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True Detective has one episode to go

Ohhhhh True Detective is soooo good! Gah!

Man am I ever going bananas watching True Detective. It’s a crazy good show, with a creepy atmosphere and vibe like no other. Of course, some real heavy shit is going down in the show. There’s one episode to go (which will air next Sunday) before we find out what happens to our heroes. This mini-series involves a weird, Southern cult who kidnap (possibly rape) and definitely murder children. 

The whole show is basically about how this one case ruins the lives of our True Detectives. This past episode, we got to see a lot of that, as we join Rust and Marty in the present as they search for the ringleaders of the cult. There was a couple bits about how Rust and Marty are basically all alone, and they don’t do anything but stay in and watch tv at night.

Anyhoo, next week is gonna be amaaaaazing. So amazing that I have to speak like a 14-year old girl to get my point across.

But there’s other stuff going on. Right now, we’re sitting 2 days away from the NHL trade deadline. My beloved Ottawa Senators are sitting 3 points out of a playoff spot. (Maybe 4 points with a tiebreaker.) That means they could be 2 wins away from a wildcard position.

I’m so involved with these trades… man, I’m checking Twitter every couple minutes. Reading forums for any hint of a rumour. 

I gotta say, I like the team we have now. If anything, the defense could use some bolstering, and we could use another top-6 winger to play with Spezza. But here’s how the lines looked yesterday:

Michalek – Spezza – Conacher

MacArthur – Turris – Condra

Hoffman – Zibanejad – Ryan

Greening – Smith – Neil

Methot – Karlsson

Phillips – Ceci

Wiercoch – Gryba

That’s not too bad, but if Phillips goes, then Cowen likely draws back in for defense. I could see the Sens moving Phillips for a pick and trading some prospects for a top-4 d-man. If they could trade for a veteran D-man, the d-pairings would look like:

Methot – Karlsson

Veteran – Ceci

Wiercoch/Cowen – Gryba

But, we’ll see. If I had my way, I’d do the forward lines as follows:

Michalek – Spezza – Ryan

MacArthur – Turris – Condra

Hoffman – Zibanejad – Conacher

Greening – Smith – Neil

The problem for the Sens is they’ve got Joe Corvo as an 8th defenseman – who’s basically just hanging around for depth. Since they can’t send him to the AHL, he’s just taking up a roster space. Same thing with Matt Kassian. He plays about 5:00 on average every night and I think his space could be better served by an up-and-comer from Binghamton.

But then again, some players could use that development time in Bingo, so who knows.

One thing I do know – I went skating on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Each time for an hour. Man, was that ever fun. I put on “Dopesmoker” by Sleep on my iPod and listened to that while I skated around the rink. I could easily see myself join a speed-skating team later on. Skating’s fun and that’s all I have to say about that.

Anyhoo, the Oscars were last night and I managed not to watch a single second. I’m proud for avoiding that 4-hour long, Hollywood circle-jerk. 


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