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I awoke several hours later in a daze

Jerry… I just don’t know some times…

Guh. It was my first day back at the gym today after being sick for a week. I had an alright workout – felt like I was gonna barf near the end, but didn’t, so I got that going for me. 

But man… then I got home, and the ol “lazy crazies” started to hit me. I’m talking a severe case of the “I gotta take a nap”s. So I did. For about 90 minutes. Glorious. I had a dream that my brother got my a pet chicken, and I had to climb up a ladder to get upstairs, and the chicken held onto my back as I climbed up the ladder. It was a weird dream.

Anyhoo, I’m officially out of good tv shows to watch. Well, good series, I mean. There’s still American Dad, Rick and Morty… those are the two standouts. There’s a couple old war horses: Simpsons, Family Guy. I’ll still download and watch them all eventually, but there’s certainly no rush. But yeah, a distinct lack of captivating TV to watch.

Maybe I should download the previous season of Boardwalk Empire. Maybe… But then I just remember Margaret Schroeder’s stupid, whiny face and I don’t care anymore. I care about Nucky Thompson, and how he’s gonna build his empire. Not stupid Maggie Schroeder and her feelings. Also there was that whole weird deal with Michael and his mother. Ugh. So I probably wont download that one.

I did start watching, “Bates Motel” awhile ago. It was pretty creepy. (After all, the young protagonist will grow up to be Psycho. We know this!) I made it through about two episodes before I said, “Meh. The mother is gonna do unspeakable things to poor Norman, and I don’t really want to be around when he snaps.)

Maybe I should just stick to comedy. A lot of the drama shows I have to pause halfway through just to compose myself. Comedy might be the way to go.

Well, not cringe comedy like The Office. I still haven’t made it through any episodes of The Office, either American or British. I don’t find uncomfortable situations funny. They’re cringe inducing, which is not what I want when I watch a comedy.

Are there any good live-action comedies out there? I’ve heard good things about Brooklyn-9-9. That’s one possibility. I’ve heard a lot of people rave about Parks & Recreation, but I watched the first couple episodes of the 1st season and hated it. People raved about Community as well – the first three seasons were well done, but I rapidly lost interest after that. Then Donald Glover left. (Chevy Chase left too, but I never liked his character in the first place.) So no more Troy and Abed in the morning. Bummer.

Anyhoo… Man. The funny thing about naps is that they’re supposed to make you less tired… but it appears it has had the opposite effect. Maybe it’s ’cause I only had 1 cup of coffee this morning. There, that’s gotta be it. So, early to bed tonight. Gotta get up early tomorrow and work on this stupid math paper.

Guh. I wrote this paper about 3 years ago, and it’s only now that my prof wants to write it up good for a journal. But in the intervening years, I’ve gained mathematical maturity, so I want to make a lot of changes to improve the paper. But it’s a lot of work and not terribly exciting. Plus, there’s still my PhD research to do – which is cutting edge and fresh and exciting! 

Oh well… Only two weeks left for the semester. Then, aside from marking stuff, there’s a whole month off until I start my summer class. Glorious off time. I plan on sleeping in and smoking a lot of weed.


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Poor Doug Stamper.

Fucking Stamper. I called it! I said he was gonna get taken down by that whore. And he did. What a fucking jerkoff.

So yeah, I finished watching the 2nd season of House of Cards. Mmm… Goddamn! That is a good show. I think the thing I most like about HoC is that Frank Underwood (the main character, note the initials) is a goal-oriented person. He sets a goal for himself, makes a plan to achieve it, then stops at nothing until he gets it. Of course, by stopping at nothing, this means he lies, cheats, steals and murders to get what he wants. So yeah, he’s a bad guy. But he gets results!

I can’t wait for Season 3. That should be awesometastic spastic. I’m gonna have to re-watch the whole series again from front to back, there’s a lot of stuff I missed/forgot from season 1.

Then Game of Thrones comes out in a couple weeks. Whooo-eee! That’s gonna be some good storytelling. Actually, I should watch all of that series from front to back again too. Especially with the new season almost upon me. Double actually, I should read the books again.

I never finished the 4th book of GoT. Why? Well, I think I got through the first 200 pages or so before I realized, “Hey, this story is all about Cersei. Who cares? Where’s Tyrion and Jon Snow and Arya?” Or maybe Arya was in it a bit – no, I think it was the other sister… uh…redhead… what’s her name? It’s something lyrically in line with all the other silly names in the series. Castrion? Windelmere? Something utterly ridiculous.

