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The Day of The Doctor and why conferences suck

Well, it’s the beginning of another week. Time to get up early and get to work!

This is going to be one stupid hectic week for me. I’ve got a math conference coming up this weekend for which I have to prepare a poster about my research. I’m going to finish that up today, hopefully, print it off tomorrow – and then spend the rest of Tuesday and Wednesday marking the crapload of shenanigans I have to mark. Thursday is my last day of class, thank flavin’, but the conference is Friday through Monday. Though, the poster judging is on Sunday, so I’ll probably go briefly on Friday, Saturday morning and then for whatever is necessary on Sunday. Stupidly, I paid to go to the banquet on Sunday but I really don’t want to do so anymore.

Math conferences aren’t that great, in my opinion. Sure, it’s a time and place where mathematicians can get together and exchange ideas, but unless the talk is limited to your area of expertise, you’re not likely to get much out of it. This conference coming up is the CMS – Canadian Mathematical Society – conference, which means there’s various areas of discipline that will be discussed. This is pretty pointless. I’m in number theory, so that means any talk that isn’t strictly about number theory is going to be using crazy concepts that I’m not familiar with. Even talks within number theory can be about wildly different things. So conferences are pretty useless in my opinion.

In retrospect, I wish I didn’t sign up for the poster session, I wish I didn’t sign up for the banquet, and I definitely wish I didn’t pay to go to this crap.

Anyhoo, whatever. I’ll accept my fate and do my poster and that’ll be the last one I go to.

Oh crap, no it wont. There’s a big conference coming up next summer that’s being run by my prof, so I’ll be roped into going to that, too! Unless I finish my PhD before the summer so I can cut all ties with the school. Guh, we’ll see.

Anyhoo, enough about my life… what else is blog worthy?

Meh, I’m not going to write about goals – I’ll save that for my goals-only blog.

Any good tv lately? Well, I watched the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who. It was pretty good, I ‘spose. I’m not thoroughly steeped in Dr. Who lore, so I can’t really say. But essentially the episode happened like this: the current doctor and his companion (who I though died on Trensilore, but I guess not) they show up at this art museum and there’s a painting about the Time War. But then there just happens to be a rent in the space-time continuum, so that Matt Smith and David Tennant both end up together, along with John Hurt – who is the incarnation of the Doctor who ended the time war by blowing up Gallifrey.

So far so good? Kay… Then there’s a bunch of futzing around with sonic screwdrivers, and Rose shows up because she’s hot… Then they figure out how to manipulate the space-time continuum so that there’s no need to blow up Gallifrey, and so the planet ends up getting lost in time and space.

The new Doctor shows up – well, his eyebrows do – and so now the new series is all set up so that the Doctor has no more horrid memory of blowing up his home planet in his past, and the new Doctor can go gallivanting about the universe looking for Gallifrey. (No doubt getting into many misadventures along the way.)

So yeah… I ‘unno. When you’re a Time Lord, and there’s time-space continuum manipulation, you can always figure out a happy ending, basically. Which is what happened. But there were a bunch of winks and nods to the audience about all the previous Doctor’s and Tom Baker shows up at the end for some reason, even though as a Time Lord, he should have regenerated and not gotten so horribly old.

Myeah, so there ya go. Spoilers!


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