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Community, PSH and Sleep ramble.

Welp, I lazy-ed out of yesterday’s blog. So today’s is gonna be twice as good! I hope…

Anyhoo, there’s a legit conspiracy about PSH and heroin and stuff. Find it n’yah. I haven’t read it, ’cause it’s long and involved, but it’s basically what I said last time. Philip Seymour Hoffman got iced by Scientology goons ’cause they didn’t like him making fun of L. Ron Hubbard. (Or something, I haven’t read it, but that’s almost certainly what it says.)

Anyhoo, it reminds me of that scene in Family Guy where Lois says something and then Peter goes, “No sweetie. It was Philip Seymour Hoffman.” Then taps her nose condescendingly while saying, “Philip. Seymour. Hoffman.” But I can’t find the clip, so we’ll just leave it there.

Moving on – I’ve been listening non-stop to a sludge metal/stoner metal song called Dopesmoker, by the band Sleep. It’s a monster of a song. Clocking in at 63 minutes of sludge-y fury. Lessee if I can embed a video of the song..

Ok. Apparently all I have to do is plonk down the URL and WordPress will automatically embed it. We’ll see. If not, click that link up above.

Anyhoo, Dopesmoker is pretty hypnotic. I’ve had the main riff in my head all day. Oh, and coincidentally it’s 4:20 right now. How’s that for some synchronicity.

What else? Man, I’ve been plowing through Community lately. I’m almost done the 4th season, and I’ve gotta say, I don’t really care anymore. The first season there were actual laugh out loud moments – but I’m barely paying attention anymore. Everyone’s become a caricature of themselves, and it’s just wacky plot shenanigans after wacky plot shenanigans.

Although, one thing I do like is the non-stop parodies of television, TV formats and various movies. Community is pretty adventurous in it’s story format – similar to the bold choices made by American Dad. But Community is just a little too wholesome for my tastes. And nowhere near as funny as American Dad.

Of course, my favorite character on Community is almost certainly Abed. I too enjoy looking at the world through tv-tinged glasses, much to my detriment. I also like Annie – I’m a big fan of girls who are smart and earnest. The character Troy is alright, but he’s just presented as an immature man-child, which is what Abed is there for really. Jeff is an ok character as well, as the leader of the group. But he’s usually just snarky and sarcastic and that gets grating awful quick. I don’t at all care for Shirley, Britta or Pierce.

I suppose if I watched the show with a bit more focus, I’d like it better. There are all kinds of callbacks to various episodes strewn throughout each episode, so I’m betting there’s probably a bunch of visual gags as well. I always sort of halfheartedly watch television – usually while surfing the net. So there’s a good chance that I’ve missed a lot of good gags. But that’s ok, I’d prefer the heightened sense of novelty to a visual gag.

That’s my 15! Twice as good, right!?


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