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A Remembrance Day Ramble – Fuck The White Poppy

Today is Remembrance Day, so I’ll take a moment to remember all the brave men who died in World War 1 and World War 2, keeping us safe from the Hun.

Then I might take a moment to utterly condemn the callous assholes who promote the white poppies. 

These unbelievable cunts promote the idea of a white poppy because “War is not the answer.” This desecrates the memory of those who fought and died to give these half-wits the ability to promote such nonsense. 

So if you see a white poppy bearer, it is your duty to spit on these subhuman pieces of garbage. And instead, wear your red poppy with pride and hug a vet.

Anyhoo, onto less vitriolic writing.

I’m currently reading, “How to Get Rich” by Felix Dennis – and throughout the book, it strikes me just how ruthless I must be in order to become fabulously wealthy. Well, this is good news for me, because I’m already pretty damn ruthless. I don’t know how I’m going to make my fortune yet, but I know I’ve got the capability and the temperament to become fabulously wealthy. And as soon as I start in on the goal of creating wealth, I know that nothing will stop me.

Man, the comfy bed gravitational anomaly struck again this morning, and I slept in until 5:40. That’s like wasting the best hour of the day. I think this is because I generally keep my window open a crack, so it’s freezing cold in my room, and therefore unbelievably warm and cozy in bed. I’ll have to start closing my window at night so my bed isn’t ridiculously comfortable. I even went to bed early too – maybe that’s the problem, if I sleep more than 8 hours, I get overtired.

Overtiredness is totally a thing. I know I’ve experienced it when I’ve gone to bed early, and then slept in the next day.. maybe totaling something like 10 or 11 hours of total sleep. But then I’m sleepy and without energy throughout the entire day. Bleah.

Yesterday was a big lifting day for me, and so my legs are slightly sore today. Today is supposed to be a cardio day, so I can just hit the treadmill downstairs for 45 minutes or so and that’ll be it for the day. I’m sure I’d get a better workout if I left the house and went to goodlife, but I do very much love not going outside when it’s cold and rainy.

Although, I do have to go into school briefly to pick up some papers and buy a notebook, so maybe I’ll head to Goodlife after that. Yeah, that’s probably what’ll end up happening – plus, I can enjoy all the hot cardio bunnies at Goodlife rather than nothing here at home.

Well, this is becoming a ramble, so let’s just go with that, yeah?

What else is there to ramble about? I don’t really read the news anymore – basically due to something I’ll call the Gell-mann effect. I read a quote by Murray Gell-mann, one of Feynman’s contemporaries, which basically said something like, “I was reading an article in the newspaper about a new discovery in physics, and was astounded at the lack of comprehension of basic subject matter displayed by the author. It then hit me, if this author, who was the newspaper’s assigned science writer, could get such fundamentally basic principles wrong, how accurate were all the other articles likely to be.”

I tend to agree with this. Most reporting is either sensationalized, flat out wrong, or just propaganda fed straight from the government. Either that, or it’s stupid entertainment gossip, or editorials by some moron who’s trying to fill copy. I stick to sports, comics and tv listings.


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