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Hiatus due to mathiness

I’m sick at the moment. Sick and busy – my prof told me last week I was giving my talk next week, but then on Monday he tells me I’ve got to give my talk this week. So I’ll be back with regularly scheduled rambles on Saturday at the earliest.


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Mostly harmless 2: Mostlier harmlesslier

What’s this, gentle reader? A post on a Sunday?

Why are readers assumed to be gentle? Whenever I see the phrase, “… gentle reader,” in a book, I always picture a big, tough biker reading the book. Why gentle? Where the hell’s that come from? Why not fierce, or man-handed? Gentle, bleargh.

Anyhoo, it’s Sunday and I’ve got the house to myself so I’m gloriously high, just after noon.

When I’m high I generally love to do math. I love thinking about the intricacies involved with various math problems, especially when high. 

Right now I’m working on the following problem: (pa x + dy)^2, where a and d are coprime to p, for some prime p; x and y are variables. If y is fixed, then as x runs through all residue classes modulo p, the first term within brackets are all congruent to 0 mod p. I need to either figure out a way to rewrite my statement so that …

Eh, y’know what – I think maybe writing about math is less exciting than me, a mathematician, thinking about it. So why don’t we just move on.

I’ve got my own youtube channel, called Gaming with Greg or something like that, where I do a bunch of “Let’s Play!”‘s – which involves me playing a video game and talking during the action. It’s a challenge to be talking while playing, especially while trying to be entertaining, so I find it fun. My buddy Apple watches ’em and he enjoys ’em, so that’s cool too. 

Anyhoo, I just finished my Orcs Must Die! 2 series last night. If you haven’t played Orcs Must Die! or Orcs Must Die! 2, I think you should. They’re awesome! It’s all cartoony graphics, and it’s a 3rd person shooter tower defense game. It’s righteous!

But at first when I started my OMD2 series, I was still of the mindset that OMD was better. I loved OMD, I must’ve played and replayed it 10 times before OMD2 came out. Then OMD2 was released – and since it wasn’t exactly like OMD, I didn’t really like it. But after having done my Let’s Play! series, I’ve gotta say that OMD2 is maybe the better game.

The graphics are notably better than OMD1. Like, a lot better. Plus OMD2 has a ton more enemies and weapons. In fact, all the weapons that are for offer in the spellbook don’t even show up in the main game!

What I mean is, in original OMD, after you won a level you got a new trap. And at the end of the game, you had collected all the traps. But in OMD2, although you win a new trap after you pass a level, at the end of the game, you still haven’t collected all the traps! Madness!

What’s more, OMD2 has the 2 characters – there’s the War Mage and the Sorceress, each of which have unique weapons! The replayability is just like… guuuueeeeeaaaauggghh!

That previous sentence should be read in the voice of Randy Marsh.

So yeah, lovin’ OMD2. Since it’s Sunday, I’ll probably play a bunch more this afternoon.

No football on this aft – but Superbowl next Sunday! Oh man, I don’t really know if I’m going for the Seahawks or the Broncos. On the one hand, Peyton Manning, but on the other hand, Seattle’s defense. CRAP this is going to be a good game!

Or not, it could be a blowout or a snoozefest. We’ll see – that’s why they play the game!


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Complete Horseshoe – Of course it’s a ramble

So I managed to hit something on my keyboard which turned on “gaming mode.” So now the WSAD and arroy keys are back-light with red LED’s. Look!


I honestly have no idea how I did that. I hit some sort of crazy combinations of keys with my headphones and la-la [sic], gaming mode! This sort of leads me to believe that there’s a bunch of other LED back-light combinations that exist, if only I could bother Googling how to do so. In fact, if I could get all the keys back-light, I could play video games in the dark! That’d be awesome – the screen would really pop but I could still look down and find my keys.

Anyhoo, I’ve been slacking recently on the ol’ blogaroonie – my house had all the upstairs windows replaced, so I had to take my computer apart for the past couple days. Then I had a tough time working through all the fucking noise that was going on. But I’m back, baby!

