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The worst kind of home accident there can be is something wrong with the water heater.

That’s what my day has been about. And it hasn’t been fun so far.

Here’s the skinny: Get up, drink coffee for an hour, take a mighty dump, then go to the gym. Fine. Have a good workout. Get back from the gym. Shovel. Fine, now it’s time to shower.

Shower starts off… not great. The handle’s turned WAY to the side, but the water’s not very hot. Oh well, hop in. Water’s just about luke warm. Whatevs – let’s put in some shampoo. As I put in the shampoo, I turn the shower head to the side. So I don’t realize just how cold the water is getting. So I turn to the ol wash-poof, put some soap on that and lather up. Oooh, lots of lather, got to make sure I’m clean.

That’s when I reach out to test the water – it’s ice friggin cold. I’m unbelievably soapy, and now I’ve got to take a cold shower. Rough. I turn the shower head towards me, and the water hits my skin. It is crazy cold.

As fast I can, I run water through my hair, scrub my legs and arms free of soap – my fingers are feeling like they do when I go outside in the winter without gloves. I can feel my heart beating in my chest, as I frantically try and get the soap off me. My muscles are all tensed, I’m mouth breathing loudly as the icy water washes over me. It’s excruciating.

So that’s when I knew that something was wrong with the water heater. 

I head downstairs to the basement – oh crap, fucking flooded. Well, not entirely flooded, but all around the water heater is a bunch of water on the floor. But in between me and the water heater is a pile of stuff. So now, I have to move the stuff that’s getting soaked onto dry land in order to get to the water heater. And I have to take off my shoes to do this. So I keep dipping my feet in dirty, freezing cold floor water as I carry stuff from the flooded part of the basement to the part that doesn’t have water on the floor.

Christ. Now I call the energy company, and so the plumber will be here between 1:00 and 5:00. So all those errands I was going to do this afternoon, well that’s gone. Oh, and I get to pay handsomely to have this plumber come by and tighten a valve, or whatever the problem is.

Happy fucking Friday!

Christ. Oh well, at least I can sleep in tomorrow morning, and the plumber will be here today instead of next week. I should look on the bright side, at least the whole tank didn’t drain and ruin the entire basement. There’s a million other scenarios that could’ve been way, way worse than what I have to deal with.

But what I have to deal with is still pretty shitty.

Moving on – well, what else is going on? The Sens played last night, and got mercilessly beaten 6 to 1 by the Detroit Red Wings. We’ve got to play much, much better if we’re even going to make the playoffs. Hey, once we’re in the playoffs, anything can happen. But we’ve got to get to the playoffs first.

What else – ooh, I just started playing this awesome new game called Antichamber. In fact, I made a Let’s Play about it, which I’ll totally just embed into this post:

Sweet. It’s a mind-bending type of game. Ostensibly, the purpose is to reach the exit. But every level has got it’s own physical reality, and you have to maneuver through the levels to get to the exit. But maneuver isn’t the right word, because each level has “traps” – not traps that can kill you, but traps which send you in the wrong direction.

Well, that’s what I’ve gleamed about the game so far. It’s pretty trippy, and I’m looking forward to doing my next Let’s Play.

Just as soon as the Goddamn plumber gets here. Oy!


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