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Dog-sitting Lil’ Pooper and the $5000 skip.

I’m dogsitting for my brother right now. Not the beloved honey bunches, hooooh no. It’s Lil’ Pooper!

Cute as a button!

Cute as a button!

His real name is Buddy. But so far he’s pooped everytime I’ve been alone with him, so I call him Lil’ Pooper.

Can’t deny how cute he is though! He’s like an Ewok – which were scientifically designed by George Lucas and his crack team at ILM to be as cute as possible.

Also works as a dust mop

Also works as a dust mop

Anyhoo, he’s being good far. He’s just laying on the landing, watching the door sadly, crying little doggy tears.

They're coming back, right?

They’re coming back, right?

Oh well, as long as he’s not pooping in hidden corners.

Dude... what?

Dude… what?

All the other pics I have of him are upside down. Because as soon as you get near Lil’ Pooper, he lays on his back for belly rubs. (I used to think they were wiener rubs, but then he got neutered, and he’s still laying on his back, so they’re belly rubs.)

I do not have psychic powers of cuteness, I have DEMONIC powers of cuteness!

I do not have psychic powers of cuteness, I have DEMONIC powers of cuteness!

Come... give me belly rubs!

Come… give me belly rubs!

Rub you bastard! Rub!

Rub you bastard! Rub!

Ahhh.. that hits the spot!

Ahhh.. that hits the spot!

Phone it in Friday’s!

But what’s happening with MY life you ask? Well, I missed a meeting with my prof yesterday, where I assume we were going to go over math and he was going to write me a letter of reference for a scholarship. But I was tired after 5 hours of not helping anyone in math, and when I got there at 3:05 or so, he wasn’t there. So I left.

Probably a poor decision on my part, but then I went in today on the off chance that he was there, and I took a look at what I had to do for the scholarship and just lost all interest. Sure, $5000 would’ve been nice, but while I did qualify technically under the qualifications of the scholarship, I didn’t qualify under the spirit – which was to award students money for travel. I would’ve just straight pocketed about $5000, which probably wouldn’t have worked in my favour.

Anyhoo, I haven’t heard back from my prof, and I sent him an e-mail yesterday and then again today when I left. I hope he’s not too pissed – I doubt he is, but I still feel I could’ve handled that better.

But, upwards and onwards I guess. Learn and live. And dogsit.








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