Ah, it’ll come to me.

Anyhoo… Christ. This is driving me nuts. Who are the Starks? There’s Eddard (deceased), Catlynn (deceased), Rob (deceased), Jon Snow (bastard, at the wall, knows nothing), Brann (paralyzed, visions of a 3-eyed crow), Arya (took a boat to some island somewhere), the redhead (getting preyed upon by little finger… judging by how these books have gone so far, my prediction is that she’ll be raped by Littlefinger) and the youngest one (can’t remember his silly name either. He’s off with the wildling and has probably already been eaten by her.)

Sansa! That’s the bitches name! Sansa friggin fire crotch Stark! I knew it would come to me. And I could’ve easily Googled it and not wasted all this time, but hey…

Right. So yeah, Game of Thrones comes out next month. I should definitely do something to reacquaint myself with the characters.

Soooooo, what else? Well, the stupid Senators got fucking killed last night by the Rangers. 8 to 4. I think the only way they can get into the playoffs now is if many players on other teams accidentally fall into a rent in the space-time continuum. (However, I’ve noticed that if one needs to depend on fluctuations in the space-time continuum, you’re probably not going to get the result you want.)

Oh well… I guess this means no playoff beard which will last until June. Crap. That means a lot more shaving in my future.

I should really buy a safety razor. From what I’ve read on the internet, these “Mach 5” blades don’t give a smoother shave than a safety razor. In fact, they are likely to irritate the skin. And since my skin is uber-fragile thanks to the pills I’m on, I’d prefer not to have a neck and face covered in razor burn for two days after I shave.

Welp, that’s 15 minutes. Let’s all take an extra bong hit tonight for poor ol’ Doug Stamper. Christ. This means Seth is going to be the chief of staff. Ugh. I hate Seth. He’s no Doug Stamper.

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A sneezy, sleepy (and probably dopey) ramble about stuff that only interests me.

Life is hard when you’re tired.

I don’t get my stupid body. I go to bed around 9:30 last night, so I can get plenty of rest before I wake up at 6:00. And my stupid brain won’t cooperate – it’s all like, “Hey man! You know how comfy these flannel sheets of yours are in the morning? Well, they’re not all that comfortable now, are they!? Ha ha!” I know it was after midnight when I went to bed. Consequently, I’m friggin tired today. (Although I did do a good workout this morning, so who knows?)

Anyhoo, I’m not getting much accomplished today. I did a workout and read a bit, but forget about doing math. I need to be superfresh and ready to take on the day to do math. Doing math while sleepy? Fuhgeddaboutit. 

Man – I’m so tired, that I’m yawning and my eyes are watering because of how deep my yawn is. Now that’s friggin tired.

Anyhoo… Welp. The Sens play tonight, and although they haven’t been eliminated from the playoffs yet mathematically, their odds of making it are extremely slim. Like, less than 5% slim. So here’s hoping we go on an incredible run and manage to make the playoffs. Once you’re in the playoffs, anything can happen.

What else? Guh – it’s so hard to focus. 

I had a nap already today – after my workout. It was pretty glorious, but it didn’t make me feel any less tired. Naps are supposed to make you less sleepy, but in fact it did almost the exact opposite. Man, I shoulda just pounded a tank of coffee once I had got home from the gym. Oh well, live and learn.


Plus, on top of that I’ve got do sniffoos [sic] and my nose is running. Looking back, I’m hella-surprised I was able to work out this morning. Truly, the mind is a wondrous thing – I convinced myself to take this tired, sick, wreck of a heap and put it through a grueling chore. But yet, then I spend two hours looking at cat pictures on the internet.

Welp, the school year is almost blissfully over. I still have two big marking sessions to do – probably this weekend. My two first year classes have one last test each. So that’ll be the worst of the marking over with. Of course, I’ll still have to mark a couple Algebraic Number Theory assignments and an exam, but there’s like, 12 people in that class, so it’s not the monster that these 1st year classes are.

Man… some of those 1st year chicks though. So young and hot. It mystifies me why young women would bother going to University. This is the hottest you’ll ever be! Cash in and find a husband. Don’t wait until you’re fat and 30 and messaging me stupid things on OkCupid. Meh.