Mmmmyess… back, and nothing really prepared to write about. Well, let’s just keep on typing and see what happens.

One sort of drawback of having goals is that I don’t feel good when I piss the day away. For example, it’s Saturday, and aside from a number theory talk I have to give in two weeks, I’ve got no urgent deadlines to meet and nothing pressing to work on. Ordinarily (especially if I were living on my own) I’d be high as balls right now, playing video games or surfing the web. Doing nothing productive.

But now that I’ve got goals, I always get a vague sense of unease whenever I’m not working on my goals. Like, if I were to just lay back and start surfing the web, I’d start to feel antsy. And the only way I could get rid of that antsy-ness would be to do something productive. I guess this isn’t really a drawback, since I now feel the need to always be working. More like a feeling of “grown-up-ness” maybe? I ‘unno.

However, having said that, there are some traps that I can easily fall into that puts off being productive. One of these things is fucking reddit! Gah – I should just block it once and for all. With reddit, I always just end up looking at pictures online, and when i get to the end of a page, I say to myself, “Just one more page” – but it’s never just one more page.

That leads me to believe that looking at pictures must tickle the same pleasure centers of the brain as addictive narcotics. In fact, I’m almost willing to bet that looking at pictures must trigger some sort of addictive pathway, similar to refined white sugar or heroin. Maybe I should just block imgur, and then I could still get all the info from reddit without falling into the looking at pictures trap. Hmmm…

What else? Oh, I’ve been watching this new show on HBO called, “True Detective.” It’s pretty goddamn gloomy. Woody Harrelson plays an FBI agent who’s been paired with Matthew McConaughey, a wacked-out FBI profiler. Together, they’ve got to solve a satanic, ritual murder case.

Here’s a sort of sample of the back and forth between Woody & Matthew:

Woody: So, catch that ball game last night?

Matthew: Sports are just empty pastimes designed to distract the masses from the fleeting nothingness they call their lives.

Woody: Right… right. So, uh… do you like ice cream?

Matthew: Sugar is a product designed to fry your brain so that you don’t realize the creeping horror closing in all around you, which pacifies you so you don’t go kicking and screaming to your ultimate demise.

Woody: Muh huh. Smoke?

Matthew: Don’t mind if I do!

So yeah – not exactly the most uplifting of shows. I don’t recommend watching it before bed with the lights off. Still, it’s a well done murder mystery so far, and Matthew McConaughey does well with his part. I’ll keep watching it until it gets too intense.

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McRambles with Sausage

“All riiiiight!”


I’m loving the voice work on Bob’s Burgers. One of the shows “schticks” is that many of the female voices are voiced by men. In particular, Linda Belcher (pictured above) is voiced by John Roberts, who’s just some guy. But he’s managed to create this sort of New-York-ish matron type of voice that’s pretty hilarious. It’s also a bit nasally, which is one of the characteristics of an inherently funny voice. So yeah, digging Bob’s Burgers!

It’s well known that back in Shakespeare’s time, only men could perform on stage. So this led to men playing all women’s parts. When you think about it, I could see how this would be great for Shakespearean comedies. After all, what do British people find screamingly funny? Man in a dress.

But the tragedies – I think the tragedies would’ve played better if some hot dame was playing the lead. So that when MacBeth’s wife eggs him on to murder the king (or whatever, I haven’t read MacBeth in years), the audience can understand why MacBeth could’ve been seduced. It would play a lot different with some ugly dude trying to get MacBeth to off the king. “Hey, MacBeth, off the king and I’ll have sex with you!” – “Uhhh, not hanks[sic].”

Oh yea – “Not Hanks[sic]” is how I say “No thanks” now. Why? ‘Cause I strive to be impenetrable in my speech and mannerisms. (There was some post on reddit about some guy trying to say “no thanks” but instead wrote “not hanks” and some wag put a picture of Tom Hanks looking shocked at his non-inclusion. I guess you had to be there.)


