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I am the Yellow King

Welp, the first season of True Detective has ended. Last night was the season finale – which I actually watched live on tv instead of downloading it later. The finale was pretty good, I thought. We got a nice creepy look into the life of (one of) the killer(s) and his gross house and incestuous predilections. Not to mention a long, haunting walk through “Carcosa” with a bunch of creepy, life-sized devil nets. 

Of course, with a series like this, there are some questions that are left unanswered. (And this has, predictably, lead to some outrage in the far-flung corners of the internet.) The one question that I think is foremost on everyone’s mind is, “So who was the Yellow King?”

One popular view is that the Yellow King was a shrine/totem set up in Carcosa. Looks a lil’ something like this:


However, I tend to disagree. Throughout the series, people have talked about the Yellow King as if it were a person. It could be that the Yellow King was a representation of death, and that the sacrifices took place in front of this particular totem… But I prefer a different theory.

In the final moments in Carcosa before the big fight, we’re given a short glimpse of a round hole in the ceiling of the death chamber/sacrifice lair. One theory I read suggests that the Yellow King is the sun, and that the victims were sacrificed at dawn to sate the Yellow King. 

Adding credence to this theory is the fact that sun-worshiping cults have been around for a long, long time. Since the Tuttle/Childress family is a death cult, then it’s not too far a leap to expect that this cult has some crazy pagan rituals and beliefs. Not to mention that they’re a death cult, so they don’t exactly have to have a firm grasp on reality.

Anyhoo, the show was really more about the lives of Marty Hart & Rust Cohle and how this case transforms them. Hart was transformed from a selfish, lazy sort of fellow into a good detective who cares about his friend Rust. Rust, of course, was changed from a pessimistic, Nietzschean nihilist into someone who lives with hope and the tiniest pinprick of optimism. 

Much has been said about McConaughey’s performance as Rust, and make no mistake, it was great. But I think Harrelson’s performance has been underrated, mostly because the character of Hart has been overshadowed by the craziness of Cohle. Both Harrelson & McConaughey should get nominated for Emmy’s for leading man, and if either of them won it, that wouldn’t be the worst Emmy ever awarded.

In any case, Season 2 of True Detective is in the works, so that’s good news. But until then…. keep on tasting the psychosphere. Time is a flat circle. I have written this post before and I will write it again.


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