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Cooklympics ramble

I used to sort of take pride in not being able to cook. But I’m slowly warming to the idea that being able to cook awesome and delicious food is a worthy skill to possess.

Now, seasoned cooks won’t be amazed at the limited number of dishes I can prepare, but I’m pretty darn pleased with myself and some of the things I’ve been able to make.

My newest taste sensation is called a “Grilled Cheese.” Delicious and fattening. Here’s how I do it: heat up a frying pan, throw in a tablespoon of butter, once the butter’s melted in the pan, drop in a couple pieces of bread, then lay some cheese on top. When the bread is crispy brown, put one piece of bread on top of the other. Delicious.

I’m sure my transcendental recipe won’t make, “World’s Awesomest Cook” anytime soon, but I’m still happy with myself. I used to make grilled cheeses by putting cheese on bread and then microwaving it. That pales in comparison to the frying pan and butter method. For me, at least, it’s a step towards real cookery.

The absolute best thing I can make is a couple of fried eggs. I do ’em nice and light, with runny yolks. Delicious! God eggs are so good. I like ’em with Naan bread and peanut butter (food of the gods.) So yeah, my foray into the world of cooking consists of easy-to-make dishes and a frying pan. But I’m learning.

Of course, my greatest taste creation was maple bacon, made in the oven. I used to make bacon in the microwave, it’s super fast and easy – but in the oven, takes a bit longer, but it’s still super easy. Plus, I get to coat the bacon with maple syrup this way.

Anyhoo, what am I trying to say? I’m saying, I’m not a good cook, I can’t make a lot of dishes, but the stuff I can make tastes good and I like to eat it.Yeah!

Moving on – so The Olympics are going on now, which means no NHL for another two weeks. Sure, there’s Olympic hockey, but that’s sort of meaningless. If Canada wins the gold, or at least makes it into the gold medal game, I’ll probably watch it, but the victory is ultimately hollow for me. I mean, Olympic hockey is good hockey, but no one’s playing for the Stanley Cup. Heck, I might even go for Sweden ’cause Karlsson is playing for them. 

But yeah, no more NFL, no NHL for two weeks – and like hell I’m gonna watch “The Slalom” or “Luge” or any of the myriad sports I don’t really care about. I’m glad this is the last time the NHL goes to the Olympics, there’s too much of a risk of injury to the players who aren’t playing for the Stanley Cup.

Well, how to pass the time until hockey comes back? I could throw myself into my own physical fitness routine – especially now that I’ve had my ultrasound and I’m assuming everything is fine. Looking forward to getting back into the gym and lifting a bunch of weight. Did some deadlifts this morning, happy about that. Working out with my trainer tomorrow morning, very happy about that too. Well, I will be once the workout is over – it’s always a brutal workout with the trainer. 

What else? Oh, I’ve dropped watching Community. I made it to the 5th season where Donald Glover and Chevy Chase left the show and I find that I just don’t care anymore. Oh well, there’s a new True Detective tonight, so there’s that to look forward to.


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