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Christmas Break

On break until the 30th or so. Back to your regularly scheduled rambles afterwards. Merry Christmas!


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Television, the wire and a creepy boob sucking story

Well, I dunno if SnarkWatch is gonna fly. It takes up a lotta time, not just 15 minutes. Maybe I’ll just ramble here about TV and stick to a separate blog for goals. Goals I can ramble about forever, without having to pause VLC to take a snapshot of the action.

Anyhoo, I was watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, but I got pretty sick of it. It’s set up so that the crew of the Starship Enterprise is always facing impending doom right up until 5 minutes before the show ends, before there’s a magic rip in the space-time continuum, and everything gets fixed.

Plus, aside from Capt. Picard and Worf, I don’t really like any of the characters. Riker is an alcoholic sex fiend, Data is an android who can’t quite comprehend this feeling you call, LOVE, Troi is the ship’s “counselor” yet she gets a spot on the bridge with the Capt. and 1st officer. Honestly, Troi is just there because she’s got a bodacious rack – seriously, every character on the show has a uniform that goes all the way up to the neck, except for Troi, she’s got a low-cut affair that shows off her boobs.


I guess they don’t have yoga pants in the 24th century.

There is a mildly attractive redhead on the show, but she has the most annoying kid in the world, who goes by the name of Wesley Crusher. And Capt. Picard is trying to get with the redhead, so he fast-tracks Wesley into acting ensign. Ugh, come on Captain Picard, don’t be so beta.

Also, Captain Picard is French, but speaks with an upper-crust English accent.

Anyhoo, I’m now re-watching The Wire. MAN! That is a badass show! I started watching it again, because a buddy of mine is watching it for the first time, and now he’s done the second season and referencing event that I forgot.

I guess I watched The Wire way back in like, 2008 or so, when it first came out. So that’s close to 5 years ago, so no wonder I’ve forgotten everything. But I’m about to watch the 3rd episode and it’s already pretty crazy awesome.

I also watched a couple episodes of Ray Donovan awhile ago. It’s about Liev Schrieber, who plays Ray Donovan, a Hollywood fixed, who can handle any problems his high-profile clients can throw at him, but can’t handle his troubled family.

Actually, Jon Voight plays the criminal patriarch of the family who’s just been released from prison, and his return into the fold threatens the stability of the Donovans. There’s a lot of intrigue, and sly references to past actions that caused Jon Voight to go to jail… But I dunno if I can handle it. It’s already pretty tense, and it’s for sure a “drama” – one of Ray’s brothers got raped by a priest as a kid, and it fucked him up pretty bad, and it’s a big elephant in the room.

Anyhoo, I was like this when I was watching, “Breaking Bad.” I watched the first 2 seasons straight through and then gave up midway through the 1st episode of the 3rd season. It’s just so goddamn tense! You know something bad is coming down the pike, and all my yelling at the screen doesn’t change any actions of the characters!

It’s the same thing for Ray Donovan. I know that bad shit is gonna go down, but I keep yelling at Ray not to go in there, and what does he do? He goes in there! Aaaaah! Tense!

So yeah… I’ll stick with The Wire. It’s tense, but in a different way. Also, I’ve already seen it… so I don’t think it’ll be that bad.

Plus, I remember a few things about The Wire. Like Omar, and how bad-ass he is. Aaaaand… there’s a kid named Dookie, aaaaand the mayor says, “Sheeeeeeiiiiiiit” a lot. But as for major plot points and intricate details? Nope, can’t remember a damn thing.

Anyhoo, so that’s what I’m watching at the moment. Snarkwatch may bite the dust before long, because mostly I like watching a tv show on one screen and surfing the web or playing video games on the other. A Snarkwatch will require me to actually pay attention to one screen at a time. I say that’s not enough novelty! I require more distraction. MORE!

And there you have it. Oh, and to satisfy all my crazy weird search term-ers.

She ran across the floor. She was not wearing a sports bra. Her boobs bounced mightily as she slipped and fell. As her skull cracked open on the floor, her cat came up and started pawing at her breasts. She died with the cat licking her nipple.

There ya go! A boob sucking story.. Weird, gross… perfect for someone’s creepy fetish. Enjoy!

