

Another plus of Mock the Week is Dara O’Briain. Weird last name, but he’s a funny as shit Irish comedian who could really use more international (read: North American) exposure.

One drawback of Mock the Week, though, is Russell Howard. Some of the quips he comes up with are funny, but I’m growing mighty sick of his delivery. Generally, he’s sort of an oddball comic who draws on his unusual family and experiences for laughs. But he usually prefaces his jokes with, “How magic is that?” or “How brilliant is that?”. These come to be grating whenever he’s describing an elaborate oddball setup. But that’s his shtick, I suppose. 

Anyhoo… I do have some pics of Black Beauty being built, but my camera usb cord is piled up somewhere and I’ll have to dig it out and get it. Hopefully it wont be another 2 weeks before I do another blog entry, and I can get those pictures up for those supernerds who are curious.

I use the term supernerd as a term of endearment, of course, as I too, am a supernerd.


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