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Equality is bullshit.

Happy Guy Fawkes day! Which also just happens to be my birthday! As Dr. House might say, I’m glad that the Earth managed to make it round the sun another time, so put on those party hats and blow the noisemakers!

Anyhoo, there’s some shenanigans I need to get off my chest.

Talk to any feminist today, and they’ll tell you that they’re all about fighting for ‘equality.’ This notion that men and women are equal is patently false, and is starting to have real world repercussions that people obviously don’t want to see.

Consider the following video: LINK. For those of you who are too lazy to watch, there’s this guy who’s about 7 foot tall acting as a sort of bouncer at a restaurant. Honestly, he’s as tall as the door he’s standing by, so he’s probably at least 6’8. Ok, guy is a monster. Then this blonde girl, either drunk or full of herself, tries to kick him in the balls. Well, he swats her back with a single punch. Continuing, the blonde throws a punch at the guy, and the guy hits her back THROUGH A WINDOW with one punch.

Well, this is what equality gets you, you stupid feminists. If men and women are equal, then the man has every right to defend himself against unwarranted attacks. And to be sure, the girl started this fight. If a guy did what the blonde did in this vid, then everyone would be talking about how that guy, “Got what was coming to him.” But since it was a girl that started it, everyone is now talking about how, “You shouldn’t hit defenseless girls.”

Hey, she proved she wasn’t defenseless when she threw that first punch.

The other video to consider is N’YAH. Again, we see a drunk women starting a fight with a man, and the man hauling off and hitting her. Hey, you idiots wanted “equality”, you got in. Right in the face.

The idea of equality is bullshit. People aren’t equal, period. Men and women are especially not equal. I’m a mathematician, so equal to me means something very specific. If two things are equal, then this means they are identical or interchangeable. Obviously, men and women aren’t equal – men and women have distinct sex chromosomes, so all men and women are genetically distinct. Even twins which are male and female will have the same DNA, except for the 23rd chromosome, which means no man and women can ever be considered equal.

Further, no two people are equal either. Take any two men. Well, one might be a little taller than the other, so that makes them unequal in height, and therefore, not equal. Similarly, take any two women. If they have different hair colour, then they do not have equal hair colour and are therefore unequal!

Some people interpret equality to mean, “Being treated equally.” or “given equal opportunities.” But this too is patently bullshit. Prior actions count towards how one is to be treated. You wouldn’t treat a triple murderer the same as you’d treat a Nobel prize winning physician. You wouldn’t give the same opportunity to a foul mouthed, unshaven, lazy slob of a man as you would a clean cut, respectful, enterprising individual. People are people, and every person is different and whatever the circumstance, how one is treated is dependent on the prior actions of the person involved.

The other nonsensical thing that comes with this misguided notion of equality is that women need to be ‘equally’ represented in companies. This too, is utter horseshit. First of all, if men and women are truly equal, then why does it matter how many women are on the board of directors? Further, if 50% of a board is composed of women, but each and every individual is a liberal who all hold the same values and ideals, then this doesn’t represent any sort of diversity of opinion at all. Finally, this penalizes any company who is forced under law to hold an arbitrary quota of women on the board, rather than someone who has a proven track record in business and actually merits the opportunity.

The whole idea of equality is obviously bullshit. And the replacing of meritocratic standards with “feel-good” standards will lead to many a downfall of a company, and is currently leading to the downfall of Western society.

Fuck you stupid short-sighted feminist cunts.

There, that’s off my chest until the next post, when I talk about how stupid it is for firefighters and cops to lower standards to admit an arbitrary quota of women.


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