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A ramble about stuff, things and other stuff.

Another day in the math tutorial acid mines. Guh. Spent a lazy 4 hours there sort of fudging my way through helping some kids with spherical coordinates. Hell if I can remember how to do spherical coordinate representation! Oh well… 5 more hours on Thursday and then it’s all over for the semester! ShazaaaH!

Anyhoo, I’m continually amused by some of the search terms that people use to find my blog. Mostly it’s all porn related – usually milk sucking stories. I understand how people might find my blog when searching for ‘milk’, as it’s in the title. But sucking? One of today’s search terms was “sucking stories.” I must write about how much stuff ‘sucks’ in order for it to be a key search term that leads people here.

This whole ‘sucking’ business must be some weird sort of porn fetish I’m not aware of. Or it’s just one weird fetish that’s developed because regular porn is too boring. Think about how much porn needs to be available so that the sight of two, pretty people humping away becomes boring. Maybe it’s just because it’s on screen – I’m sure if I just happened to stumble upon two pretty people fucking in a park, I’d stay and watch. (Especially because, in all of the films I’ve seen where just such a scenario happens, the voyeur is usually invited to join in.)

Anyhoo… I’ve got two blogs devoted entirely to TV and GOALS but I haven’t written anything there yet. But because of their existence, it means I’m not going to write about TV or GOALS here. Quandaries.

It’s getting pretty darn close to Christmas – it’s a week from tomorrow, and I haven’t done any shopping. My plan is to go this Saturday morning to some mall at 9:00AM to avoid the worst crowds. I’ll be done by 10:30 at the latest, and then I can go home and enjoy not being surrounded by people. Shopping is usually terrible at the best of times – especially now that everyone has cell phones, so you get hordes of clueless people walking around with their heads buried in their cell phones bumping into everyone – but at Christmas it’s even worse, because the crowds are worse! And the more people there are, the more the average IQ tends towards 100. Although I’m willing to bet that the average IQ of a shopping mall populace is trending towards 90 or lower – simply because all the smart people have done their shopping online. But then again, I’m supposedly pretty smart, so who knows? Point is, I hate shopping.

However, I do like receiving presents! So I will go to a mall and pick up stuff that other people want, and exchange said stuff for stuff that I might want in a merry tradition known as “gift giving.” 

The process of gift giving is not at all streamlined. People should just go buy what they want, then instead of getting something you don’t want from someone else, you can instead show off what you got! So gift giving could be replaced by, “stuff showing” – and it has the added benefit of not tanking the seasonal economy. In fact, it would probably improve the seasonal economy, as people would buy EVEN MORE in order to impress their friends and family.

Stuff showing I think captures the spirit of the season better than gift giving. Somehow, I don’t think it will catch on.

Lesseee… what else? Not too much going on in the news. Nelson Mandela died and the Canadian parliament wrapped up it’s fall session without passing a single bill. This is probably news for those of you who still believe in the political process.

But what about ME, you yell fervently? Well, I did end up walking home yesterday from the gym in -30 degree weather. It wasn’t bad, aside from icicles that formed in my beard from breathing. But I had my headphones plugged in, and so raging against traffic with snow up to my shins didn’t seem so bad with Metallica blasting away in my cerebral cortex. I head back to the gym tomorrow for another session with my trainer and we’ll look to figure out how to get my pathetic lats firing on back exercises. Since yesterday was a bit of an easy day, I figure tomorrow will be grueling. Oh well, at least no one’s throwing acid in my face for trying to learn fractions. Gotta look on the bright side!

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It’s crazy cold out.

So it’s -30 out there today with the windchill. I’ve got an 8:30 appointment at the gym this morning, but I don’t have a car. So I’m getting dropped off at about 8:00 or so and then I’ve got to walk home. That’s a 30 minute walk in -30 degree weather after having done legs! Maybe I’ll take a cab… I think 10 bucks is worth skipping the freezing cold walk.