Not Hanks

Anyhoo, yeah I said Reddit was soma – but I forgot about my addictive nature, and how great soma is. My big problem is that I surf the web in the morning – I’ve been going at a good clip for now, but I need to get back on track for the morning.

What else… Sens play tonight! I’m hoping they can get back on track after dropping their last match on Saturday against the Rangers. Mark Stone got injured in practice, so they called up Stephane DaCosta. I’m hoping DaCosta creates some offense and plays a 200 foot game, so he can get on a roll. But then again, he plays center – and the Sens are already jam packed at the center position, so maybe he’s being showcased for a trade with a winger. We’ll see? Which teams are thin down the middle I wonder?

What else? More about MEE!?!?!? Sure – I went to the hospital this morning to give blood. (I have to go every few months, I had a kidney tranplant as a teen.) Whatever, I’m not squeamish about blood or peeing in a cup, but it always takes at least 30 minutes to get it done. (Longer if I go after 7:20.) But for a good 10 years now, whenever I’ve gone to the hospital, I always go out to McDoonalls [sic] for breakfast every morning. Hey, if I’m going to go to the hospital, I might as well get a treat.

But I’m still on my New Years diet – which means only taking in a maximum of 2000 calories a day. I knew that going into McDoonalls, but I got 3 sausage McGriddles anyway. God I love McGriddles. But KABLAMMO! That’s 1650 total calories – 550 calories each! So that pretty much does it for my calories for the day. And I’ve got an appointment with my trainer at the gym in the morning. Oh well, it was worth it!

That’s 15 minutes for me – keep on ramblin’.

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Bob’s Burgers is pretty awesome: a ramble

Yeah, I been pretty slacking lately. I’m trying to sort of simplify my goals. Well, I guess I’m just trying to make a better plan. Plus it’s cold out and it’s winter and I haven’t really started school yet, so it’s a lot like I’m on vacation.

Well, life is hard. Especially with my hectic “4 hours a week” at school this semester. I’ll be there for 2 hrs a day every Wednesday and Thursday. There’s a bunch of marking work I have to do, but I can do that at home where I’m nice and cozy and can wear my lazy pants.

Speaking of lazy pants, man is Bob’s Burger ever a good show. At first, I was convinced that Louise was the best character. She’s voiced by Kristen Schaal, who sort of has an inherently funny voice, and it’s heavily implied that she’s an evil genius. However, as time progresses, I’m more and more certain that Tina is the best character.

Tina is voiced by some guy, in the most flat, dead, monotone delivery ever, which works as Tina’s around 13-14 years old and is slowly becoming a disaffected teenager. But she’s more caught between childhood and adulthood, as she can relate with her little sister but she’s also wanting to be a grown up. 

Bob’s Burger is actually sort of teen-friendly and positive, now that I think about it. Tina deals with all those “teenager” issues that all teens have to navigate, but with Bob and the family’s help, she gets through it ok. 

However, it’s the over-the-top-teenage-emotion delivered in the deadpan monotone which is what’s so great about Tina. I haven’t watched enough of Bob’s Burgers to be able to quote it to the extent that I can with The Simpsons, I’m sure I’ll be stealing plenty of those lines soon.

Then this other show that I’m watching now is called True Detective. It’s an HBO mini-series starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaghey (sp?) aboud a hard-boiled detective (Woody) paired up with a supergenius pessimist lunatic in Matthew Mc-C. So far I’ve seen about 20 minutes of the first episode, and these guys have to solve some sort of satanic sacrifice murder. Woody is FBI and McC is a profiler or something. It’s pretty gloomy so far, and funny in a black humour way.

What else? Well, it’s one of my goals to start writing a novel, so the plan is to start writing 2000 words a day. Hopefully I can get back on track here and start waking up early. I think I’ll need to do my writing at a consistent time everyday to develop the habit. Often when I’m writing a blog post, I won’t really have any idea of what I’m writing about until my fingers start moving. I sort of worry about content, but crappy ideas and no ideas haven’t stopped me before!

