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Properties of the Comfy Bed Gravitational Anomaly

Ugh, these days in the tutorial center are such a waste. I was there from 10:00 to 3:00 and didn’t help a single student! Christ on a cracker! How utterly boring. 

Anyhoo, it’s all over with now so I can just sit back, relax and watch some TNG. 

Of course… I can do a little writing first. But man, is it ever exhausting sitting around all day doing sweet Fanny Adams. I did go to the gym this morning, so I got that going for me.

Anyhoo.. yesterday’s milk sucking story was a tremendous success. There were numerous hits from India… so I like to think that I got a lot of this reaction, “Ah… here I am in India. Time to jerk off to some well-choreographed dance porn and milk sucking stories. Well, there’s a naked dance number… now to surf a blog for milk suck porn. Hmm.. What’s this? Milk & Cigarettes? That sounds like it might be dirty. Oh ho – Milk Sucking Story post! Jackpot! Lotioned-up hands, don’t fail me now! Hey… Wait a minute, this doesn’t have boobs in it at all! What a fucking rip!”

Heh heh heh… The previous is much funnier if you read it with an Indian accent.

Anyhoo, SnarkWatch and Goals With Greg are slowly taking off. I haven’t pruned anything, but I *did* choose a theme… so I got that going for me. Hopefully my first SnarkWatch post will be tonight about TNG, but you never know when laziness will creep in.

Speaking of laziness.. OH EM GEE you guys! My bed was sooooo unbelievably comfy this morning.  I woke up around 4:15 or so and then dozed until about 5:45, just enjoying the super-coziness of my bed. It’s crazy how the comfy bed gravitational anomaly (CBGA) works. Though I have found out a couple relationships:

  • The CBGA will increase exponentially in reverse proportion to the temperature outside. That is, if the temperature gets lower, the CBGA gets stronger and comfier.
  • The CBGA will increase severely if you have to go pee. I haven’t determined the proper ratios, but if you really, REALLY need to pee, then the gravitational effects you must overcome will be super strong.
  • The CBGA increases in direct proportion to how much you hate your job. The more you hate your job, the more that gravitational attraction will be.
  • The CBGA decreases on weekends or days off. For some reason, if you have nothing to do in the morning, the CBGA will almost be non-existent.

Now, all these factors come into play when dealing with the CBGA. For example, if it’s a Sunday morning but really cold out, then the CBGA will still be in effect. But if it’s super hot out on a Sunday morning, the CBGA will be almost non-existent – unless you really have to pee.

It’s a tricky one, this comfy bed gravitational anomaly… but I think I’m starting to figure it out. However, figuring it out and overcoming it are two different things.

Anyhoo… what else? The Sens play tonight. Cowen’s out for two games and Methot has the flu, so they’ve called up Cody Ceci for his first taste of the bigs. Hope he does well. Better still, Pageau has been called up to take on 3rd/4th line center duties, so Mika Zibanejad can play on Spezza’s wing. We’re playing lowly Buffalo tonight, so let’s hope for a win!


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