Anyhoo… what else? I managed to get up at 5:00 today, despite the comfy bed gravitational anomaly’s powerful effects. My alarm was set for 4:30, so I could hit snooze 3 times… just to enjoy that coziness. My sheets aren’t flannel though.. which is mandatory for Canadian winter – so there’s essentially one warm spot in bed. If I shift to either side, I’m greeted by freezing cold cotton sheets… 

Whatever… It’s Monday! I’m almost on holidays. Only 2 lousy tutorial center days this week before I’m off until mid-January or so. Of course, I haven’t done any of my Christmas shopping yet… I’ll need to get on that soon. I sure as hell don’t want to be going to any sort of shopping mall the last weekend before Christmas. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s braving the teeming masses of humanity in order to spend money. Snuh.

Hmmm… What else?

Oh, as predicted, that post entitled, “Milk Sucking Story” has shot up the charts and has become my 2nd most viewed post of all time. My number 1 most viewed post is about how much Stana Katic sucks… so that makes me happy.

But man, based on the search terms, I don’t know what kind of mood people are in when they stumble across this blog. The number one search term of all time is ‘milk sucking story.’ Sure, fine… we can all appreciate milk sucking stories. *eye roll*

But recent search terms have me perplexed. “Marijuana yoga pants.” What the hell kinda porn is that? “Ooh… I want to look at hot girls in yoga pants who are also smoking up! That’s my kink, baby!” Well… whatever. Porn has expanded kinks to new and dangerous places.

It used to be, men were turned on by average kink: like threesomes or girl on girl. Now, thanks to porn, that stuff is commonplace, so in order to get off, people are taking their kinks further and further. I know, for myself, whereas I used to get off on simple things like, “Big tits” and such. Now, I’ll barely get a chubby unless there’s a redheaded midget dressed in latex, peeing on a hairy transsexual dressed up in diapers.

Hey, we all have strange and horrible new kinks thanks to porn.

Guh – just checked the weather again. There’s a 20km/h wind blowing out there, so we’ve got some serious wind chill. It’s -21 right now, going up to a high of -18. That’s a pretty low high…

Man, you know I’m writer’s blocked when I’m talking about weather on a blog! It’s like, “Hey audience, I’m full of interesting ideas that I want to put forth and record for all time. But if there’s one important message I get across, it’s that today’s weather is cold!”

I shoulda been a journalist. In today’s soft-media, they’d be all over the breaking story that it gets cold in the winter.

Coming up next, how do they get those dogs to talk in beer commercials? We’ll have Cowboy Steve with sports and funny, Sunny Storm with the weather.

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Dog-sitting Lil’ Pooper and the $5000 skip.

I’m dogsitting for my brother right now. Not the beloved honey bunches, hooooh no. It’s Lil’ Pooper!

Cute as a button!

Cute as a button!

His real name is Buddy. But so far he’s pooped everytime I’ve been alone with him, so I call him Lil’ Pooper.

Can’t deny how cute he is though! He’s like an Ewok – which were scientifically designed by George Lucas and his crack team at ILM to be as cute as possible.

Also works as a dust mop

Also works as a dust mop

Anyhoo, he’s being good far. He’s just laying on the landing, watching the door sadly, crying little doggy tears.

They're coming back, right?

They’re coming back, right?

Oh well, as long as he’s not pooping in hidden corners.

Dude... what?

Dude… what?

All the other pics I have of him are upside down. Because as soon as you get near Lil’ Pooper, he lays on his back for belly rubs. (I used to think they were wiener rubs, but then he got neutered, and he’s still laying on his back, so they’re belly rubs.)

I do not have psychic powers of cuteness, I have DEMONIC powers of cuteness!

I do not have psychic powers of cuteness, I have DEMONIC powers of cuteness!

Come... give me belly rubs!

Come… give me belly rubs!

Rub you bastard! Rub!

Rub you bastard! Rub!

Ahhh.. that hits the spot!

Ahhh.. that hits the spot!

Phone it in Friday’s!

But what’s happening with MY life you ask? Well, I missed a meeting with my prof yesterday, where I assume we were going to go over math and he was going to write me a letter of reference for a scholarship. But I was tired after 5 hours of not helping anyone in math, and when I got there at 3:05 or so, he wasn’t there. So I left.