This is has been a very sleepy ramble. Mostly about me and my stuff. Why? ‘Cause I’m tired and can’t think. Also, I haven’t found any new shows to watch… Still haven’t made it through episode 8 of House of Cards 2. Oh wait, maybe I did and now I’m on episode 9. Maybe I should do that to kill the rest of the day.

I suppose I should do a little math, but then I just think about how instead, I could just not do it. Plus, it’s research left over from my Master’s Thesis on stuff I don’t care about anymore. One night soon, when my parents are out of the house, I’ll just have to fill up a big-ass bowl, take a long, sweet hit and then write this fucked until I pass out.

Or maybe I could just do a little each day and keep a better sleep schedule. Whatevs.

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A ramble about the South Park RPG

Boy howdy! Let me tell you about an awesome video game called, “South Park: The Stick of Truth.” I bought this game on a $60 whim Friday night and basically played it the whole night through. And Saturday. And all of Sunday too. Man what a fun game!

First of all, it’s an official South Park game. So that means it’s got all the South Park voices and characters and all that goodness.

The basic gameplay idea is as follows; you’re the new kid in town, and you join up with Cartman and friends to play. Then the video game is structured like an RPG – you go around town and meet various people, perform various quests for rewards, and try and level up and gain new powers. There’s also the main storyline – which is pretty graphic (hey, it’s South Park) – but is pretty damn enjoyable. If this storyline had been an episode, for example, I wouldn’t have been disappointed. (Also, the episode might’ve had to be a 3-parter or so.)

Anyhoo, it’s hysterical fun walking around in South Park and interacting with everyone. There’s plenty of in-jokes and winks to the audience to keep one entertained. And the graphics make it look like you’re actually in an episode of South Park. (No cheap-o 3-d or anything like that.) If you like South Park, it’s just so visually captivating that you can’t help but get sucked into the atmosphere of the world.

As for drawbacks, I guess I’d have to say the game is just too easy. I initially played through on ‘normal mode’, and the learning curve wasn’t too difficult. But on my 2nd playthrough, which I played on “hardcore” mode – well then it just felt too easy. I suppose I didn’t play “fair” and follow the story line exclusively. My strategy was to do all the side-quests so I could level up and make all the later boss fights easier. It worked quite well, so that the last 3rd of the game wasn’t really challenging.

I guess, another drawback was that there wasn’t that much to differentiate in between the classes. (Standard setup for an RPG, your character belongs to one of four “classes”, where each class has it’s own unique advantages and drawbacks.) The one noticeable thing was that any class could pick up any weapon. This means if I played as a “thief”, I could still arm myself with a “Warrior’s” sword, and thereby get the benefits of that sword.

But I suppose these are nitpicky drawbacks. I know I’ll download absolutely any DLC that might be available – or any mods that give me more quests or make the game a bit harder.

In fact, I’ve never really enjoyed RPG’s before – but I think, because it was South Park, I enjoyed it quite a lot. Mostly ’cause the graphics looked all cartoony – I’ve said before on here how much I love cartoons and how those graphics appeal to me. 

This whole “Stick of Truth” episode makes me think that I would enjoy playing other RPG type games. God help me – this is how a serious World of Warcraft addiction starts. At first, it’s fun and innocent. “Oh, that RPG was fun. Maybe now I can find a serious RPG to challenge me.” Then later it’s, “Hey. I’m definitely a fan of RPG’s now, but all these standalone games are too boring. Maybe I should try World of Warcraft, I hear that’s an RPG that’s continually growing.” And then finally it’s, “Sorry Mabel. Can’t have sex tonight. I’m playing Wow! We’re going raiding!” And then eventually the police find my skeletonized body in my apartment, 5 years after I’ve died, because I fell into a diabetic coma from eating too many Clodhoppers while playing WoW and my cat had to eat my skin to stay alive.

That’s not a bright future. Still, Stick of Truth is one hell of a game!


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Friday ramble

Welp, I sure did get a bunch more people coming to this blog looking at all the shenanigans I wrote about True Detective. Just goes to show how awesome that show was, and how mystified it left people looking for answers on who the Yellow King was.