Anyhoo, I’m rambling. My 15 minutes is up.


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Reddit is Soma, Cartoons are Awesome.

Man, Slackeroosers. I’ve been slacking off with writing. Well, that’s what happens when you allow reddit on your computer. 

Since I went on Xmas break, I unblocked reddit from my computer and started surfing again. Man, big mistake. What an unquenchable time waster! You wouldn’t think you’d continually click links about crazy cats wearing people clothes, but you do! It’s nuts!

Then you discover subreddits, which you can edit so that all the news you see is tailored to your particular brand of biases. Wow! Why would you ever leave – just continual entertainment and articles which confirm your beliefs. It might as well rename itself to ‘’. 

Actually, that’s a fruckin’ good idea. Create a reddit clone which is called “” – and you construct the website in such a way that you get a constant feed of new pics, stories, etc… And of course it’d be all RSS fancy, so that new links would constantly get pushed up. Oh man, it’s not often I print out million dollar ideas on my blag [sic], but there it is.

Although, I’m not all that sure reddit makes any money, since they’re constantly begging for subscriptions. Plus, with its rapid expansion, it’s got to be sinking more and more cash into servers and disk space and nerds and such.

Anyhoo, I’ve been watching lots of awesome cartoons recently. Here’s a couple good titles: Bob’s Burgers, and Rick and Morty.

Bob’s Burgers is actually a lot better than I remember. I remember watching it when it first came out, but I didn’t think much of it at the time. 

So I downloaded it the other day and yeah – it’s pretty friggin solid. Tons of people voicing it: Kristen Schaal, H. Jon Benjamin (the voice of Archer), Eugene Mirman – with lots of guest voices, including Aziz Ansari, Megan Mulally and Kevin Kline who’ve had recurring roles. The colours are bright and vibrant – and the cartoon, while a bit messy (and not cartoonish), still looks pretty good in its own way.

The show’s about Bob and his wife Linda who try to run a burger restaurant while dealing with their 3 awkward children Tina, Gene and Louise. It’s a lot funnier than the plot makes it sound.

Then Rick and Morty is an explosive new standout, which talks about a boy Morty and his crazy uncle Rick. Their voiced by the same guy… some guy who’s name I’ve never heard of before and can’t remember now. But Morty lives with his family, and his parents are voiced by Chris Parnell and Sarah Chalke (aka: Becky number 2 and the blonde from Scrubs.) Chris Parnell always does great voicework, as evidence by his masterful role as Cyril Figgus on Archer.

Oh crapspackle! That reminds me that there’s a new episode of Archer that just aired! Apparently now the ISIS crew are all drug dealers, and so they’re having wacky adventures dealing drugs in Miami or something! Man – I’d better get to watching that.

Not to mention there’s the 3rd episode of Sherlock to watch – actually, that’ll be the end of the series for another two years or so. Still, new Sherlock! Huzzah!

Oh, I suppose I could also finish up my Tolkien nerdery. I finished The Hobbit – the book. It was alright – the Dwarf King dies after a big fight with goblins at the end, and he’s laid to rest with The Arkenstone. (Also, after reading the book, I can see now why Peter Jackson added in a bunch of extra stuff with goblins chasing them. There’s going to be a huge epic battle in the 3rd movie with goblins and Smaug and all sorts of shenanigans, I guarantee it!)


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Forgotten title

Well it’s a lazy Thursday here for me. No gym this morning, so I have a nice lazy morning ahead.

Anyhoo… yeah. Um… hey! What’s going on? With me? Oh, just a little writers block.

Ramble it is then!

So I unblocked reddit on my computer. Too bad! It’s such a massive time sink. But I just can’t get enough of the ‘cringe pics’ subreddit. This is just a place where people post pictures that have been deemed “cringeworthy.” They should really just rename it to, “Teenagers do stupid things on facebook.” As most of the posts are just stupid teens spurting their ill-formed feelings over facebook.

