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Thanks Mr. President

Well, my math conference is over. I’m done all my marking. Only 4 days of tutorial center to go before I’m finished with this semester.

But good news, everyone! My poster won the President’s Award for outstanding achievement in the field of excellence… or whatever. There were 3 poster winners, and there were 3 categories – my category win was the President’s Award, so I think it’s safe to say that mine was clearly the best.

Anyhoo, today is a nice day off for me – which is good, as it’s a crazy-ass blizzard outside. I’m going to stay inside where it’s warm and cozy and I can just play videogames all day.

Naaah – that sounds pretty boring, actually. I’m probably going to create a couple new blogs or something and start pruning this one.¬†

So I’ll have “Snark Watching”, which will be solely about tv shows and movies and snarky reviews and stuff. Then I’ll have “Goals With Greg” or something similar, about goals and achievement. And then I’ll have this blog… where I’ll write about conspiracies and rambles and such.

Maybe I’ll write a bit about video games and math and other assorted nerdery… or maybe I should create a new blog called, “Assorted Nerdery” or something like that… We’ll see. I think, for now, 3 is plenty.

Any hoodily-doodle, that’s what’s going on with M&C today. Don’t be shocked if everyone’s favorite post about hating Stana Katic disappears into the ether.


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