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Ramble: Anno 2070, television and Hemsky the Demsky

Welp, Trade Deadline day came and went. The Ottawa Senators picked up Ales Hemsky and let go of Conacher and Corvo. Then went on to lose 4-1 to the lowly Calgary Flames. Bleah. We’re still not mathematically eliminated, but it’s not looking good for the post-season.

Anyhoo, it looks like there might be a strike at my school. It’d be a bummer to lose my paycheques for a couple weeks. But I live with my parents, so I don’t have to worry about rent or food. So really, I’ll just be living off my savings for awhile. I rarely go out nowadays anyway, so I don’t really care. Plus, if there’s a strike on Monday, I don’t have to worry about my marking for awhile. That’d be sweet, just smoke weed and do math all day. Fucking love it.

If I had a motto, it’d be: Lift weights, smoke weed, do math. That’s basically how I want to live my days.

What else – I started a new Let’s Play series. Anno 2070! Here’s a link to my first episode, hopefully it’ll be embedded this time.

Anno 2070 is the latest version of a game I played awhile ago called Anno 1492, or something. It’s a sort of sim-city/logistics management game. I didn’t play it long enough to get into combat. But the gist of it is you start with an island and a ship, in a land full of other islands. Each island contains a certain number of natural resources, and you need to build houses so you can populate your island, then use your ship to find islands with other resources. You can then use these natural resources to build different types of buildings, which will make your inhabitants happy.

I like it because it’s a game of managing supply lines and resources. You have to explore with your ship and find islands before the other players do. Eventually you’ll start fighting over resources and stuff.

I’m playing the campaign missions right now, which are basically just holding my hand until I get the hang of the game. The real standout of Anno comes when you play a continuous game. You and a few other competitors start in an unpopulated island, and it’s up to you to meet the victory conditions, which depend on the type of game.

Mmmmyeah – that’s sort of a free-flowing mish-mash of ideas that I got there. Anyhoo, Anno 2070 so far is pretty cool and I’m looking forward to my next Let’s Play.

I was doing an Antichamber Let’s Play, but my buddy Apple was getting nauseous just watching ’em, so that’s the end of that.

What else – True Detective’s final episode is this Sunday! Gonna be awesome!

Since TD is only a miniseries, I’ve lined up some other shows to watch. (Well, test ’em at least.) One’s called “Bates Motel”, which I think was recommended on Reddit. I assume it’s based around the characters or a similar situation to the movie “Psycho.” If so, and if it’s well done, that’d be pretty cool.

I’m re-watching the Futurama movies at the moment. I still have House of Cards – Season 2 to go. I watched 4 episodes and I wasn’t really into it. I should probably watch the whole first season from start to finish again. That’d probably rekindle my thirst for political machinations.

Rick and Morty come out with a new episode on March 10. It’s a pretty awesome cartoon, but it’s super-new and there’s only been 6 episodes so far. So I’m taking it easy so I don’t burn myself out on them too soon. As well, Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad should all be back on Sunday. Well, if the Sens aren’t gonna make the playoffs, I guess I’ll just have to get reacquainted with my ol’ friend television. 


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