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Start Your New Years Resolutions Today!

So I signed up for a free 2-hour personal training session at Goodlife, and it’s happening this morning at 9:30. I’m sort of excited and sort of nervous – nervous, because we’re going to do a body-fat measurement, and I know I’m going to get slammed. But excited, because I’ll have a pro looking over my lifts and giving me various tips. I’d be open to a once-a-week personal training session to keep me motivated and on track, but we’ll see how much it costs.

Anyhoo, we’re nearing the end of November, which means December is right around the corner, which means that soon, come January, the gym will be packed with the “New Years Resolutioners” – who will show up for two weeks in January and then we’ll never seen 95% of them again. So this leads me to the following idea, which i’m going to yell in a big bold font:


Seriously, don’t bother waiting until January 1st to start that diet or join the gym or quit your job. Start now. If you absolutely must wait for an arbitrary 1st of the month date, start on December 1st.

By starting now, you’ll get an extra jump on all those people who make New Years Resolutions on the 1st of January and never follow through. If you really want to change something about yourself, the best time to start was 10 years ago – the next best time to start is now.

Don’t be afraid to start a diet with the impending holidays. That’s an excuse – if you’re on a diet, there will always be temptations. It’ll be someone’s birthday at work, or someone will bring donuts to the meeting, or it’ll be dinner out with friends. There will never be a time when there wont be temptations. Don’t use the holidays as an excuse – make a plan and stick to it. You may have to pass up on Aunt Bertha’s famous Brooklyn Blackout Cake, but before you know it, it’ll be swimsuit season – and you know who looks terrible in a bikini, fat Aunt Bertha.

When it comes to New Years Resolutions, I recommend making changes in the following areas, in the following order: Health, Love, Knowledge and Fortune. (I used to have Fame in there, but then I decided that, as an introvert, I don’t really care to do all the shameless self-promotion that comes with fame. I decided to let my work speak for itself and let the chips fall where they may.)

Health is obviously the most important. We can’t enjoy the spoils of life if we’re in poor health. Any good New Years Resolution begins with diet and exercise. 

The Love category consists of family and friends. We all want to enjoy life with our family, friends and we want to share it all with someone we love. If you’re single, then make a resolution to join a dating site, or join a singles club. Ignore naysayers who say the only way to meet people is through friends. What fucking hogwash! The internet is the greatest communication tool the world has ever seen – leverage this to meet whom you want to meet. And if you’re already in a relationship, then use the Dale Carnegie tips to improve your relationship.

Knowledge – or work – honestly, I think most people work because they have to, not because they enjoy the work. I’d recommend reading Tim Ferris and/or Think And Grow Rich and quit your shitty job. I remember with glee how I quit the job I hated so I could go back to school and do what I love. However, if you’re working at a job you enjoy, there’s probably stuff you can be doing that would make that job even better, or make advancement at that job faster. Figure out what it is and do it.

Finally, Fortune. We’d all love to be rich, but we all spend loads of time everyday surfing the internet or watching tv, wondering why we’re not rich. Use your free time to do something productive. Create something of value and sell it! Quit your shitty job and start a company doing what you love. Life is too damn short to spend it watching other people live exciting lives. The internet is also the greatest money making machine the world has ever known. Find your niche and leverage it for all you can.

Think about those New Years Resolutions and get a head start on them! You’ll be glad you did!


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