So now I’m looking for a new show to watch. I was watching House of Cards, but it’s getting intense. So I’m stuck midway through episode 8 with no real desire to watch anymore. I probably will get the itch soon enough, but the way it’s looking now, Doug Stamper, the chief assistant to Kevin Spacey is gonna get brought down by a hooker with whom he’s got a soft spot. Bummer.

I love Doug Stamper. Just radiates quiet, calm confidence with a hint of menace. Super effective at his job. No emotion. Moves through life with robotic efficiency. I only wish I was half as effective and disciplined as Doug Stamper. Stamper, to me, is a badass. 

But now, it looks like he’s developed “feelings” for a hooker that Peter Russo slept with in season 1, and is therefore a skeleton in Frank Underwood’s closet. (I can’t quite remember why, maybe because Underwood hired the hooker or Stamper did or something? I ‘unno.) And whenever a robot develops feelings, it always ends up getting melted in the end. (That was the whole point of Terminator 2, if I recall.)

Well, whatever. I don’t know much about US politics and The House and The Senate and all that, so I’m not always 100% sure of what’s going on. I do know that Kevin Spacey is the VP and is sucking up to the president – while him and his wife are subtly trying to sew division within the ranks. I’m almost certain that Kevin Spacey (AKA: Frank Underwood – note the initials) is going to somehow finagle his way into becoming President. I really want to see how that happens, but I also don’t want Doug to go down over a hooker.

Ah, such is drama on television. I’m not suited to watching drama – I just can’t handle the pressure. I’m much more suited to watching cartoons and comedies.

I’ve got two episodes of Archer waiting in the queue of things to watch, but I admit, this season hasn’t been that great. I really don’t care about the gang and them all trying to sell their cocaine or whatever. I’m having a hard time believing that everyone would stay together after ISIS broke up. The thing is, when they worked for the same company, then I believed that they’d get into these wacky situations, because they all worked together. Because they all hate each other, and so there’s no way they’d all hang out together during off work hours.

Bah. It’s a cartoon – I’m sure I’ll watch it eventually.

Anyhoo, I’ve been slacking on my goals recently. Not creating a ToDo list, not writing down my goals everyday. This isn’t a great habit to get into. I should keep doing my goals everyday, keep a steady ToDo list. These habits create self-discipline and lead to self-confidence which leads to sustained happiness. So I’ll get back to doing that tonight.

But today. Today’s a day off. Maybe play some Anno 2070 and make some Let’s Plays and just enjoy the day. Make a ToDo list at 8:00 and go to bed early. Ah, what a Friday!

Couple minutes left… Hmm… It’s Pi Day today! Happy Pi Day!

What is Pi? Pi is the circumference of a circle with diameter 1. Pi maintains this ratio of circumference to the diameter of a circle in the elegant relationship circumference = Pi * diameter. 

Because of this relationship with the circle, we can end up with beautiful expressions like e^(Pi*i)+1=0. Gorgeous.

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TD Hangover – The King in Yellow was…

I’ve still sorta got True Detective hangover. I’m thinking about the show and stuff, and don’t really wanna start watching anything else.

I’ve heard people are disappointed in the finale. I liked it. I think TD was more the story of how this awful case transformed Marty & Rust, rather than some Lovecraftian whodunnit. I would argue that both Marty & Rust transformed from inward looking to outward looking.

Marty, when we first met him, and during the early part of the case, was generally only concerned with his happiness. He didn’t stop to consider how his cheating would affect his family, or how being a bad father would affect his kids. Marty was only concerned about Marty.

But as the case wore on, Marty lost his family. I think as time passed, especially during the point from 2002 to now, Marty realized how lonely he was and how much he had lost. When he met up with Rust again in 2013, he was a markedly better detective this time around. Marty was the one who cracked the case by connecting green ears with the green house.

By the end, it’s Marty who’s taking care of Rust. It’s Marty who makes Rust feel better. Because now, Marty is looking outwards. He’s caring about others rather than himself.

Rust, of course, has changed because now he has hope. When we first met Rust (tasting the psychosphere), he talked about how he called himself a pessimist who lacked the constitution for suicide. And then throughout the case he was just a nihilistic, fatalistic, kinda jerk to be around, kinda guy. 

As an aside, I think it’s probably this that drove away the woman he lived with. Probably just the idea that Rust wasn’t ready to accept anyone into his life. Because Rust was solely focused on his experience. Looking inward.

