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Forgotten title

Well it’s a lazy Thursday here for me. No gym this morning, so I have a nice lazy morning ahead.

Anyhoo… yeah. Um… hey! What’s going on? With me? Oh, just a little writers block.

Ramble it is then!

So I unblocked reddit on my computer. Too bad! It’s such a massive time sink. But I just can’t get enough of the ‘cringe pics’ subreddit. This is just a place where people post pictures that have been deemed “cringeworthy.” They should really just rename it to, “Teenagers do stupid things on facebook.” As most of the posts are just stupid teens spurting their ill-formed feelings over facebook.

Well, that’s not all it is. Some of it is dumb people saying dumb things on facebook. Other posts are nerds who are convinced of their superiority and who have said so to some effect on facebook. Still more are of losers who whine about how no girl wants them. Those are probably the most cringiest to me as I was a similarly love-lorn beta in my teens and early twenties.

However, since then, I’ve discovered “The Red Pill.” – which is just an analogy for the truth about the sexes that society is desperately trying to ignore.

For example, you may have heard the old canard, “Women and men are exactly the same, it’s society that makes them different!” – What utter hogwash. That sentence is of course, ignoring such things as hormones and over 1 million years of evolutionary cues. Of course men and women are different – every man and woman have a different set of sex chromosomes, which makes them each genetically distinct. The idea that men and women are virtually indistinguishable from one another if it weren’t for society is an utterly false idea – which, for some reason, the mainstream media seems dead-set on promoting.

I don’t see why – it’s demonstrably false. Even if we knew nothing about evolution, men and women have vastly different amounts of sex hormones – testosterone and estrogen – which, again, leads to dramatically different effects. The idea that women could be playing starting linebacker for the Green Bay Packers if only society would let them is so ridiculously stupid. However, this pernicious idea will lead to real world deaths – as this idea is being promoted, so women think that they can be fire-fighters and policemen and have the same results as men. Of course, this is false – so that there’s a big cry for admissions standards to these professions to be lowered so that we can admit more women. People will die because of this.

The idea that men and women are equal is obviously false, but is one which is being promoted by the mainstream media. If one were conspiratorially minded, like I am, one might think that this idea is being promoted in order to eliminate the family structure, in order to reduce Western civilization to a shell of its former self, so that rich banking elite can pick the bones of our dead society and then turn it’s greedy eyes on China, India and the growing Muslim world and their riches.

But no, I’m sure the rich have our best interests in mind and that all it’ll take is more taxes before men and women will finally be treated equally. *rolls eyes*


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