Probably a poor decision on my part, but then I went in today on the off chance that he was there, and I took a look at what I had to do for the scholarship and just lost all interest. Sure, $5000 would’ve been nice, but while I did qualify technically under the qualifications of the scholarship, I didn’t qualify under the spirit – which was to award students money for travel. I would’ve just straight pocketed about $5000, which probably wouldn’t have worked in my favour.

Anyhoo, I haven’t heard back from my prof, and I sent him an e-mail yesterday and then again today when I left. I hope he’s not too pissed – I doubt he is, but I still feel I could’ve handled that better.

But, upwards and onwards I guess. Learn and live. And dogsit.







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Properties of the Comfy Bed Gravitational Anomaly

Ugh, these days in the tutorial center are such a waste. I was there from 10:00 to 3:00 and didn’t help a single student! Christ on a cracker! How utterly boring. 

Anyhoo, it’s all over with now so I can just sit back, relax and watch some TNG. 

Of course… I can do a little writing first. But man, is it ever exhausting sitting around all day doing sweet Fanny Adams. I did go to the gym this morning, so I got that going for me.

Anyhoo.. yesterday’s milk sucking story was a tremendous success. There were numerous hits from India… so I like to think that I got a lot of this reaction, “Ah… here I am in India. Time to jerk off to some well-choreographed dance porn and milk sucking stories. Well, there’s a naked dance number… now to surf a blog for milk suck porn. Hmm.. What’s this? Milk & Cigarettes? That sounds like it might be dirty. Oh ho – Milk Sucking Story post! Jackpot! Lotioned-up hands, don’t fail me now! Hey… Wait a minute, this doesn’t have boobs in it at all! What a fucking rip!”

Heh heh heh… The previous is much funnier if you read it with an Indian accent.

Anyhoo, SnarkWatch and Goals With Greg are slowly taking off. I haven’t pruned anything, but I *did* choose a theme… so I got that going for me. Hopefully my first SnarkWatch post will be tonight about TNG, but you never know when laziness will creep in.

Speaking of laziness.. OH EM GEE you guys! My bed was sooooo unbelievably comfy this morning.  I woke up around 4:15 or so and then dozed until about 5:45, just enjoying the super-coziness of my bed. It’s crazy how the comfy bed gravitational anomaly (CBGA) works. Though I have found out a couple relationships:

  • The CBGA will increase exponentially in reverse proportion to the temperature outside. That is, if the temperature gets lower, the CBGA gets stronger and comfier.
  • The CBGA will increase severely if you have to go pee. I haven’t determined the proper ratios, but if you really, REALLY need to pee, then the gravitational effects you must overcome will be super strong.
  • The CBGA increases in direct proportion to how much you hate your job. The more you hate your job, the more that gravitational attraction will be.
  • The CBGA decreases on weekends or days off. For some reason, if you have nothing to do in the morning, the CBGA will almost be non-existent.

Now, all these factors come into play when dealing with the CBGA. For example, if it’s a Sunday morning but really cold out, then the CBGA will still be in effect. But if it’s super hot out on a Sunday morning, the CBGA will be almost non-existent – unless you really have to pee.

It’s a tricky one, this comfy bed gravitational anomaly… but I think I’m starting to figure it out. However, figuring it out and overcoming it are two different things.

Anyhoo… what else? The Sens play tonight. Cowen’s out for two games and Methot has the flu, so they’ve called up Cody Ceci for his first taste of the bigs. Hope he does well. Better still, Pageau has been called up to take on 3rd/4th line center duties, so Mika Zibanejad can play on Spezza’s wing. We’re playing lowly Buffalo tonight, so let’s hope for a win!

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Milk Sucking Story

Ah, is there anything better than getting up super-early in the morning and drinking hot coffee in a cold room? The only way this could be better is if my room was juuust a bit colder, and I had a fireplace with a fire going. And as long as I’m dreaming, there’s also a hot redhead in my bed.

Anyhoo, yesterday was a pretty big waste of a day. I had to be at the tutorial center from 10:30 to 4:00, during which time I helped maybe 5 students. You wouldn’t think it, but all that sitting around doing nothing is tiring – maybe it’s the lack of intellectual stimulation, but when I got home around 5:00, I was all outta motivation to do anything. Of course, I did go to the gym in the morning… so it’s not like I did nothing. But I certainly didn’t do any SnarkWatch or anything like that.