Of course, by the end, Rust is filled with a little bit of hope. And this hope will keep him looking towards the future. Outward looking.

Maybe that analogy isn’t so great for Rust – but for Marty it is. I think the thing I forgot about the last two episodes of TD was the fact that Marty had become a much better detective.

Actually, did Marty show any competency before he watched the video? Or was it only after the video, when he started working full-time with Rust, that he displayed competency. I can’t remember – I think it was probably after seeing the video.

Anyhoo, I’ve seen other theories about who the Yellow King is. One guy said it was the show itself, because you would drive yourself mad trying to figure out who the Yellow King is. (The King In Yellow is a horror book written in like 1898 or something, about a play where if it’s watched, the viewer will go mad.) Other theories I’ve seen suggest that Errol’s father was the Yellow King or Errol himself.

I don’t think it matters who the Yellow King was. We can infer that this would have been someone at the ritual sacrifices who was in charge. Since the FBI shut down the investigation, we’ll never find out (or at least Marty & Rust will never find out) who the Yellow King was. 

Personally, I like the idea that it’s the sun and they’re a solar-worshiping cult. Whatevs. See ya for season 2!


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I am the Yellow King

Welp, the first season of True Detective has ended. Last night was the season finale – which I actually watched live on tv instead of downloading it later. The finale was pretty good, I thought. We got a nice creepy look into the life of (one of) the killer(s) and his gross house and incestuous predilections. Not to mention a long, haunting walk through “Carcosa” with a bunch of creepy, life-sized devil nets. 

Of course, with a series like this, there are some questions that are left unanswered. (And this has, predictably, lead to some outrage in the far-flung corners of the internet.) The one question that I think is foremost on everyone’s mind is, “So who was the Yellow King?”

One popular view is that the Yellow King was a shrine/totem set up in Carcosa. Looks a lil’ something like this:


However, I tend to disagree. Throughout the series, people have talked about the Yellow King as if it were a person. It could be that the Yellow King was a representation of death, and that the sacrifices took place in front of this particular totem… But I prefer a different theory.

In the final moments in Carcosa before the big fight, we’re given a short glimpse of a round hole in the ceiling of the death chamber/sacrifice lair. One theory I read suggests that the Yellow King is the sun, and that the victims were sacrificed at dawn to sate the Yellow King. 

Adding credence to this theory is the fact that sun-worshiping cults have been around for a long, long time. Since the Tuttle/Childress family is a death cult, then it’s not too far a leap to expect that this cult has some crazy pagan rituals and beliefs. Not to mention that they’re a death cult, so they don’t exactly have to have a firm grasp on reality.

Anyhoo, the show was really more about the lives of Marty Hart & Rust Cohle and how this case transforms them. Hart was transformed from a selfish, lazy sort of fellow into a good detective who cares about his friend Rust. Rust, of course, was changed from a pessimistic, Nietzschean nihilist into someone who lives with hope and the tiniest pinprick of optimism. 

Much has been said about McConaughey’s performance as Rust, and make no mistake, it was great. But I think Harrelson’s performance has been underrated, mostly because the character of Hart has been overshadowed by the craziness of Cohle. Both Harrelson & McConaughey should get nominated for Emmy’s for leading man, and if either of them won it, that wouldn’t be the worst Emmy ever awarded.

In any case, Season 2 of True Detective is in the works, so that’s good news. But until then…. keep on tasting the psychosphere. Time is a flat circle. I have written this post before and I will write it again.

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Ramble: Anno 2070, television and Hemsky the Demsky

Welp, Trade Deadline day came and went. The Ottawa Senators picked up Ales Hemsky and let go of Conacher and Corvo. Then went on to lose 4-1 to the lowly Calgary Flames. Bleah. We’re still not mathematically eliminated, but it’s not looking good for the post-season.

Anyhoo, it looks like there might be a strike at my school. It’d be a bummer to lose my paycheques for a couple weeks. But I live with my parents, so I don’t have to worry about rent or food. So really, I’ll just be living off my savings for awhile. I rarely go out nowadays anyway, so I don’t really care. Plus, if there’s a strike on Monday, I don’t have to worry about my marking for awhile. That’d be sweet, just smoke weed and do math all day. Fucking love it.

If I had a motto, it’d be: Lift weights, smoke weed, do math. That’s basically how I want to live my days.

