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A ramble about True Detective and HP Lovecraft.

Well, that’s enough slacking for one month.

Maaaaaan, have you been watching True Detective? That show is crazy! It’s so intense – I haven’t seen episode 6 yet, I’ll be able to watch that one tonight, but last show some bad juju started going down.

The setup is that our two heroes, Marty and Rust (played by Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, respectively) are FBI guys on the trail of a crazy satanic killer. Well, early in episode 5, they find the killer and execute him, ’cause he’s such a bad guy. Then we’re lead to think that that’s the end of all those satanic murders. 

But NOPE! Midway through the episode, a few years pass and things start going sideways. Marty’s daughter is 16 and acting out. (Dressing all goth and getting spit roasted in the back of cars.) Because of this, some suspicion is cast Marty’s way – because lurking all around the killer was the threat of some crazy cult that may or may not abuse children. (Plus there was that weird incident with Marty’s father in law.)

Anyhoo, Rust flips out on one suspect that he’s grilling when the suspect mentions “The Yellow King” and how the satanic murders aren’t over. This makes Rust unhappy. But the next day, when Rust comes back to re-interview the suspect, as it happens, the suspect has killed himself. Very shady.

So now, in present times, it looks like the two black guys who are talking to Rust and Marty look like they want to setup Rust as the original satanic killer. And now I don’t know who’s the badguy and who’s the good guy – could Rust be the killer? Are there heavy people involved, maybe in law enforcement, who want to shut the door on this satanic case so that it doesn’t get investigated further. And why did Rust and Marty have a falling out in the first place? Will Marty’s daughter stop being such a slut?

Questions questions questions! This show is phenomenal for drawing the attention of the viewer one way, then immediately taking them in a different direction. There’s only 3 episodes left – what’s gonna happen! I’m figuratively on the edge of my seat every week waiting for the next episode. Oh man, tonight’s episode is gonna be so awesome!!

One thing I read online about TD is it’s tangential connection to the H. P. Lovecraft mythos. Apparently in one of Lovecraft’s books, there was a “Cult of Cthulu” which arose in the backwoods swamps of Louisiana. (Coincidentally, that’s where the action takes place in TD!) – Anyhoo, one name that keeps getting repeated in TD is the “Yellow King”, which sorta sounds like a book of horror called, “The King In Yellow”. Now, Lovecraft read “The King in Yellow” and adopted some of its elements for his Cthulu mythos. So maybe TD is about to get super dark and scary with some Lovecraftian elements. Or the badguy in TD is a weird, Cthulu loving crazy sort of person.

Either way, 3 episodes to go and I’m willing to bet that crazy stuff is going to happen. Crazy, dark, messed up, scary, “Why am I watching this before bed” type of stuff.

It’s going to be great!


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