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Milk Sucking Story

Ah, is there anything better than getting up super-early in the morning and drinking hot coffee in a cold room? The only way this could be better is if my room was juuust a bit colder, and I had a fireplace with a fire going. And as long as I’m dreaming, there’s also a hot redhead in my bed.

Anyhoo, yesterday was a pretty big waste of a day. I had to be at the tutorial center from 10:30 to 4:00, during which time I helped maybe 5 students. You wouldn’t think it, but all that sitting around doing nothing is tiring – maybe it’s the lack of intellectual stimulation, but when I got home around 5:00, I was all outta motivation to do anything. Of course, I did go to the gym in the morning… so it’s not like I did nothing. But I certainly didn’t do any SnarkWatch or anything like that.

Anyhoodles, I’m up early today and ready to get going. I plan on going to the gym in the afternoon for stupid cardio, then doing a bit of math when I get back. So this morning will be all about setting up my blogs.

Mmmmyeah… so far this entry is all about me! Me! Me! Which must be somewhat painful to read… Oh well, I’ll write about how much I hate Stana Katic some other time.

Actually, judging by my search terms, there appears to be one thing that people keep searching for: milk sucking stories. I dunno exactly what those are – I assume something porn-y – but that’s my audience, so here it goes! One milk sucking story coming up.

I just spied a box of cookies. It was fresh. Unopened. The words, “Double Chocolate Chunk” plastered across the box in bright, bold letters. My mouth watered at the opportunity. 

Without thinking, I ripped open the box and shoved two in my mouth. Breathing through my nose, my mouth slowly ground away at the sugar and chocolate. A tasty sensation, but it was missing that all-key ingredient: MILK!

I threw open the fridge and brought the milk bag to my lips. But horror of horrors – someone had poorly cut the milk bag. There was a tiny little opening so that milk was barely flowing. Eagerly, I began sucking at the milk bag. I sucked hungrily at the plastic teat, eagerly filling my mouth with the cold, white liquid. Enjoying the sensation of the hard cookie melting into a viscous, chocolate slush in my mouth.

Boom! That’s what I call a milk sucking story! It probably didn’t involve enough boobs for anyone’s liking – well, anyone who’s searching for a milk sucking story would probably want more boobs – but it’s pretty good for a first effort, I feel.

Snark! Nothing like pissing off an audience. That’s how showmen make all their money, right?

Anyhoodillydoodle – back to me! ME! MEEEEE! My afternoon is more-or-less sorted: At 1:00 I’ll head over to Carleton to buy a couple notebooks. Then to the gym for stupid cardio. When I get back, I can do my 15 minutes of Rudin, Conway and Cojocaru and maybe start reviewing Maynard’s paper. By that time, it should be about 4:30 – 5:00, so I can think about doing another Orcs Must Die! Let’s Play. The Sens don’t play tonight, so after that I’ll probably watch some TNG and then see about doing some SnarkWatch. Now I need some ideas for the morning.

Ooh, I know – I can actually set up SnarkWatch and my goals blog and get going on pruning. Do I really need to prune, or can I just start writing new entries? Hmm… pruning seems like it’d be a lot of work, so yeah, doubt I’ll actually be doing that.

Welp – that’s 15 minutes closer to death.



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