What else – I started a new Let’s Play series. Anno 2070! Here’s a link to my first episode, hopefully it’ll be embedded this time.

Anno 2070 is the latest version of a game I played awhile ago called Anno 1492, or something. It’s a sort of sim-city/logistics management game. I didn’t play it long enough to get into combat. But the gist of it is you start with an island and a ship, in a land full of other islands. Each island contains a certain number of natural resources, and you need to build houses so you can populate your island, then use your ship to find islands with other resources. You can then use these natural resources to build different types of buildings, which will make your inhabitants happy.

I like it because it’s a game of managing supply lines and resources. You have to explore with your ship and find islands before the other players do. Eventually you’ll start fighting over resources and stuff.

I’m playing the campaign missions right now, which are basically just holding my hand until I get the hang of the game. The real standout of Anno comes when you play a continuous game. You and a few other competitors start in an unpopulated island, and it’s up to you to meet the victory conditions, which depend on the type of game.

Mmmmyeah – that’s sort of a free-flowing mish-mash of ideas that I got there. Anyhoo, Anno 2070 so far is pretty cool and I’m looking forward to my next Let’s Play.

I was doing an Antichamber Let’s Play, but my buddy Apple was getting nauseous just watching ’em, so that’s the end of that.

What else – True Detective’s final episode is this Sunday! Gonna be awesome!

Since TD is only a miniseries, I’ve lined up some other shows to watch. (Well, test ’em at least.) One’s called “Bates Motel”, which I think was recommended on Reddit. I assume it’s based around the characters or a similar situation to the movie “Psycho.” If so, and if it’s well done, that’d be pretty cool.

I’m re-watching the Futurama movies at the moment. I still have House of Cards – Season 2 to go. I watched 4 episodes and I wasn’t really into it. I should probably watch the whole first season from start to finish again. That’d probably rekindle my thirst for political machinations.

Rick and Morty come out with a new episode on March 10. It’s a pretty awesome cartoon, but it’s super-new and there’s only been 6 episodes so far. So I’m taking it easy so I don’t burn myself out on them too soon. As well, Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad should all be back on Sunday. Well, if the Sens aren’t gonna make the playoffs, I guess I’ll just have to get reacquainted with my ol’ friend television. 

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Trade Deadline Eve

It’s certainly the silly season in the NHL. Tomorrow is the trade deadline, and already teams are making crazy moves in anticipation of tomorrow’s craziness.

For example, Joe Corvo and Cory Conacher of the Ottawa Senators have been placed on waivers. 

Now, this is understandable for Joe Corvo. The Sens were carrying 8 D-men since Cody Ceci’s call-up, and he was the odd man out. It’s too bad. For the most part, he played very well with his limited time in Ottawa, scoring 3 goals and 7 assists in 25 games. But his -7 didn’t help him any. Plus, the Sens have tons of young talent to develop, so best of luck Joe!

Cory Conacher, on the other hand, was a talented player, I thought. He had 4 goals and 16 assists in 59 games, which isn’t great. But he was +8 on a team that gave up an atrocious number of goals. (Jason Spezza is -20 or so, for comparison.) But is this +8 due to his limited ice time and sheltered playing by the coach? Well, I guess it must be, since they’re waiving him. Funny thing is, if no one claims him, Cory can play tonight against Edmonton! That’d be a crazy thing!

Anyhoo, the game starts at 9:30 tonight, which is right around bedtime for me.

Speaking of me… I switched up my training sessions so that I’m no longer doing deadlifts and squats on the same day. I like that better, so my first lift will either be a deadlift or a squat. Tomorrow’s deadlifts, so I’m pumped. But that means going to bed early tonight, and hence, no Senators game. (Well, maybe I’ll listen to the 1st period on my clock radio as I’m going to bed.)

What else – I started watching this show, Banshee, but I’m almost ready to ditch it. It’s an HBO or Showtime type of show, where the plot goes something like this: a big time crook returns to the town where he has a bunch of old connections to the crime that got him put in the slammer in the first place. He then somehow manages to impersonate the local sherrif and start avenging old wrongs. 

It’s pretty racy – lots of boobs and sex during each episode. And it looks to have a good story arc – the town is run by some sort of industry titan who’s got his fingers in every pie. But I just don’t care – it seems so formulaic and bland. I’ve seen this story before, so I’ll probably quit watching it.

