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Happy One-Year Anniversary: A Ramble.

Hey, it’s my one-year anniversary! Huzzah! Hard to imagine I’ve spent a whole year toodling in front of a keyboard, entertaining people with my word droppings. So Happy Anniversary to me! 

According to the archives, I’ve written 166 posts. (Not including todays.) This works out to about an average of a post every other day. Not too shabby. I’m sure I’d do better if I were to write everyday, so I’ll start giving that a try.

Anyhoo, since it’s my one-year anniversary, I’ve chosen to write about the subject that is most interesting to me. Namely, me. And my awesome life and how it’s going.

I’ve just been given another teaching gig for the summer. Same class as last year, so that’s easy money. Plus, since I’ve taught it before now I know what works and what doesn’t. 

Of course, it would be nice to graduate and get a job and move back into a place of my own. I think I’ve basically figured out my thesis, I just need to write it up and shore up one of the ideas of the proof. Then I can get a post-doc or a professorship or something. That’d be sweet.

Anyhoo, moving on – I can’t think about math right now because then I’ll think of my problem and then I’ll try and solve it.

That’s basically my main marketable skill, is that I can solve problems. If my life were a cool, HBO-type show, I’d be an assassin or a “fixer” or something cool. As it is, I know how to solve math problems. It’s basically almost exactly like that show Numb3rs. (Aside, I pronounce this show “numb-three-ers”, and recommend not watching it.)

But life is a movie. All we see and know is through our own collective senses. I see my reality, and my reality conforms to my beliefs. Confirmation bias. 

I can influence my reality by what I fervently believe. If I “know” I’m going to do something, then I’m going to do it. 

We can instill belief in ourselves through the use of repetitive autosuggestion. If you repeat to yourself, out loud, every morning and night, a series of positive beliefs, and look for ways to instill these beliefs in your self, then you can believe anything. Which means you can achieve anything.

The human potential is limitless when faced with goals, a plan, desire, beliefs and the willingness to work. That’s the hard part, the work. You have to fight against your basic nature every morning, when the comfy bed gravitational anomaly hits, and you’re hitting snooze every 9 minutes. You have to force yourself, day in, day out, to do the work that will enable you to achieve your goals.

And then the more you practice at working at your goals, the better you get at them.

Wow – total ramble. For me, I’ve got to get focused on updating my calendars, keeping up with my ToDo list, keeping up with my daily goals, keeping a food journal. Staying motivated, acknowledging that I’m progressing towards my goals every day and that I will succeed no matter what as long as I do a little each day.

It’s consistency! Goals are all about consistency! Little actions, repeated daily, can move mountains.

This has been a cannabis influenced ramble about goals. I’ve got leg day tomorrow, early to bed tonight!



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