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To the fatsos at

Well, it was a bit of lazy morning for me, getting up at 6:00 or so, then spending a couple hours getting all my morning chores done. Luckily, it’s Friday and all I’ve got to do today is go to the gym and then go shopping for various stuff.

Now, as I work at a University, I generally have to deal with self-entitled, “Liberal at all costs”, spoiled kids all day. These are people that throw around the word “privilege” without generally understanding what it means. The sentence, “Check your privilege.” is usually said, without irony or compunction by Western raised, white women.

Here’s a quick definition:

Privilege: a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group.

I see University types throwing out this, so-called “privilege shaming” at any sort of thing they don’t like or disagree with. “Check your male privilege”, “Check your white privilege”, “Check your athletic privilege”, etc…

Most of these “privileges” are available to all others, provided they work for it. The worst example of these is the idea of “Thin privilege.” The site provided lists “examples” of thin privilege in action. I would say that another description of “Thin privilege” is self-discipline.

If you live in a Western country, then it’s pretty easy to become fat. Food is abundant, and high-calorie foods are available at a very low cost. In order to be thin, one’s average caloric consumption must be lower than one’s average caloric output. There’s no “privilege” here – there’s just the ability to make proper dietary and exercise choices.

I think these lazy, fat “thin privilege” people need to take this attitude to a bunch of starving nations and try that shaming over there. See if a village full of starving people respond well to your entitled “thin privilege” bullshit. 

This ties into goals in the following way – if there’s something you don’t like about yourself, TAKE ACTION! You can change bad habits, you can change your lifestyle and you can change the daily decisions you make to better your life.

It’s useless tilting against windmills, trying to mandate your poor choices into societal acceptance. For fat people, you can create all the advocacy groups you want, but basic biology will trump your movement every time. If the fatso’s at that tumblr page spent as much time counting calories and exercising 3 times a week, they wouldn’t need to create their page in the first place!

Look, healthy and beauty are tied to evolution and biology. Over hundreds of thousands of years, those women who were thin, healthy and feminine were selected for – because they were more fertile. Similarly, those men who were strong, healthy and masculine were selected for – because they had the ability to protect their offspring. All these biologic cues are with us today, and will be for the rest of civilization. Railing against biology will change nothing.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself – you can change who you are! Whatever you don’t like about yourself that results from poor choices, you can change! Make some goals, make some plans and then get to work!


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