Keepin’ on – it looks like my Antichamber Let’s Plays didn’t go over so well. My buddy Apple, who watches my Let’s Play’s on the regular, said the video made him nauseous. Bleah. I guess that sorta follows – it’s a lot of black lines on a white background, mixed with some psychedlic colours, and I’m constantly running back and forth.

Oh well, I didn’t suffer from any of those symptoms, but I can sure see how others could. So onto the next great Let’s Play. 

I think I’m going to go with Rome 2, the latest Total War game. I think it has a poor overall score on Gamespot (or similar websites), but the graphics look pretty awesome, and my PC is stacked, so it’s about time I did a super-awesome modern game type of Let’s Play.

And that’s just what I’m going to do. In between checking Twitter every few minutes for trade rumours.

Man, I’m sorta bummed that I have school tomorrow. I remember last year, I basically watched TSN all day, following all the crazy rumours. It was hella fun. No such luck this year. I’ve got gym in the morning from 8:30 – 10:00. Then at school by 11:30-12:00 until 2:30. So I’ll be home by 3:00, which is just when the trade deadline expires. So at least I’ll be more or less able to keep up with what’s happening all day.

Oooh – trades are happening as I type this. It looks like Victor Fasth is going to Edmonton and Dustin Penner is heading to Washington. Woo! Bring on the trading craziness! God I love hockey!

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True Detective has one episode to go

Ohhhhh True Detective is soooo good! Gah!

Man am I ever going bananas watching True Detective. It’s a crazy good show, with a creepy atmosphere and vibe like no other. Of course, some real heavy shit is going down in the show. There’s one episode to go (which will air next Sunday) before we find out what happens to our heroes. This mini-series involves a weird, Southern cult who kidnap (possibly rape) and definitely murder children. 

The whole show is basically about how this one case ruins the lives of our True Detectives. This past episode, we got to see a lot of that, as we join Rust and Marty in the present as they search for the ringleaders of the cult. There was a couple bits about how Rust and Marty are basically all alone, and they don’t do anything but stay in and watch tv at night.

Anyhoo, next week is gonna be amaaaaazing. So amazing that I have to speak like a 14-year old girl to get my point across.

But there’s other stuff going on. Right now, we’re sitting 2 days away from the NHL trade deadline. My beloved Ottawa Senators are sitting 3 points out of a playoff spot. (Maybe 4 points with a tiebreaker.) That means they could be 2 wins away from a wildcard position.

I’m so involved with these trades… man, I’m checking Twitter every couple minutes. Reading forums for any hint of a rumour. 

I gotta say, I like the team we have now. If anything, the defense could use some bolstering, and we could use another top-6 winger to play with Spezza. But here’s how the lines looked yesterday:

Michalek – Spezza – Conacher

MacArthur – Turris – Condra

Hoffman – Zibanejad – Ryan

Greening – Smith – Neil

Methot – Karlsson

Phillips – Ceci

Wiercoch – Gryba

That’s not too bad, but if Phillips goes, then Cowen likely draws back in for defense. I could see the Sens moving Phillips for a pick and trading some prospects for a top-4 d-man. If they could trade for a veteran D-man, the d-pairings would look like:

Methot – Karlsson

Veteran – Ceci

Wiercoch/Cowen – Gryba

But, we’ll see. If I had my way, I’d do the forward lines as follows:

Michalek – Spezza – Ryan

MacArthur – Turris – Condra

Hoffman – Zibanejad – Conacher

Greening – Smith – Neil

The problem for the Sens is they’ve got Joe Corvo as an 8th defenseman – who’s basically just hanging around for depth. Since they can’t send him to the AHL, he’s just taking up a roster space. Same thing with Matt Kassian. He plays about 5:00 on average every night and I think his space could be better served by an up-and-comer from Binghamton.

But then again, some players could use that development time in Bingo, so who knows.

One thing I do know – I went skating on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Each time for an hour. Man, was that ever fun. I put on “Dopesmoker” by Sleep on my iPod and listened to that while I skated around the rink. I could easily see myself join a speed-skating team later on. Skating’s fun and that’s all I have to say about that.

Anyhoo, the Oscars were last night and I managed not to watch a single second. I’m proud for avoiding that 4-hour long, Hollywood circle-jerk. 

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