Well, that’s not all it is. Some of it is dumb people saying dumb things on facebook. Other posts are nerds who are convinced of their superiority and who have said so to some effect on facebook. Still more are of losers who whine about how no girl wants them. Those are probably the most cringiest to me as I was a similarly love-lorn beta in my teens and early twenties.

However, since then, I’ve discovered “The Red Pill.” – which is just an analogy for the truth about the sexes that society is desperately trying to ignore.

For example, you may have heard the old canard, “Women and men are exactly the same, it’s society that makes them different!” – What utter hogwash. That sentence is of course, ignoring such things as hormones and over 1 million years of evolutionary cues. Of course men and women are different – every man and woman have a different set of sex chromosomes, which makes them each genetically distinct. The idea that men and women are virtually indistinguishable from one another if it weren’t for society is an utterly false idea – which, for some reason, the mainstream media seems dead-set on promoting.

I don’t see why – it’s demonstrably false. Even if we knew nothing about evolution, men and women have vastly different amounts of sex hormones – testosterone and estrogen – which, again, leads to dramatically different effects. The idea that women could be playing starting linebacker for the Green Bay Packers if only society would let them is so ridiculously stupid. However, this pernicious idea will lead to real world deaths – as this idea is being promoted, so women think that they can be fire-fighters and policemen and have the same results as men. Of course, this is false – so that there’s a big cry for admissions standards to these professions to be lowered so that we can admit more women. People will die because of this.

The idea that men and women are equal is obviously false, but is one which is being promoted by the mainstream media. If one were conspiratorially minded, like I am, one might think that this idea is being promoted in order to eliminate the family structure, in order to reduce Western civilization to a shell of its former self, so that rich banking elite can pick the bones of our dead society and then turn it’s greedy eyes on China, India and the growing Muslim world and their riches.

But no, I’m sure the rich have our best interests in mind and that all it’ll take is more taxes before men and women will finally be treated equally. *rolls eyes*

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Why make the ring in the first place?

So I’m continuing on with my Tolkien kick. I downloaded the Lord of the Rings movies – but not just any version, the super-duper expanded directors cut “let’s keep ALL the scenes” edition. First movie is 3 hours and 20 minutes long. 2nd flick is 3 and a half hours, and the final one is 4 goddamn hours.

The thing is, though, is that I love HATING these movies. Guh. They’re so slow-paced and meandering. It takes 10 hours to throw the ring in the fire? Really? Come on!

Plus, the music is super loud, and Viggo Mortensen does nothing but mumble, so I’m constantly turning the sound up and down. Not to mention all the glaring plot holes strewn throughout the book.

First of all, why did anyone make this ring in the first place? The first thing we hear is that there were a bunch of rings of power made – some were given to elves, some were given to dwarves, and some were given to man. But the most powerful of all was saved for the evilest man who ever existed.

Christ – where’s the ring-makers union in the Tolkien verse? You make rings of power, but then make one that’s even more powerful than all the others and then give it to the baddest badguy in the land? Ridiculous! Plus, we never hear any more about the other rings of power. Maybe they could have helped a bit?

Oh, not to mention all the casual racism that’s thrown about. There’s a bunch of races in the Tolkienverse, including elves, dwarves, men, hobbits, wizards, orcs, etc… And almost every race is racist against all the other races. Dwarves don’t like elves, elves don’t like dwarves, wizards think they’re all pretty damn superior… You may not notice it, but there’s a shitload of racism in these movies.

The worst (or maybe laziest) plot hole is when Gandalf turns from grey to white, that is, Gandalf doesn’t die after falling 4 miles into water while fighting a fire monster, no, he turns “white” – and note that “white” is now a better state to be in, see what I mean about racism?

But man, are these movies pretty to look at. Just look at how cool that fire monster is!


