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Another day in the math tutorial acid mines. Guh. Spent a lazy 4 hours there sort of fudging my way through helping some kids with spherical coordinates. Hell if I can remember how to do spherical coordinate representation! Oh well… 5 more hours on Thursday and then it’s all over for the semester! ShazaaaH!

Anyhoo, I’m continually amused by some of the search terms that people use to find my blog. Mostly it’s all porn related – usually milk sucking stories. I understand how people might find my blog when searching for ‘milk’, as it’s in the title. But sucking? One of today’s search terms was “sucking stories.” I must write about how much stuff ‘sucks’ in order for it to be a key search term that leads people here.

This whole ‘sucking’ business must be some weird sort of porn fetish I’m not aware of. Or it’s just one weird fetish that’s developed because regular porn is too boring. Think about how much porn needs to be available so that the sight of two, pretty people humping away becomes boring. Maybe it’s just because it’s on screen – I’m sure if I just happened to stumble upon two pretty people fucking in a park, I’d stay and watch. (Especially because, in all of the films I’ve seen where just such a scenario happens, the voyeur is usually invited to join in.)

Anyhoo… I’ve got two blogs devoted entirely to TV and GOALS but I haven’t written anything there yet. But because of their existence, it means I’m not going to write about TV or GOALS here. Quandaries.

It’s getting pretty darn close to Christmas – it’s a week from tomorrow, and I haven’t done any shopping. My plan is to go this Saturday morning to some mall at 9:00AM to avoid the worst crowds. I’ll be done by 10:30 at the latest, and then I can go home and enjoy not being surrounded by people. Shopping is usually terrible at the best of times – especially now that everyone has cell phones, so you get hordes of clueless people walking around with their heads buried in their cell phones bumping into everyone – but at Christmas it’s even worse, because the crowds are worse! And the more people there are, the more the average IQ tends towards 100. Although I’m willing to bet that the average IQ of a shopping mall populace is trending towards 90 or lower – simply because all the smart people have done their shopping online. But then again, I’m supposedly pretty smart, so who knows? Point is, I hate shopping.

However, I do like receiving presents! So I will go to a mall and pick up stuff that other people want, and exchange said stuff for stuff that I might want in a merry tradition known as “gift giving.” 

The process of gift giving is not at all streamlined. People should just go buy what they want, then instead of getting something you don’t want from someone else, you can instead show off what you got! So gift giving could be replaced by, “stuff showing” – and it has the added benefit of not tanking the seasonal economy. In fact, it would probably improve the seasonal economy, as people would buy EVEN MORE in order to impress their friends and family.

Stuff showing I think captures the spirit of the season better than gift giving. Somehow, I don’t think it will catch on.

Lesseee… what else? Not too much going on in the news. Nelson Mandela died and the Canadian parliament wrapped up it’s fall session without passing a single bill. This is probably news for those of you who still believe in the political process.

But what about ME, you yell fervently? Well, I did end up walking home yesterday from the gym in -30 degree weather. It wasn’t bad, aside from icicles that formed in my beard from breathing. But I had my headphones plugged in, and so raging against traffic with snow up to my shins didn’t seem so bad with Metallica blasting away in my cerebral cortex. I head back to the gym tomorrow for another session with my trainer and we’ll look to figure out how to get my pathetic lats firing on back exercises. Since yesterday was a bit of an easy day, I figure tomorrow will be grueling. Oh well, at least no one’s throwing acid in my face for trying to learn fractions. Gotta look on the bright side!


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