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Phone-it-in Friday!

So I just realized something. Everyone who appears on, “To Catch A Predator” had to sign a release allowing their face to be shown on TV. Christ – how stupid are these guys? First, they get busted for wanting to sleep with a 12 year old. Then, they must figure, “Well, I may be going to jail for being a pedophile, but at least I get to be on TV!”

Oh this world that has such people in it.

Anyhoo, today is Friday, so at least we can all sort of take it easy, knowing the weekend is on its way! For this weekend, I will endeavour to go skating. There’s an arena near my house that holds public skating every weekend. So I’ll try and get out there Saturday and Sunday and have a nice hour long skate.

I tell ya one thing about me: I love exercising in the cold. So being in a freezing cold skating rink is great exercise for me. I’m a bit concerned with how much my feet will hurt, but I will try and power through.

Anyhoodillydoodles, seeing as how yesterday’s post was a monumental cock-up, I figure I’ll go back to the tried and true pictures of cute dogs. So without any further ado, say hello to Mr. Honeybunches.

I'm a pillow!

I’m a pillow!

Here he is relaxing on my bed, making sure to wipe his doggy drool all over my “napping” pillow.

Come on man, don't make me go outside!

Come on man, don’t make me go outside!

I have told him that it’s time to go out for a pee. Here he is reacting with his characteristic alacrity.

Nuh uh - too comfy, not moving.

Nuh uh – too comfy, not moving.

In this shot, I am standing at the door, calling for Mr. Honeybunches to come with me. Here we see how quickly he reacts to my commands. I’ve talked before about the “Comfy Bed Gravitational Anomaly”, well, it also works on dogs!

*snork* My snot belongs on your pillow.

*snork* My snot belongs on your pillow.

Here we see Mr. Honeybunches look on as he enthusiastically follows my command of, “Off the bed!”

Have you forgotten about my psychic cuteness powers?

Have you forgotten about my psychic cuteness powers?

And now Mr. Honeybunches uses his psychic powers of cuteness to remain on the bed.

Get me a snack!

Get me a snack!

Who can resist that gorgeous punum?

Welp, that’s about it for today’s blog post. I’ll try and get into a fight or something on the weekend so I have something exciting to write about. On Monday, I should have at least the 2nd half of Dale Carnegie’s book about how to influence people to your way of thinking. So there’s that to look forward to!



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