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Trade Deadline Eve

It’s certainly the silly season in the NHL. Tomorrow is the trade deadline, and already teams are making crazy moves in anticipation of tomorrow’s craziness.

For example, Joe Corvo and Cory Conacher of the Ottawa Senators have been placed on waivers. 

Now, this is understandable for Joe Corvo. The Sens were carrying 8 D-men since Cody Ceci’s call-up, and he was the odd man out. It’s too bad. For the most part, he played very well with his limited time in Ottawa, scoring 3 goals and 7 assists in 25 games. But his -7 didn’t help him any. Plus, the Sens have tons of young talent to develop, so best of luck Joe!

Cory Conacher, on the other hand, was a talented player, I thought. He had 4 goals and 16 assists in 59 games, which isn’t great. But he was +8 on a team that gave up an atrocious number of goals. (Jason Spezza is -20 or so, for comparison.) But is this +8 due to his limited ice time and sheltered playing by the coach? Well, I guess it must be, since they’re waiving him. Funny thing is, if no one claims him, Cory can play tonight against Edmonton! That’d be a crazy thing!

Anyhoo, the game starts at 9:30 tonight, which is right around bedtime for me.

Speaking of me… I switched up my training sessions so that I’m no longer doing deadlifts and squats on the same day. I like that better, so my first lift will either be a deadlift or a squat. Tomorrow’s deadlifts, so I’m pumped. But that means going to bed early tonight, and hence, no Senators game. (Well, maybe I’ll listen to the 1st period on my clock radio as I’m going to bed.)

What else – I started watching this show, Banshee, but I’m almost ready to ditch it. It’s an HBO or Showtime type of show, where the plot goes something like this: a big time crook returns to the town where he has a bunch of old connections to the crime that got him put in the slammer in the first place. He then somehow manages to impersonate the local sherrif and start avenging old wrongs. 

It’s pretty racy – lots of boobs and sex during each episode. And it looks to have a good story arc – the town is run by some sort of industry titan who’s got his fingers in every pie. But I just don’t care – it seems so formulaic and bland. I’ve seen this story before, so I’ll probably quit watching it.

Keepin’ on – it looks like my Antichamber Let’s Plays didn’t go over so well. My buddy Apple, who watches my Let’s Play’s on the regular, said the video made him nauseous. Bleah. I guess that sorta follows – it’s a lot of black lines on a white background, mixed with some psychedlic colours, and I’m constantly running back and forth.

Oh well, I didn’t suffer from any of those symptoms, but I can sure see how others could. So onto the next great Let’s Play. 

I think I’m going to go with Rome 2, the latest Total War game. I think it has a poor overall score on Gamespot (or similar websites), but the graphics look pretty awesome, and my PC is stacked, so it’s about time I did a super-awesome modern game type of Let’s Play.

And that’s just what I’m going to do. In between checking Twitter every few minutes for trade rumours.

Man, I’m sorta bummed that I have school tomorrow. I remember last year, I basically watched TSN all day, following all the crazy rumours. It was hella fun. No such luck this year. I’ve got gym in the morning from 8:30 – 10:00. Then at school by 11:30-12:00 until 2:30. So I’ll be home by 3:00, which is just when the trade deadline expires. So at least I’ll be more or less able to keep up with what’s happening all day.

Oooh – trades are happening as I type this. It looks like Victor Fasth is going to Edmonton and Dustin Penner is heading to Washington. Woo! Bring on the trading craziness! God I love hockey!


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