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An 80 dollar typo


Well, I just found a typo in my poster that I’m going to present at this conference on Saturday, but I’ve already sent in my poster for printing.

Double crap.

I splurged and got a 4′ x 3′ sized poster for the conference. At 6 bucks a square foot, plus tax, that’s about $80. So that’s an $80 typo, essentially. Oh how unbelievably frustrating!

If I do reprint it, I’ll probably go with the cheaper 3′ x 2′ sized poster for $40 – but we’ll see.

Hey, let’s play a game! It’s called spot the differences! Here’s two copies of the same poster, one has a couple typos and the other doesn’t. See how long it takes you to spot the typos before your eyes glaze over and you question why you started reading this blog post in the first place:

Look at these shenanigans!

Look at these shenanigans!

This is clearly gobbledygook.

This is clearly gobbledygook.

What’s that? You don’t want to play the game!? I’ll even give you a hint: the top poster has the typos, and is missing the letter ‘s’ in 3 places.

Ugh – why, why, why did I splurge for the 4 x 3 poster! Now all I see when I look at the top most poster are the typos, staring me in my stupid face.

I have to give a 5 minute speech to the judges – there’s no way I can’t mention the typos! Snuh – what a cock-up.

Oh well, money’s money, I guess.. It’s not like I need that cash for x-mas gifts or anything like that!



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