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Another ramble about this blog – there’s a doin’s a transpirin

Christmas Holidays are coming up for me. I’ve got this big conference coming up next weekend for math, which is going to be how I’m going to spend this weekend – working today and tomorrow to get my poster looking nice and spiffy. Then I have to spend Monday through Wednesday marking a metric pants-load of stuff. Last class on Thursday, conference from Friday to Monday, and then I’m pretty much done for the semester! I will have about 10 hours to spend in the exam center at school, helping 1st years with their math – but that’s cake compared to marking! God I hate marking.

Anyhoo, the 20th of December is the last possible day I have to be in the exam center – but I figure next Tuesday I’ll essentially be done. At that time, I think I’m probably going to split up this blog into many smaller blogs.

I like writing about goals, I like writing about TV shows and I like writing about weird and wacky shenanigans. But when they’re all mashed together in one blog, it makes for an erratic reading experience. So I figure I’ll rename “Weedy Reviews” to “Snark Watching” or something like that, and then create a brand new blog called “Goals With Greg.” Milk & Cigarettes will remain, and will likely act as a forum for rambles about news and stuff. Mostly nerd related news and stuff – video games, xbones and piss-fours (PS4) and maybe some essays about how feminism sucks and is unbelievably stupid.

I’ll still try to write everyday, because I like writing, and if I create the habit of writing, I’ll get better at writing. But in a couple weeks, I’ll start pruning this blog or editing it and some posts will disappear.

I’ll probably keep all the stories about my beloved Honey Bunches here though, maybe make a separate page or something. God I love that dog! Plucky!

So, quickly going over last weeks posts: all that stuff about goals will disappear, the thing about conspiracies will stay, as well as that abortion of a writer’s blocked post and yesterday’s effort.

Yup – there’s big things coming up for this blog. Eventually, way on down the line, I’d like to disassociate from wordpress so that I’ve got my own domain. Well, I have ulterior motives for doing this, because if I’m not associated with wordpress, that means I could put up a paypal button. Of course, since I’m not selling anything, I imagine any donations would be few and far between. But still, if people want to give me money for writing down my brain-gunk, that’s more than welcome.

Goals With Greg, however, will sell stuff. I have a self-help book written about how to achieve your goals that I’m working on. I just need to snazz it up and edit it a bit. But I figure people who want help with their goals will shell out five to ten bucks on a compact explanation about goals. Especially since Tony Robbins things all cost megabucks, and I’m just saying the exact same things.

Then my daily writing schedule would bump up to 2 posts a day: one ramble here, and then one snarky tv review or stream of consciousness about tv. The goals blog will have one, thoughtful post a week. I’ve got lots to say about goals, but I don’t want to repeat myself, so I’ll have a new post up every Friday dealing with a subject about goals that would be well-written.

Anyhoo, that’s the plan. For now, I’ve got to work on getting my stonking poster done. Enjoy the weekend!



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