Anyhoodles, I’m up early today and ready to get going. I plan on going to the gym in the afternoon for stupid cardio, then doing a bit of math when I get back. So this morning will be all about setting up my blogs.

Mmmmyeah… so far this entry is all about me! Me! Me! Which must be somewhat painful to read… Oh well, I’ll write about how much I hate Stana Katic some other time.

Actually, judging by my search terms, there appears to be one thing that people keep searching for: milk sucking stories. I dunno exactly what those are – I assume something porn-y – but that’s my audience, so here it goes! One milk sucking story coming up.

I just spied a box of cookies. It was fresh. Unopened. The words, “Double Chocolate Chunk” plastered across the box in bright, bold letters. My mouth watered at the opportunity. 

Without thinking, I ripped open the box and shoved two in my mouth. Breathing through my nose, my mouth slowly ground away at the sugar and chocolate. A tasty sensation, but it was missing that all-key ingredient: MILK!

I threw open the fridge and brought the milk bag to my lips. But horror of horrors – someone had poorly cut the milk bag. There was a tiny little opening so that milk was barely flowing. Eagerly, I began sucking at the milk bag. I sucked hungrily at the plastic teat, eagerly filling my mouth with the cold, white liquid. Enjoying the sensation of the hard cookie melting into a viscous, chocolate slush in my mouth.

Boom! That’s what I call a milk sucking story! It probably didn’t involve enough boobs for anyone’s liking – well, anyone who’s searching for a milk sucking story would probably want more boobs – but it’s pretty good for a first effort, I feel.

Snark! Nothing like pissing off an audience. That’s how showmen make all their money, right?

Anyhoodillydoodle – back to me! ME! MEEEEE! My afternoon is more-or-less sorted: At 1:00 I’ll head over to Carleton to buy a couple notebooks. Then to the gym for stupid cardio. When I get back, I can do my 15 minutes of Rudin, Conway and Cojocaru and maybe start reviewing Maynard’s paper. By that time, it should be about 4:30 – 5:00, so I can think about doing another Orcs Must Die! Let’s Play. The Sens don’t play tonight, so after that I’ll probably watch some TNG and then see about doing some SnarkWatch. Now I need some ideas for the morning.

Ooh, I know – I can actually set up SnarkWatch and my goals blog and get going on pruning. Do I really need to prune, or can I just start writing new entries? Hmm… pruning seems like it’d be a lot of work, so yeah, doubt I’ll actually be doing that.

Welp – that’s 15 minutes closer to death.


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Being paid to do nothing

It’s 11:21 in the morning and I’m being paid to sit on my ass and surf the internet. It’s like I’m back to having a real, proper office job!

So the deal is, as a graduate TA, I have so many hours to fill during the term. Something like, 110hrs in total. Over the course of the term, I was a TA for 4 courses – which is fucking ridiculous. Whoever’s the grad director gave me 15-20 hours for 3 different classes and then a full 55 hours for another class. We’re supposed to TA 2 classes and have 55 hours per. Since I was split among 4 different courses, I went over my allotted hours. But there’s no real way to get those hours back, so I just have to bend over and take it.

But on top of all those shenanigans, I’m supposed to do 10 hours in the tutorial center over the term. This is typically 1 hr a week. (And the tutorial center is a big room where any students can drop in for math help.) Anyhoo, I traded my “during the term” hours with a buddy of mine for “exam session” hours. So for the next two weeks, I’m here basically all day on Tuesday & Thursday.

During the term, the tutorial room is usually packed with students who need help. But not today. Today, there are literally zero students here. There are 3 TA’s with nothing to do…. and I’m one of ’em.

So yeah – complaining about my job. Not too original. I’ll join the “hate my job” support group – It’s called “Everyone”, and we meet at the bar. *Shamelessly stolen from Carlin.*

Anyhoo… so it’s now verging on 11:30 and I’m here until 4:00. Oh well… at least it’s not a 12 hour shift back at the nerd center. I don’t mind helping others with math – the more math I do, the better I get at it – but it’s pretty dang boring when there’s no one here to help and not a heck of a lot to do.