I’m 20 feet tall and made of fire, but I get beaten by a 70 year old with a stick

Anyhoo, there’s more plot points than that, but the thing that caught my eye recently, was a story about how Tolkien was snubbed by the Nobel Prize committee for being a poor storyteller. Well, at least the Nobel prize committee has some sense when it comes to the literature prize…

Welp, I’m almost done The Hobbit book now. Bilbo and the dwarves are in Smaug’s cave and Bilbo’s swiped the Arkenstone (which Tolkien mentions after 212 pages into this 270 page book) and they’re hustling to get out. I have a feeling that Smaug will come back and there’ll be an epic fight and everyone will live happily ever after. (I read the book when I was 10 or so, so I’ve forgotten most of the important plot points, but I feel pretty confident about that one.)

So, to sum up: Lord of the Rings – pretty movies, but poor stories. Sounds about right.

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More Tolkien nerdery

I dunno what it is about WordPress, but when I was typing up my post for Goals with Greg this morning, there was an interminable delay during typing. It was like, I’d be typing, and then the cursor would be like, “Oh crap, did I leave the stove on? Ok, you keep writing, I’ll be back in 10 seconds.” Ugh, it was awful. I’d be typing, then the cursor would leave and so I’d be typing blind, and generally I’m a good typer, but if I made a mistake, I’d have to wait for the cursor to come back… Ugh, terrible.

Anyhoo, it’s bright and early in the morning and here I am writing! (Not another milk sucking story, I hope!)

The new series of Sherlock has begun! Huzzah! I watched the first two episodes recently, and they were both pretty awesome. Although, I need to listen to them with the volume really loud, because Benedict Cumberbatch tends to mumble (or is a low-talker) when he’s playing Sherlock. Also he talks super fast in a British accent… so indeed I need to watch each episode more than once in order to fully understand what the hell’s going on.

Anyhoo, I’ve been reading “The Hobbit” because the movies are taking forever to get to the goddamn point, and after reading about half the book, I’m convinced that most of the action in the movies is ripped off from “The Silmarillion” or something similar, or just plain made up!

For example, in the latest Hobbit movie, Bilbo and the Dwarves have been captured by elves and need to make a daring escape. So they pack themselves into barrels and escape through a drainage door, so that they will float down a river in the barrels. 

In the movie, when this happens, Bilbo and company are being chased by a pack of orcs. This is totally made up! There’s nothing like this in the book. Moreover, in “The Hobbit”, there’s no mention of The Arkenstone, or whatever characters Orlando Bloom and Liv Tyler are supposed to play. At its heart, “The Hobbit” is a kids book – and so characters and nagging plot points aren’t really developed to the extent that they are in “Lord of the Rings.”

Well, I ‘unno if I should necessarily say that, since I’ve never read “Lord of the Rings.” Oh, I’ve tried reading it 3 or 4 times. But by the time Frodo and the others get on the road, 70 pages in or so, they don’t get on with action at all. They meander… they dilly… they dally. First, they’ve got to sing 8 or 9 songs about their adventure and how they’re missing 2nd breakfast. Then they’ve got to visit Tom Bombadil’s house, and learn all about the forest and the importance of a healthy ecosystem. Or something. I’ve never gotten past Tom Bombadil’s house… The story is dragging by that point, and then once they’re in Tom’s tree talking about nature and the woods I’m like, fuck it. Get to the goddamn point, Tolkien.

Oh well, I’ll finish “The Hobbit” probably tonight or tomorrow. This week for sure. What’s left in the book? Where I am, Bilbo and the short ones have made it to Lake-Town and now have to go to the mountain, kill Smaug and then make their way back to The Shire.

As an aside, the cover of my book has a major giant spoiler on the front! This is what my cover looks like: 


See how it says, “Death of Smaug” on the cover!? In retrospect, that’s a horrible choice for a cover. The Death of Smaug is supposed to be, y’know, the climax of the book. But here it is, splayed across the front cover, for everyone to read before reading the goddamn book. That’s like having the front cover of Ender’s Game saying, “It was a real fight the whole time.” Or the front cover of Fight Club saying, “Tyler Durden is the narrator.” I’d like to think that someone got fired for that blunder. *nerd snort*

Anyhoo, even though I’m not a Tolkien nerd, this post would do nothing to dispel that notion


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The Hobbit movies take a long time to not say very much.