Sooooo…. myeah.

I guess, later on today, I’m going to try and do a SnarkWatch blog entry. I’ve been watching a lot of Star Trek: The Next Generation (hereafter referred to as TNG) and it is laugh-out-loud funny. I’m still on the first season, which aired in 1987, and it’s friggin hysterical.

Everyone’s got big, poofy 80’s hair – except for the one black guy that’s got Jheri curls – and, aside from the masterful Patrick Stewart, who manages to deliver his lines with a believable gravitas, everyone else is an hysterical cartoon of a character.

I think I’ll wait until SnarkWatch to get into it more – I could go on and on and on about how funny these characters are. Stay tuned!

What else – ooh, the Sens are finally looking like a good team. They won last night in a shootout against the Filthydelphia Flyers and they play again tonight against the craptacular Buffalo Sabres. Hopefully I’ll be home by puck drop at 7:00.

Yeah! That’s the other fucking thing about shitty tutorial center hours – I’m done at 4:00, which is right about the time that Rush Hour starts and it takes an hour by car to get home. Normally, that’s a 10 minute journey. Literally an hour – no shit. There’s only 1 north-south corridor that can get me home and it’s jammed up from 4 to 6. Bleah.

Oh well, champagne problems, right? I should take heart from the fact that it’s a nice snowy day outside, and winter is here and I’m not being shot at by a bunch of dissidents or living under a horrible dictatorship like in America.

Think I’m kidding America? Stay tuned…

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Thanks Mr. President

Well, my math conference is over. I’m done all my marking. Only 4 days of tutorial center to go before I’m finished with this semester.

But good news, everyone! My poster won the President’s Award for outstanding achievement in the field of excellence… or whatever. There were 3 poster winners, and there were 3 categories – my category win was the President’s Award, so I think it’s safe to say that mine was clearly the best.

Anyhoo, today is a nice day off for me – which is good, as it’s a crazy-ass blizzard outside. I’m going to stay inside where it’s warm and cozy and I can just play videogames all day.

Naaah – that sounds pretty boring, actually. I’m probably going to create a couple new blogs or something and start pruning this one. 

So I’ll have “Snark Watching”, which will be solely about tv shows and movies and snarky reviews and stuff. Then I’ll have “Goals With Greg” or something similar, about goals and achievement. And then I’ll have this blog… where I’ll write about conspiracies and rambles and such.

Maybe I’ll write a bit about video games and math and other assorted nerdery… or maybe I should create a new blog called, “Assorted Nerdery” or something like that… We’ll see. I think, for now, 3 is plenty.

Any hoodily-doodle, that’s what’s going on with M&C today. Don’t be shocked if everyone’s favorite post about hating Stana Katic disappears into the ether.

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An 80 dollar typo


Well, I just found a typo in my poster that I’m going to present at this conference on Saturday, but I’ve already sent in my poster for printing.

Double crap.

I splurged and got a 4′ x 3′ sized poster for the conference. At 6 bucks a square foot, plus tax, that’s about $80. So that’s an $80 typo, essentially. Oh how unbelievably frustrating!

If I do reprint it, I’ll probably go with the cheaper 3′ x 2′ sized poster for $40 – but we’ll see.

Hey, let’s play a game! It’s called spot the differences! Here’s two copies of the same poster, one has a couple typos and the other doesn’t. See how long it takes you to spot the typos before your eyes glaze over and you question why you started reading this blog post in the first place:

Look at these shenanigans!

Look at these shenanigans!

This is clearly gobbledygook.

This is clearly gobbledygook.

What’s that? You don’t want to play the game!? I’ll even give you a hint: the top poster has the typos, and is missing the letter ‘s’ in 3 places.

Ugh – why, why, why did I splurge for the 4 x 3 poster! Now all I see when I look at the top most poster are the typos, staring me in my stupid face.

I have to give a 5 minute speech to the judges – there’s no way I can’t mention the typos! Snuh – what a cock-up.

Oh well, money’s money, I guess.. It’s not like I need that cash for x-mas gifts or anything like that!


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