Well, I hope everyone had a fun Christmas break. I’m sick of this break, finally I can get back to work.

So I watched the 2nd Hobbit movie. Man, does that movie take a long time to not say very much. The movie is 2 hours and 41 minutes long – 161 minutes! That’s fucking crazy! Especially since this is what happens: They get into a fight with some orcs, they show up at Stephen Fry’s village, they go fight the dragon, they let the dragon loose. That’s about 75 pages of the entire book! And we’re taking over 2 and a half hours to say so!? Christ. Talk about milking a story… 

Anyhoo, inspired by the extreme length of the movie, I decided to reread The Hobbit to see what actually happens. I read the first couple chapters last night, which refreshed my memory about the utterly forgettable first movie.

In the first chapter, Bilbo meets Gandalf, then a bunch of dwarves. They eat and sing and then everyone leaves to take on the dragon Smaug and his fabulous treasure. That’s one chapter, about 30 pages or so. Took me maybe 30-35 minutes to read. I swear, that’s like the first hour and 15 minutes of the first movie. (I just checked, the 1st movie is 2 hours and 49 minutes long!) 

Next chapter, Bilbo and the dwarves run into some trolls. The trolls are about to eat them but then Gandalf outsmarts them and so they don’t. 15 pages. This is a huge deal in the movie, but we probably don’t get to the trolls until after a shirtload [sic] of expository dialogue. Y’know, I’m thinking I’ll probably finish reading the actual book tonight – then I’ll have to watch the 1st movie again to see why it took them almost 3 hours to say what Tolkien took 100 pages to say. 

I’m guessing there’s a lot of “fluff” and unnecessary backstory lifted from “The Silmarillion.” 

Anyhoo, yeah. That Peter Jackson is determined to take 9 hours to tell 250 pages of story. That’s 10 bucks a movie – so yeah, he’ll be making his budget back and then some.

Doublehoo – I am stoked about the new Sherlock episode. I downloaded it yesterday, and will watch it some time today. I’m super-curious to see how he managed to fake his own death. Guh, I think it’s been over a year since the last Sherlock episode was released. That’s way too long to wait! 

Welp, I’m still on vacation, and will be for probably another week. I imagine school starts next week, but tutorials don’t start until the week after that, so next week is gonna be a lot of me puttering around in my sweatpants all day.

Did everyone have a good Christmas? I got a bunch of awesome stuff – new slippers to keep my feets warm, lots of books, a new suit, some Christmas sweaters, plenty of candy (which is all gone) and some gift cards for coffee which I will almost certainly use within the first week back at school.

One of the books I got is called, “Ratline”, by Peter Levenda. This book deals with the idea that Hitler escaped after WWII to somewhere in Indonesia. The story goes, after WWII, Hitler and Eva Braun were smuggled out of the bunker to a U-boat, then they disappeared for a bit. (To where exactly is a bit of a debate.) But eventually, around 1954, they change their names to George Anton Poch and Hella Poch and land in Indonesia, where they set up shop as doctors and live out their days. 

Aside: There was actually a German broad named Hella, and I think that name is hella-cool.

Anyhoo, Levenda puts forth an interesting case. First he argues that it’s not unfeasible that Hitler survived, since that’s what Stalin and the US intelligence communities thought, and DNA evidence on the alleged Hitler skull that was kept in the Kremlin was found to be of a young girl. Next, he examines the known escape route of other infamous Nazis, such as Otto Skorzeny, Klaus Barbie and Josef Mengele. In the last chapter I read, Levenda details the amount of Pro-Nazi sympathies that lie in Indonesia, and how some Nazis escaped with the help of various fundamentalist Muslim groups (turns out that Anti-semites tend to band together. Who knew?!)

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